Gnome Garden Ideas to make a Mythical Haven

Gnomes are small, crafty and clever creatures from folklore and fairy tales. They were deemed to be Earth spirits who guard mines of precious hidden treasures.

But these mythical subterranean goblins have found their way into modern gardens!

Rumour has it that there are buried gems somewhere in your backyard. And these gnome garden ideas will protect not only your garden but also the beauty of your home.

Whether it’s for your fairy garden or merely adding a special touch, there’s a gnome to suit your yard here.

1. Tree stump gnome house

Home sweet gnome! Gnome homes can be set up anywhere, and the base of an old tree makes an excellent abode for the little creatures.

This is a tree stump gnome home, as they call it. Even fairies and some pixies would fancy living here as well.

Gnome tree stump house
Image Credit: Geograph UK

2. A mini village for tiny creatures

Gnomes don’t mind living outdoors, but they detest sitting on the direct ground. Do them a little favour and provide them with furniture to sit and sleep on.

Think of it as a dollhouse creation. Kids will surely enjoy joining in on this awesome project!

Gnome garden mini village
Image Credit: Flickr

3. Abode in a galvanised tub

No tree stump to decorate? No problem! Unused aluminium tubs will do the magic too. They make a great canvas for your gnome garden.

Stack different-sized tubs to create a tower. This method also gives you and the kids more space for your imagination to run free.

4. Display decorative gnome sculptures

This garden piece features two gnome buddies holding a bucket to draw water from the well. Being a gnome is hard work, indeed, and this stony scene can inspire you to work hard in the garden too. If you want to relax, why not choose a relaxing gnome sculpture instead?

Old garden gnome statue
Image Credit: Rawpixel

5. The impact of gnome and friends

A whole gaggle of gnomes makes a thoughtful addition to your garden. After all, the more, the merrier! Look for designs with different personalities to introduce more characters.

Gnome and friends garden statue
Image Credit: Hippopx

6. Fir tree disguise for the holiday season

These earth spirits are known for their pointy hats. Their signature looks have, in fact, become a popular Christmas decor trend. Take these fir trees, for example. 

Picture them in their natural form, and you’ll see, well, fir trees. But decorate them with pointy hats (and some cotton for the beard), and you’ll have gnomes! A great and inventive way to fill your garden with gnomes without buying them.

7. Add a bit of humour for fun

Looks like these two little best friends are having a fun day off – but definitely not a sober one. They may seem a bit naughty, but they can bring fun to your outdoor space. Perfect addition for a DIY micro landscape, too!

8. Lurking in the hanging basket

Gnome watchers have one job – to keep an eye on their fellow creatures and make sure they’re well-behaved. And here’s a great idea: put a couple of gnomes hanging out in the basket.

With only the top of their heads showing, they’ll look like they’re watching you as well.

9. Guarding the gate

Rather than being displayed in the landscape, this gnome has a bigger role than others. Tucked into the gate or shed door, it becomes a smile-maker for those entering or leaving the garden.

But considering its pose, do gnome disturb (sorry, we can’t resist a good gnome pun)!

A gnome in between rocks
Image Credit: Hippopx

10. Hidden among the plants

Pop a gnome or two in a pot to keep your container garden interesting. Such planters make a great home for these small statues as they don’t get lost in space. And because of their scale, gnomes also perfectly suit small gardens.

A gnome hidden among plants
Image Credit: Flickr

11. A full gnome garden theme

There are many great ways to add personality to your gnome-themed backyard. You can find all sorts of decors, from lawn ornaments to statues and figurines, that display creativity and individuality.

This medium-sized pointy hat figure holds a welcome sign. It’s a cue that you’re about to enter no ordinary yard, but a mythical one.

Gnome garden theme
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

12. A gnome who reads a book

Slowly fill your gnome garden with a variety of statues with different personalities. A gnome reading a book, for one, is an interesting choice.

The kids would love to see one or a few, and they’ll also be reminded to read and learn new things. How’s that sound?

Reading gnome
Image Credit: Pxhere

13. Invite your little friends to play lawn games

If you love playing games outdoors, this golfer gnome figure can bring good luck to your play! Show your passion for the game with support from your little pal. To add character, opt for a medium to a large-size statue.

