Joanne’s Bunny Max Tower

Having your own playhouse in your garden gives you a perfect opportunity to bond with your children. It also gives your children the freedom to play and learn to follow instructions.

The best experience will be the joy on their faces while enjoying building their playhouse and inviting friends to come over and play.

We talked to Joanne who purchased the Bunny Max Tower Playhouse with Slide and she shared how her son loves and enjoys spending time in his playhouse.

What made you purchase your building from Garden Buildings Direct?

I chose to buy from Garden Buildings Direct as after shopping around I found that you had the best value for money.

Why did you choose the Bunny Max Tower Playhouse with slide 4×4?

My son chose the Bunny Max Tower with a slide as it looked to be appealing on the website and it meant he got two things he wanted, the playhouse and a slide.

How was your customer experience?

The website was straightforward and easy to use. There was a slight mix up with delivery dates but I have been contacted afterward and it was explained that it was because of a bank holiday weekend, delivery on the day was good, it was carried into my back garden which made it easier for us to build.

How are you finding the playhouse now?

The playhouse was pretty easy to put up, took a few hours to finish but my son helped and he’s three years old. He loves it so much!

How did you decorate it?

He’s got a table and some chairs in the playhouse and takes anyone who comes round, inside it to play. Due to the changeable summer, we haven’t painted it yet, we’re waiting for a dry day.

A playhouse is a fabulous way to keep your kids entertained and do their own adventure in your garden.

Give your children a truly special playhouse with Bunny Max Tower Playhouse and add a slide like Joanne. Looking for more designs? Check out our variety of playhouses from wooden, two-storey, cottage and more.

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