5 Creative Ways to Personalise Your Kids’ Outdoor Playhouse

It’s alarming for many parents nowadays how children are more interested in technology rather than playing outside. That’s why it’s an excellent idea to consider buying an outdoor playhouse so that the little ones can make the most out of childhood years.

But of course, no child wants an empty playhouse – and it’s up to you on how to make the magic happen. Inspire your kid to think outside the box and use their imagination every time they hang out by the garden!

Decorate your playhouse these essentials and your kids will surely be set for long hours of fun and adventure!

1. Start With Comfortable Seats


Whether your kid loves playing with toys or colouring pictures, they will need seats. Adding simple yet comfortable child-friendly tables and chairs will set the mood for a fun afternoon inside the playhouse! It’s also best to choose lightweight ones so that it can be easily carried around and your kids can play according to their imagination. Plus, it’s less damaging to the flooring of the playhouse. A Bunny Playhouse is more than capable of accommodating some furniture for this purpose!

2.  Encourage Them to Read


Build a mini-reading nook for your kids to broaden their imagination and quietly take on trips to other lands. Start with placing a soft indoor rug that can serve as a cushion for lying down while they are reading. You can also add a couple of blankets for snuggling during colder temperatures. Bean bag chairs are also an excellent idea for older kids and the kids at heart!

3. Use Small Kits for Organising Storage


Fill a small plastic tub or bag with a set of relevant toys that your child can carry to the playhouse. For a play kitchen, gather toy dishes, plastic food, utensils, and some aprons in one kit.

Art supplies like modelling clay or paper and crayons are also a great way to enhance their creativity. Organising all the kids’ stuff in this manner will let them freely choose which adventure they would like to take on for the day.

This tip is essential not only because it’s convenient for the kids, but it also keeps the playhouse free from all the clutter. Ask your kids to check out each kit before bringing them outside, which means they won’t be allowed to get another one until they return the first one.

4. Let Them Be Artsy


Let the kids freely express their creativity without creating a mess inside your house. Create an art wall inside the playhouse and allow the kids to let out all their imagination on it. Chalkboard paint is an excellent choice as it can serve as a big canvas that can be used over and over again. For those kids who are sensitive to chalk, you can opt for magnetic paint and let them play with all kinds of magnetic shapes and letters.

You can also provide a set of markers, crayons, or other colouring materials and teach them to rub leaves or trace flowers on the paper.

5. Personalise and Have Fun


Make it a point that while you’re designing your child’s playhouse, you’re also enjoying the moment! If you love gardening, teach the kids how to plant and water flowers, or fill pots with artificial flowers, so they play and rearrange them. You can also add a little mailbox at the entrance of the playhouse and supply them with envelopes to colour for playing pretend post office.

While if they want to play house, add a few housekeeping things such as toy brooms or garden tools that will make them feel like it’s the real thing. Let the kids be themselves while they’re inside the playhouse and display their artworks all around.

Remember that decorating a playhouse doesn’t have to be frustrating. These are just some of the endless options you can do with a little playhouse. There’s a lot more to this list, but what’s more important is that you also have fun while doing it.