How to Heat a Garden Office

Working from home has become a new norm. And for many, the allure of a garden office offers a tranquil escape from the distractions of the indoors.

However, there’s one concern that shouldn’t be overlooked: seasonal changes. This especially becomes paramount when the temperature begins to plummet. Enter home heating solutions.

In this post, we will guide how to heat your outdoor workspace – effectively and efficiently. From assessing your heating needs to explore a range of options, we’ve got you covered! Read on and learn how you can create a warm and inviting WFH haven in the comfort of your backyard!

Assess Your Heating Needs

BillyOh Mia Log Cabin
BillyOh Mia Log Cabin

Consider the climate in your area. Is it characterised by harsh winters or milder temperatures year-round? With this understanding, it can help you determine the intensity of heating required.

Equally important is the insulation of your office shed. A well-insulated space retains heat, preventing it from escaping through walls and windows. Moreover, it demands less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature, making it cost-effective.

The size and intended use play vital roles too. A larger space necessitates more robust heating. Meanwhile, the intended use might require specific temperature demands. Be it a serene reading nook or a bustling office, tailor your heating accordingly.

Heating Options

When it comes to heating your garden office, a variety of options await. Here’s a brief overview of some popular choices:

Electric heaters

Electric Stove Heater
Electric Stove Heater

An electric stove heater is versatile and easy to install. It generates warmth by passing an electric current through a heating element.

They offer instant heat and precise temperature control, making them a convenient choice. However, they can be energy-intensive and might lead to higher electricity bills.

Infrared panels

Infrared wall heating system

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Infrared panels emit radiant heat. Meaning they warm objects and people directly rather than the air.

They are efficient and create a cosy, sun-like warmth in garden offices. Their slim profile allows for flexible placement on walls or ceilings. Yet, they might take a bit longer to heat up the entire room.

Portable heaters

Mid Size Electric Stove Heater 1800W Double Door
Mid Size Electric Stove Heater 1800W Double Door

Portable heaters are movable and offer quick spot heating. They come in various types, including ceramic, oil-filled, and fan-forced heaters.

While they provide flexibility, they may not be sufficient for larger garden rooms. Moreover, and can be a potential safety concern if not used properly.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating

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This involves heating the floor surface, which then radiates warmth upwards. Underfloor heating provides an even distribution of heat, eliminating cold spots.

It’s discreet and doesn’t interfere with furniture placement. But the installation can be complex and might involve significant upfront costs.

Pellet stoves

Cosy fireplace nook in a light minimalist living room

(Image Credit: Pexels)

Pellet stoves burn compressed wood pellets to produce heat. They offer a charming, traditional ambience and are a renewable energy option. Regular maintenance is a must. Access to pellets could be inconvenient in some regions, to add.

As you weigh these options, consider factors like your budget. Including the size of your BillyOh Kent garden office and your desired comfort level.

Choosing the Right Heating Solution

As mentioned, begin by assessing your specific needs. Consider factors like the size of the space, your climate, and your intended use.

Next, prioritise energy efficiency. Opt for a heating system that maximises warmth while minimising energy consumption. With this sustainable approach, you can save money in the long run.

Ease of installation is another crucial aspect. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, simpler options like electric stove heaters might be appealing. But how about if you’re seeking a permanent solution? In this case, underfloor heating or infrared panels could be more suitable.

Installation and Placement

Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure a successful setup in your outdoor office:

  1. Preparation: Gather all necessary tools and materials recommended in the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Location selection: Choose a central spot that allows for even heat distribution. Avoid placing heaters near windows or doors, as heat could escape easily.
  3. Mounting or placement: Follow the guidelines to mount or place the stove heater securely. Ensure proper clearance from walls and ceilings to prevent overheating.
  4. Electrical setup: Connect the heater to a power source following safety protocols. Consider consulting a professional electrician for this step.
  5. Test run: Turn on the heater and test its functionality before relying on it for regular use.

To ensure even heat distribution, keep these tips in mind:

  • Air circulation: Arrange furniture and obstacles to allow the heat to flow smoothly.
  • Fan use: If your heating solution has a fan, position it to help distribute warm air evenly across the room.
  • Thermostat placement: Mount your thermostat away from direct heat sources or drafts. Doing so will help gauge the overall room temperature.

By following these steps, you can enhance your work environment and your well-being.

Thermostat and Temperature Control

A thermostat is the orchestrator of your BillyOh Fraya pent log cabin’s temperature. It’s your guardian against chilly mornings and overheated afternoons. Overall, it allows you to focus on your tasks without temperature distractions.

Mount it in a central location, away from direct sunlight, drafts, or heat sources. This promotes accurate temperature readings and prevents unnecessary fluctuations. Set a programming schedule that aligns with your work hours to save energy.

Regularly calibrate and update your thermostat settings to accommodate seasonal changes. This guarantees a consistently cosy workspace throughout the year.


Garden offices UK stand as a sanctuary where productivity flourishes amidst nature’s embrace. Coupled with a reliable electric heater stove, you can create a well-heated workspace year-round!

If you’re in search of the ideal garden room, explore our insulated garden office selection! Our units come equipped with built-in insulation, so you can feel cosy from the moment it’s assembled. You can also find an insulated log cabin to suit your budget and style.

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