Introducing the BillyOh Garden Bar Shed!

Get all the joy of going out for drinks without even leaving home with the new BillyOh Garden Bar Shed!

Straight from the minds of our expert Garden Building designers, the BillyOh Garden Bar Shed combines the functionality of a shed with the entertainment factor of a bar. This unique building gives you a whole new way to enjoy your garden and makes for the ideal centrepiece for a party – or just somewhere to sit, relax, and sip on a cocktail or mocktail!

A Garden Bar Shed viewed from at a side angle decorated with bunting and two bar stools on a gravelled garden section.

A New Kind of Garden Building

We’ve outfitted this Garden Pub Shed with all the bells and whistles it needs to be used as a fully functioning outdoor bar. The open serving space creates the feel of a classic bar, with space on the inside for someone to serve, while the dedicated countertop bar, set at the perfect height for bar stools, is wide and spacious – a great place to drink or serve from no matter which side you’re on. The overhanging pent roof provides shelter for bargoers, and there’s loads of space inside to store drinks and more.

Alongside all these great features, we’ve still prioritised creating a strong and durable outdoor building. The roof comes as standard with protective, weatherproof felting, while the exterior of the shed is built from interlocking tongue and groove boards that make a smooth wooden exterior and provide an additional element of structural support to the shed.

A large garden bar shed viewed from the front with 3 bar stools set at the countertop bar and lots of decorations

Available Now!

If you’ve been looking for a new centrepiece to your garden that’s ideal for entertaining, then this Garden Bar Shed surely fits the bill. The building is available in two sizes, 8×4 and 12×4, and can be customised with a fast-fit eco base and guttering.

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