The Advantages of a Narrow Shed

When it comes to garden storage solutions, one often overlooked gem is a narrow shed. Its compact simplicity offers a range of advantages that are worth exploring. To learn more about this structure, join us as we explore its size, construction, and benefits!

What Are Narrow Sheds

BillyOh Expert Tongue and Groove Corner Workshop Shed
BillyOh Expert Tongue and Groove Corner Workshop Shed

Spacious barn-like structures may come to mind when you think of garden sheds. But narrow sheds are the unsung heroes of outdoor storage. They are designed with a specific purpose in mind: optimising space.

These structures are tailored to fit into even the most limited outdoor areas snugly. They offer a practical solution for homeowners looking to maximise their property.


Typically, narrow sheds range in width from 4 x 8 feet, with lengths that can vary based on specific needs. This makes them ideal for narrow strips of land or confined spaces where a traditional shed wouldn’t fit.


Narrow sheds come in a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and vinyl. Wood sheds offer a classic look; they’re versatile but require regular maintenance. Metal sheds are durable and low-maintenance but may not offer the same appeal as wood. Plastic garden sheds are lightweight, low-maintenance, and affordable but can be less sturdy.

Roofing options

Red Mineral Shed Felt - Premium Shed Roofing Felt
Red Mineral Shed Felt – Premium Shed Roofing Felt

The roofing options for narrow sheds are diverse, with choices like:

  • Gable roof: It forms a triangular shape with two sloping sides that meet at a ridge. It provides extra headroom, allowing for storage of taller items and better ventilation.
  • Pent roof: A pent roof shed slopes in one direction, typically towards the back of the shed. It’s simple and space-efficient and is suitable for placing the narrow shed against a wall or fence.
  • Lean-to roof: A single sloping surface leaning against another structure. It’s a cheap choice if you want to maximise space while still having an accessible utility shed.

These choices shelter your belongings while allowing for rainwater management.

The Advantages

Narrow sheds offer a wealth of benefits that make them ideal for those with limited space:

1. Space optimisation

Saffron Sidemate Plus 4x8ft Lean-to Shed
Saffron Sidemate Plus 4x8ft Lean-to Shed

Narrow sheds are a game-changer when it comes to making the most of constrained outdoor areas. Their slender design is tailored to fit seamlessly into tight spaces. It offers valuable storage without occupying too much precious garden plot.

Consider that awkward gap between your house and the fence. A narrow shed can effortlessly slot in, transforming it into useful storage nooks. Or, imagine that narrow strip of land alongside your garage. It’s the perfect spot for creating accessible storage where none seemed possible!

2. Efficient storage

BillyOh YardMate 5ftx3ft Pent Shed
BillyOh YardMate 5ftx3ft Pent Shed

Narrow sheds are versatile, serving as an efficient repository for a variety of items. From garden tools to outdoor equipment, they keep your belongings sheltered and well-organised.

Moreover, they offer excellent storage organisation options. You can install shelves, hooks, and racks to maximise the use of vertical space. This makes it easy to keep everything tidy and accessible.

Finally, these sheds provide security from the elements and potential theft. With organised and easy access, finding what you need becomes a hassle-free task.

3. Aesthetic appeal

Globel Pent Metal Shed
Globel Pent Metal Shed

Narrow sheds aren’t just about functionality; they also bring a touch of charm to your outdoor space. Their sleek, streamlined design offers a contemporary feel while maintaining a timeless appeal.

These sheds are also versatile in how they seamlessly blend into their surroundings. Whether nestled among the lush greenery of a garden or tucked alongside your home, you name it!

To suit any style, narrow sheds come in a range of finishes and colours. From classic wood tones to modern metallic hues, you can find one that matches your garden.

4. Cost-effective

BillyOh Master Tall Store
BillyOh Master Tall Store

One standout advantage of narrow sheds is their cost-effectiveness. They’re typically more budget-friendly than larger, traditional garden buildings. This makes them an attractive choice for those mindful of their expenses.

Their reduced size translates into significant savings on building materials and installation costs. With fewer resources needed, you can enjoy functional storage without breaking the bank!

In some areas, the smaller footprint of narrow sheds may lead to reduced property tax. This financial benefit adds to their appeal, making them a practical investment.

5. Quick and easy installation

BillyOh Tongue and Groove Sentry Box Petite
BillyOh Tongue and Groove Sentry Box Petite

Narrow sheds are a breeze to assemble, in contrast to larger ones that can be labour-intensive. Their compact size simplifies the process, allowing you to put it together in no time.

For those with DIY skills, narrow corner sheds are an excellent project. But if you prefer professional help, many installers specialise in narrow sheds. Research local contractors or shed kit options to find the best fit for your needs.

Due to their smaller footprint, narrow sheds require less extensive foundation work. A level and sturdy base, such as concrete blocks or a gravel bed, works wonders.


Narrow sheds are a remarkable addition to any outdoor space. They make a practical choice thanks to their efficiency in:

  • maximising space
  • cost-effectiveness
  • aesthetic appeal
  • ease of installation

These unassuming structures also contribute to a more organised and budget-conscious outdoor environment. Their versatility and adaptability of narrow sheds ensure they provide efficient storage solutions!

At Garden Buildings Direct, our garden sheds for sale come in various styles and sizes. Our corner garden sheds, for one, give you the utility you simply couldn’t have before.

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