Lollipop Max Tower: Customer Stories

Check out how our customers have decorated their own Lollipop Max Tower playhouse and read what they had to say about it! We regularly update our products with the latest customer media, click on an image below to see the full story and all the images!

August 2017

Adrian’s Playhouse 

Adrian’s Lollipop Max Tower Playhouse has been decorated with a little dolls corner and table and chairs which perfectly combine with night lanterns for Adrian’s daughter to play in during night time.

“I found the company through a google search and it was coming up as the most recommended and after doing lots of research on different websites and looking at customer reviews I found GBD would be the best.”


July 2017

Gemma’s Playhouse 

Gemma’s Playhouse wouldn’t look out of place at any British seaside. The Lollipop Max Tower has been painted in a vibrant turquoise and kitted out with charming beach hut decorations.

“I think we got the perfect one to fit our space. My husband put it together with minimal help. The kids still absolutely love it. They haven’t got bored of it and play with it daily.”


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