50 Awesome Herb Garden Ideas

Herb gardens can be any shape or size, indoors or out; it all depends on the space you have available and how many herbs you’d like to grow.

Whether it’s out in the garden or inside your own personal potting shed, we’ve collected a range of ideas to help you create your own herb garden, from a small kitchen herb garden to planters and beyond.

Let’s jump in!

1 – Wooden Container Herb Garden

Partition your herbs into their own cube beds so you don’t confuse your basil for coriander! For even more growing space, explore our three tier planter.

herbs in a garden planted in soil and separated by strips of wood so they each have their own square

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2 – Spiral

Make the best of a small space by creating a functional but attractive herb garden in a cute spiral shape.


a spiral/question mark/circle shaped arrangement of stones with plants in between

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3 – Wood Pallet Garden

Give an old wooden pallet a second chance at life by turning it into a small, vertical herb garden. You could even hang it on the wall!

wooden pallet painted brown and lent up vertically against a wall with plants in the gaps between the rafters

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4 – Indoor Jar Garden

If you’re short on outdoor space for growing plants, you could recycle your old jars to use as indoor plant pots. That way your herbs are on hand when you want to use them in your recipes!

old jam jars filled with soil and being used for growing herbs such as rosemary, basil and thyme

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5 – Wall Pots

A great idea for small yards with no flower beds – you could bring your walls to life instead with some fixed plant pots!

plant pots fixed to a brick wall using nails and black plastic

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6 – Hanging Pots

If you only have space indoors for your herb garden, design your own ‘hanging’ garden using planks and cables. This not only saves space but also brings some colour to a plain wall.

plant pots hanging through planks of wood with holes cut into them from plant pots and joined together by cables

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7 – Vertical Garden

Inside or outside the house, a pot plant ladder is a great way to have a small herb garden without it taking up too much space. 

plants in plant pots on steps of a ladder which is leaning against a brown panelled wall

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8 – Bookshelf-like Herb Garden

Give a second chance to an old bookshelf! It’s a great way to keep your herbs and plants organised.

an old bookshelf filled with plants in plant pots

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9 – Mason Jar Garden

Create your own indoor herb garden in jars to grow whatever you need for cooking in your very own kitchen.

plants and herbs in clear jars with labels on written in chalk

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10 – Minimalist Shelf

If you’re struggling for planting space, go up! Shelves can provide the perfect platform for your herb pots. 

plant pots of various sizes stacked vertically on wide shelves/shelving that is painted white

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11 – Underground Pots

If you prefer not to see plant pots, bury them in the ground so you can just enjoy the herbs! It’s a great way to keep your herbs organised at ground level.

plants in soil in a strip in the middle of a patio with the plant pots buried in the ground

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12 – Pallet with Steel Planters

A wooden pallet can make a great budget-friendly frame for hanging your planters. 

13 – Old Well

Do you have an old well you don’t use in your backyard? Fill it up and put it to good use!

a well made out of bricks in a grassy back garden full of soil and planted with plants

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14 – Hanging Modern Pots

Go monochrome for a more modern take on hanging plant pots.  

plants in black plant pots stuck to a white wall in rows of three

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15 – Cedar Tiered Herb Garden

Tiered trough planters could be used inside or out for a great space-saving herb garden. 

three wooden bin-like troughs stacked on top of one another in a sunny garden

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16 – Raised Bed Herb Garden

Some paving slabs left from your garden makeover? Use them to build your own quirky raised bed in a hexagonal shape. 

a hexagonal plant bed with plants of varying shades of green in constructed using old paving slabs in an irregular pattern

17 – Kitchen Herb Garden

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could just reach up and grab whatever herbs you need for your recipe?

overgrown plants on a kitchen wall in wooden planters suspended vertically in rows of three making a total of 9

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18 – Small Corner Garden

You don’t need much space for a herb garden, just dig out a small bed in the corner of your backyard to grow your own herbs and flowers.

different sized tiered troughs in the corner of a garden with a small medium and large each filled with plants

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19 – Balcony Garden

If you live in an apartment, don’t let that stop you from growing your herbs! A flower box would be a perfect addition to any balcony. 

20 – Vertical Stacked Planters

All in one! Don’t take up more space than you need to; plant your herbs on the borders of the planters and stack them!

different sized plant pots stacked from the biggest on the ground to the smallest at the top, full with plants

21 – Tabletop Portable Garden

Pop your herb jars in a small caddy so they can be easily moved around. 

plants in old clear glass bottles in a small thin white drawer with a black handle for easy transportation

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22 – Old Cans

Add pops of colour to your garden with an array of coloured plant pots. You could even paint your pallet to give your pots a more distinguished backdrop.

an old wooden pallet painted navy blue with coloured plant pots hanging off

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23 – Corner Tiered Herb Garden

Make the most of every space in your garden – fill up an unused corner with tiered plant troughs; the perfect setting for a herb garden. 

different sized tiered troughs in the corner of a garden with a small medium and large each filled with plants

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24 – Herbs in Cups

Give those traditional cups and saucers a new lease of life – they make very elegant planters!

plants in blue greek style tea cups/saucers

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25 – Indoor Vintage Vertical Garden

Upcycle those old cake stands into an indoor tiered herb garden! 

old wedding cake stands tiered vertically and filled with potted plants

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26 – All-in-One Pot

Keep it simple with a miniature herb garden, all in one pot! Perfect for balconies or small yards where space is a precious commodity.

