7 Considerations When Choosing the Perfect Playhouse for Your Child

Outdoor playhouses help parents achieve their kids’ holistic development at the comfort of their own yards. Therefore, choosing the perfect and most efficient design to gift your child with is a crucial decision!

Our experts have recognised this need and devised a checklist to guide you in looking for the best model that’s worthy of your investment.

Available Space and Location

Choosing the right playhouse

Before trying to look for the playhouse model and design, your kids will love, consider how much space you have in your backyard.

Basically, you need to check the dimensions of the area you want the playhouse installed. For smaller yards, you can opt for a BillyOh Bunny Playhouse, but for bigger gardens, the spacious Bunny Max Tower Playhouse design design might fit better.

Also, you should remember to assemble a playhouse on a flat surface to protect it from sinking and rotting in a damp area. One of the best options would be to install a cement pad, decking or gravel before setting one up on your backyard.

In terms of location, try to choose an area in your garden where the playhouse gets plenty of sunlight and fresh air. You can also direct the set to where you can easily keep an eye on your kids.

Make sure to keep the space clear of sharp objects, insects and hazardous areas. If you are using sprinklers to hydrate your garden grass, direct them away from the playhouse to avoid tearing its exterior.


Choosing the right playhouse

Aside from the available space, it is important also to assess your budget in getting a playhouse. It will be ideal to do so once you have your choices at hand.

From the most affordable designs to the premium models, Garden Buildings Direct offers a range of playhouses at varying price points. However, a little more investment to avail some of the most efficient features for your kids would be practical in the long run.


Choosing the right playhouse

For sure, you want your kids to develop holistically through an outdoor playhouse. However, their safety is also a significant aspect.

You have the chance to bring both to pass by investing in the most durable design. Consider the materials used in choosing which playhouse to avail.


Choosing the right playhouse

Undeniably, you would want a playhouse that will complement your garden design and landscape. Plan on getting a playhouse model that will suit your yard’s form for years to come.

Garden Buildings Direct playhouses come in various designs but are mostly wooden so you can play with them in terms of style and colour scheme. Though if you would instead go for a more natural style, you can keep and maintain its wooden cast and decorate as preferred.


Choosing the right playhouse

More and more playhouse designs and accessories are made to make kids’ experience as real as possible. In availing one, you can choose which design your kids will love, will be safe at and will learn more things.

GBD has wooden, cabin, tower, two-storey and with a slide and bunk bed designs you can choose from. You can also personalise it by choosing among sand felt roofs, picket fences, wall colours, saloon or stable doors and solid sheet floors.

Room for Creativity

Choosing the right playhouse

Apparently, a lot of parents think that providing their kids with bigger and more expensive playhouses is better. That is not always the case. It is more important to asses how much fun and learning a child will get from a playhouse design.

For example, some kids create something out of nothing, like come up with great games despite being on a simple playhouse. This would also give parents the chance to spark kids’ creativity by decorating a plain structure.

Or then, some kids also like having it the more active way. For this kind of agility, you want to prefer a tower design that comes with a slide to maximise your kids’ sharpness and strength.

When it comes to decorating your playhouse, some creativity can go a long way!

Assembly Requirements

Choosing the right playhouse

Though there are some which require fewer assembly requirements, most playhouses are set up with elaborate efforts. Despite this, you can opt for the ones in the market that offer easy-to-follow and straightforward manuals.

Play tents and plastic playhouses are two of the easiest to build, but they offer the least durability. Wooden playhouses, on the other hand, might need a small number of handyman skills. Nevertheless, this could be a unique bonding experience with your kids.

With Garden Buildings Direct, each playhouse can be easily assembled through a clear-cut and efficient set of instructions on the manual.

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