14. Snow white and the seven dwarves inspired

The difference between a gnome and a dwarf is their way of living. Gnomes live underground, whereas dwarves dwell in the mountains and forests.

Either way, you can play around with an old Disney classic with this Snow White theme. Except instead of seven dwarves, it’s the seven gnomes!

Snow white and the seven dwarves rock statues
Image Credit: Flickr

15. Dress them up as scarecrows

Gnomes can be used for practical purposes, not just as decorations. Dress them up as scarecrows to ward off any unwanted visitors or pests. This will lower the chance of pesky birds taking advantage of your crops. Struggling for ideas? This DIY might help!

16. Light up the path with solar-powered gnomes

Light up your garden with solar gnome lights lining the pathway. Like other outdoor lighting options, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

What a cool way to create a festive mood for your outdoor space!

Solar-powered gnome holding a welcome sign
Image Credit: Flickr

17. A statue that benefits your well-being

Gnome statues like this are a great reminder that life is meant to be enjoyed. Adding this to your garden will make you want to relax as well.  Take this gnomes’ advice, take a load off from reality, enjoy the moment, and above all, laugh.

18. A Lego gnome

A mix of tradition and modernity, this Lego gnome is the crossover you never knew you needed! It’s incredibly creative, complete with masterful construction. It’d look amazing in your modern or traditional garden!

Lego gnome
Image Credit: Flickr

19. Recreate this DIY fall decoration

This DIY gnome decor is a lovely way to inject life into a boring fall decoration in your garden. It’s cheap, easy, and super fun to customise.

Once done, you can tuck it in a pot, display it on a wreath, or as part of your gnome garden centrepiece.

20. Mushroom house addition

A magical mushroom house has popped up in your garden! Your gnome friends would be glad to call this their own. Choose one with a door that opens and windows with lights for a real-life effect.

21. Play hide and seek

Tucking gnomes behind plants add surprise to your landscape design. As they’re not permanent, you can move them around as plants grow and the seasons change. 

They’re also an inexpensive way to keep your lawn or ground cover interactive and fun.

22. A dedicated ‘resting area’ display

Your garden gnomes deserve a place to rest. Simply put a “Gnome Resting Area” sign with at least one reclining sculpture to let everyone know.

This also gives a message to all those who come to the garden: relax, take a break, and enjoy the fruits of your labour with these fun-loving gnomes!

Sleeping gnome
Image Credit: Pxhere

23. Giant moss rock gnome

When it comes to gnome garden ideas, creativity has no bounds. Take this large sculpture, for example. Made of huge moss-covered rocks, it proves a gnome can be art.

The idea is far from the red-hatted traditional gnome, but it expresses your artistry and brings (ginormous) gnomes into your garden.

24. Mini garden planter project for the kids

Dedicate a planter of succulents to a gnome – a small pot or large coffee mug will suffice. Considering the size, you can use it as a table centrepiece, a potting bench decor, or a terrarium companion.

A project like this is also great for children.

25. Swing with your “gnomies”!

Old vehicle tires can be converted into a gnome house. Repaint the old tire with a bright colour for a refresh. Then hang it over a tree branch or next to the tree stump house you made.

Put your gnome inside alongside a few colourful blooms for a whimsical and colourful look.

Gnome on a swing
Image Credit: Hippopx

26. A pumpkin village set for Halloween

Build gnome houses from pumpkins and put together a village for a Halloween display! You’ll need lots of small pies and large pumpkins for this project.

Use moss, flowers, and other natural materials to add more decorations and features.

27. In the mood for Zen

This meditating gnome is a must-have in your Zen garden. Not only can it remind you to meditate, but it also helps you focus better. Place it on a stone, near a water feature, or directly on the lawn.


Gnomes are believed to bring good luck, and they also create decorative protection for gardens. They’re the ideal size for blending into flower beds, adorning patios, and more!

These gnome garden ideas have shown you a plethora of ways to feature them in your own space. For DIY projects, let your kids use their creativity and imagination. Now get gnoing!