The Reasons Why You Need a Log Cabin Home Office
The Reasons Why You Need a Log Cabin Home Office
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The Reasons Why You Need a Log Cabin Home Office

Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of working from home. But, studies have shown that even working from home one day a week can boost productivity and decrease stress.

This is without mentioning the small matter of reducing your own carbon footprint, whilst also helping to stop global warming.

But what’s the big problem with working from home? If it’s that easy, why doesn’t everyone do it all the time? The quick answer: distractions. Without an organised place to work, all manner of problems occurs when working from home.

Why it’s important to have a separate working area


Staying focused is the main issue no matter where you are. Dirty dishes and television are killers and you don’t feel like you’re working because that’s not what you associate with a home environment.

If you don’t have a separated working area, often you might even find yourself overworking. It’s easy to lose track of time and suddenly realise that you haven’t driven home from work, or even switched off your computer. Without some separation from work and home, you might find yourself going on forever.

Transforming Your Shed to be the Perfect Home Office


To be successful in working from home, you need a home office. However, unless you have enough space, it can be incredibly difficult to find the right spot to settle down.

Working in the kitchen or living room gives you too many reasons to procrastinate. So what’s the best thing to do? You need an area which gets you away from the washing up or that bit of ironing.

With the space in your back garden, there is plenty of room to transform your garden shed into a snazzy home office! It is the ideal confined space, literally a 30-second walk from your home and designed just for you.

1. Start with furniture and decor


To be the perfect working space, your shed needs a great setup, starting with your furniture and décor. Put in a quality chair, which you can relax in, then add an oversized desk to get you going. Don’t forget a heater, even better if you can put a timer on it, you want to walk into a pre-warmed office.

2. Set up an interval


Having outdoor intervals has proved to be a big success, with huge benefits to your concentration and productivity. A shed office, not only gives you a place to separate work from home, but it also gives you the opportunity to take regular intervals and get some fresh air.

3. Apply proper interior design


The shed’s interior design is just as important. You can put in some nice bookshelves and fill them to the brim. A coffee machine can be great too, ditching the bad work stuff once in a while and having a proper caffeine injection. Going that extra mile makes all the differences when you’re at home.

4. Install reliable technology


Next, you need your tech to be up to scratch. Some efficient Wi-Fi is essential because, without it, you’re pretty much working in the dark ages. Get yourself a reliable laptop that won’t let you down and hook it up.

Setting up a computer might seem like a good idea, but in the long run, it can cause issues. Laptops are always better at home, you can move around and if disaster strikes, you can actually go into work.


If you can, working from home has some huge benefits if you do it correctly. You should be able to increase productivity and get a greater balance in your work and social life.

With no commute, the average worker should end up with an additional 109 hours worth of home life. There’s also the health and finance benefits, no more travel stress or extra cost. With the convenience of being at home, you should be able to avoid any fast food lunches and do some exercise.

The great Roald Dahl, Walt Disney and Steve Jobs flourished working in a shed. So why can’t you?

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