different herbs in one big plant pot on a balcony/decking

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27 – Tin Can Herb Garden

A huge garden is a huge responsibility. Keep things small and manageable by using old tins as indoor plant pots. Just be sure to wash them out first!

tin cans filled with various herbs and green plants and soil

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28 – Wagon Wheel Herb Garden

Give an old wagon wheel a second life by planting some flowers and herbs inside.

old wagon wheel water wheel with wooden spokes filled with plants

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29 – Wooden Boxes

Keep it simple with wooden box planters aligned and decorated on the front so you won’t forget what you’re growing.

old wooden boxes on stilts arranged next to each other with names on the front to distinguish filled with plants

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30 – Small Wall Sacks

You don’t even need pots or planters to grow your herbs. Use your imagination!

stockings/socks/sacks hung up on garden fence/wall with plants in them

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31 – Modern Vertical Garden

You can add some pots to a metal fence panel and create your own vertical garden.

different sized rectangular planters filled with plants both horizontal and vertically hung off a metal square coathanger shaped railing

(Image Credit – DIY Network)

32 – Minimalist Mason Jar Garden

Get creative with a simple mason jar set up – attach them to boards so you can make a note of what’s growing! 

glass mason jars slanted 45 degrees upwards to the left with plants in them against black chalkboard with labels for each plant on them

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33 – Ceramic Pots

Add some extra colour to your garden by using striking ceramic pots. 

ceramic green pots with plants in them on a patio

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34 – White Drops

A great idea for indoor herb gardens – hang small pots from a frame for a stylish finish.

plants hanging in white rounded pots from a smooth brown wooden rectangle frame

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35 – Modern Hanging Garden

Simple grey frames and a resistant chain create a beautiful indoor garden.

two grey hanging rectangle frames each with a row of three small plant pots in them held in by a seatbelt like grey pole hanging from chains

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36 – Coloured Mason Jars

Add some personality to your jar planters by painting them your favourite colours!

painted mason jars with plants in them and sticky labels on the front hung in rows of three against wooden oak style backdrop vertically

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37 – Funky Stacked Pots

There’s no rules for stacking your plant pots, use your imagination to create a unique style!

traditional plant pots stacked diagonally and slanted in a pile up to a table on a wooden floor

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38 – Planters and Rope

A simple but effective idea – it not only looks great but it’s practical, as your herbs will be at arm’s length while you’re cooking!

39 – Recycled Wine Boxes

Old wine cases make great planters for your herb garden and won’t cost you the earth!

old wine boxes with plants in them used for growing herbs

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40 – Pyramid Planter

A little tribute to the Mayans in your garden. It’s also very practical to separate your herbs so you won’t mix them up.

four different sized wooden boxes stacked on top of each other from small to large with plants and herbs planted around the outside of each one

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41 – Mini Greenhouse

There’s no limit to the size of a greenhouse if you want to grow some seeds. Recycle those old meal tubs to get your seedlings going!

old meal tub tupperware box from chinese or ready meal box being used as a mini greenhouse to store plants and herbs in

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42 – Hexagon Garden Bed

Choose a modern-shaped planter to grow some herbs and flowers. 

a modern tall wooden hexagonal shaped planter with lots of space for plants and herbs

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43 – Shelf Garden

Space an issue? Hang a small shelf in the kitchen or on your patio and grow some herbs in beautiful cups and glasses.

plants and herbs on shelves in a kitchen inside old teacups that are pink and blue with flowery and interesting patterns and designs on them

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44 – Spiral Herb Garden

A stunning but classic design for your herb garden. The spiral shape and extra height is great for providing microclimates for the different herbs; plant those that need the most moisture at the bottom, and those that like the most sun at the top!

a spiral expensive looking herb garden with bricks layered up in a circular, cylinder formation with plants at the top and bottom in a modern fashion

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45 – Light Wood Pallet with Pots

Wooden pallets don’t have to be boring – spruce them up with a paint job and add the names of your herbs to keep them organised.

softwood light coloured wooden pallet that has been painted and treated and stood up vertically with different panels hammered together with printed labels on the front engrained into the wood

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46 – DIY Wooden Planter

A small, classy and simple choice to grow your herbs indoors – a DIY wooden planter.

close up of a small rectangular horizontal planter with names of herbs written on the front in a fancy font and plants and herbs being grown in it

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47 – Terraced Herb Garden

Repurpose some old steps to create your own tiered herb garden in the corner of your backyard.

three old steps or stairs being used as shelves for potted plants and herbs in pots on a patio in steel or metal pots with some stones or pebbles and a watering can underneath

48 – Recycled Milk Bottles

Do your bit to save the planet by recycling your old plastic milk bottles into plant pots! Plus they won’t cost you any extra.

a close up of old milk bottles that have been cut in half horizontally and with plants and herbs stuck in the bottom half with some labels written on in permanent marker or sharpie pen with some nice design and handwriting

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49 – Concrete Raised Garden Bed

Use breeze blocks to create your own raised bed to plant your herbs in.

a rectangular flower bed made with a boundary/border of grey breezeblocks stacked next to each other and with some cardboard laid on the ground inside for plants and herbs to be planted and grown

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50 – Herb Garden Container

Use separate containers for your herbs to help you keep them organised.

long rectangular wooden planters, five in total, lined with soil and plants and herbs to grow

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Herbs are great for beginner gardeners as they’re easy to grow and they take very little effort to get started. Plus you won’t have to buy them from the supermarket anymore, just trim them from your own herb garden!

Hopefully, we’ve provided some useful ideas for planting your own herbs using the space you have to spare. 

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