The 7 Best Ways To Experience Your Winter Summer House

Beyond serving as a retreat during sunny days, your garden summer house can become a warm and inviting space in colder seasons, too! Transform it into a year-round haven with these tips, enhancing its winter allure. Read on and discover how to ensure it stays in top-notch condition and brave the freezing weather. These creative ideas await you below!

1. Solar-powered radiant floor heating

Installation of radiant floor heating on a floor surface.

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Enhance winter comfort in your summer house by installing solar-powered radiant floor heating. This solution transforms the floor into a cosy, warmth-emitting surface. It provides a comfortable retreat even on the coldest days, in return. Moreover, through harnessing solar energy, it operates efficiently and minimises environmental impact.

To install, place solar panels discreetly around the garden room exterior. Connected to an underfloor heating system, this ensures a sustainable heat source. Optimal installation involves professional assistance for precision. Consider consulting a heating expert for a tailored approach.

2. Thermal insulated curtains

Insulated curtain hanging on a small window, minimising heat loss

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Adorn your summer house interior with thermal-insulated curtains. These specialised curtains act as barriers against the cold, preventing heat loss. Not only do they enhance warmth, but they also add a stylish touch to your space. Choose those with multiple layers, including thermal linings, for optimal insulation. Ensure a snug fit by selecting curtains that reach the floor and extend beyond the window frame. To maximise their effectiveness, close the curtains during the evening – or when the space is not in use.

3. Hot beverage corner

Hot chocolate and churros topped with whipped cream on a plate.

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Create a dedicated hot beverage corner with a small kettle and a hot cocoa station. Don’t forget to add an assortment of premium teas to the table. This thoughtful add-on warms you from the inside out and creates an inviting setting.

Opt for an electric kettle to simplify the process and ensure a quick brew. Personalise your corner with cosy mugs, stirring spoons, and an array of tea options. Consider adding festive touches like cinnamon sticks or marshmallows. This cosy beverage nook turns your winterised summerhouse into a welcoming retreat! Ready to make every visit a comforting and memorable experience?

4. Portable fire pit

Freestanding 1800W Electric Fireplace with Wood Burner Flame Effect
Freestanding 1800W Electric Fireplace with Wood Burner Flame Effect

Invest in a portable and smoke-free fire pit for your insulated summer house for added warmth. A folding fire pit, for one, offers a cosy ambience while serving as a practical heating solution. Opt for a design that allows easy mobility, ensuring you can position it wherever you desire. Consider using eco-friendly fuel options for a sustainable touch. Or look for smoke-free models, such as an electric stove heater, for a clean environment.

To heighten the cosy atmosphere, surround the fire pit with seating and soft blankets. This movable source of warmth transforms your winter retreat into a snug haven. It provides both functionality and an inviting focal point for relaxing evenings.

5. DIY thermal window inserts

We have another easy and effective DIY solution for you! This time, craft thermal window inserts using clear insulating film. This project enhances insulation, keeping the interior warmer. All the good stuff without compromising your view of the winter garden.

To create these inserts, measure your window dimensions precisely. Cut the insulating film accordingly and apply it using double-sided tape. Smooth out any wrinkles for optimal effectiveness. The insulating film prevents heat loss while still allowing natural light to filter through. This addition boosts energy efficiency and ensures a well-insulated space – a win-win!

6. Heated seating

Heated blanket with temperature controller.

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Invest in heated cushions or blankets for your seating area to add warmth and comfort. These accessories ensure you stay snug during extended stays in your retreat. Consider rechargeable batteries for an eco-friendly choice. Place heated cushions and drape heated blankets over your favourite lounging spots. Adjust the heat settings to your preference, creating a personalised, toasty haven.

With heated seating, your winterised summer house becomes a warm refuge. This enables you to fully enjoy the serene wintertime without feeling the chill.

7. Winter-ready greenery

Potted winter vining plants on a wall shelf.

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Planting cold-resistant shrubs around the exterior serves a dual purpose: 1.) creating an aesthetically pleasing winter landscape, and 2.) they also act as a natural barrier against chilly winds. The dense foliage serves as insulation. This, in turn, helps to keep the interior warmer during the colder months. Opt for varieties like boxwoods, holly, or dwarf conifers. These green additions are known for their ability to withstand winter conditions. Ensure proper spacing for optimal growth. Consider adding mulch around the base for additional protection.


Use these ideas to make your summerhouse cosy for winter. From solar heating to greenery, each concept adds warmth. Try heated seating, a portable fire pit, or a winter greenery addition for extra comfort and life.

With these thoughtful enhancements, your garden retreat becomes a year-round sanctuary. It invites you and your loved ones to savour the tranquillity of winter in style. Ready to make the most of every chilly day?

Extend these tips to enhance garden buildings like log cabins and sheds. Now, any structure can become versatile, serving you well throughout all seasons.

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