6 Major Reasons Why Your Children Need a Playhouse in The Garden

Playhouses are a fantastic way to add extra fantasy to your children’s’ childhood. By providing your little ones with a safe and controlled outdoor environment, this means you’re giving them the chance to express themselves – by letting their creativity and imagination run wild!

All you need to do is fill it with a multitude of toys and furniture, then let your kids run riot. Decorating your playhouse is the best way to ensure that maximum fun is had!

Children need to develop not only their academic growth—through books and educational toys—but also their physical and cognitive development through playing outdoors.

And while taking kids to parks and other outdoor play spaces is an easy task for some parents, the busy ones find it hard to look after their kids all the time. This means that one of the best investments to make for your children’s development is an outdoor playhouse right in your yard.

Here are six of the major reasons why your children need a playhouse in your garden!

1. It Develops Their Bones and Muscles

Why buy a playhouse

Having a playhouse encourages physical activity, which translates to the development of bones and muscles. This is especially true if a playset is equipped, which caters to your children’s non-stop sliding, crawling, and climbing.

A healthy set of muscles and bones help them endure various activities and resist illnesses while burning extra energy and calories in the process. Simply climbing up and down the ladder with a Bunny Max Tower Playhouse will assist in keeping your children healthy!

2. It Keeps Your Children Active and Healthy

Why buy a playhouse

Aside from improving their physical strength, your little ones also become exposed to the sun while running around a playhouse. Sunlight has been known to make children absorb the proper vitamin D that their young skin requires.

Physically active children also have a lower risk of developing obesity, which is a major problem among youngsters today. When they engage in an outdoor activity like playing in a playhouse, they have the opportunity to be active, instead of watching TV all day.

3. It Boosts Your Child’s Coordination

When kids don’t stumble, fall, and stand up anew, they miss the part where they develop coordination among their body parts. There are various elements and functions to a playhouse that stimulate kids and teach them how to use their arms and legs together, in a natural way.

4. Helps Them Improve Their Sleep Quality

When your child goes bustling all day in their playhouses, they are more likely to take a deep, good night’s sleep. It creates a great impact because our cells repair properly at night when we get enough sleep, thus forming a harmonious development on their holistic well-being.

Play hard. Sleep hard.

5. Enhances Their Social Skills

Why buy a playhouse

Outdoor playsets, though mostly installed in backyards, allow kids to make new friends. Children find it hard to express themselves to people who are not their age completely.

In letting your children spend time in a wooden playhouse with others, they form friendships that lay the groundwork for happy and healthy relationships in the future.

6. It Instils Independence and Responsibility in Them

Why buy a playhouse

Playhouses make the youngsters independent and responsible because you’re allowing them to do things on their own. They start to play by themselves, pick themselves up when they fall and follow the rules.

They can also grasp the sense of responsibility of keeping their playhouses organised and tidy, since kids will think of them as their own little homes.


In a nutshell, unstructured and unsupervised play — that can happen in a garden playhouse — can provide the building blocks necessary for children to become physically and emotionally sound adults. It can also be the best space in the home where parents can make great memories with their kids.

Make sure you also personalise your playhouse for the absolute best results!

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