Artificial Grass Ideas for a Low Maintenance Garden

Artificial grass ideas are very common in garden and patio settings. It’s even becoming more and more a staple in many homes around the world.

A ‘faux turf landscape’ as what they call it, but even so, it adds dimension and a pop of colour as if it’s genuine. There’s almost no difference at first glance – our artificial grass ideas are living proof!

Various forms of fake grass are used in gardens. Our team has compiled the best possible low lawn maintenance for you.

1. Double it as a cushion for the kids

Artificial turf makes the perfect play surface for your kid’s playhouse. It provides soft underfoot and cushioning from falls. Even better, it’s mud-free, durable, and withstands wear and tear.

BillyOh Gingerbread Junior Tower Playhouse
BillyOh Gingerbread Junior Tower Playhouse

2. Dress up your front yard

Create unmatched curb appeal by donning your front yard with artificial grass. It never has to be watered, making for an eco-friendly upgrade that also saves you money on water bills.

Front yard decorated with artificial lawn

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3. Square and modern

Artificial grass can serve as the focal point in your small garden idea, providing contrasting textures and colours. Here, the rooftop creates a sleek outline that makes the fake lawn the yard star.

The addition of rattan garden furniture and BBQ make the space more functional.

Square and modern rooftop setting with synthetic lawn

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4. Solution to muddy waters

If you own a water feature in your garden, chances are its surroundings are often muddy and barren. This is particularly true if it’s circled with a lawn.

Installing synthetic grass can solve that problem. Keep that ‘wow factor’ as if nothing changed.

Artificial lawn ideas for gardens with pool

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5. Between pavers

Maintaining real grass between pavers can be a tricky business. But even the use of a small patch of artificial lawn can solve that problem. Ideal for large garden ideas.

Artificial lawn in between pavers

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6. Pool paradise

If you look at the photo below, everything looks real – and you wouldn’t even think that the turf is fake. Artificial grass around the pool allows for barefoot comfort.

After a refreshing dip, it also provides safety for wet feet. There’s no worry about slippery surfaces, too!

Pool paradise with faux turf

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7. Convenience for your car

Unlike real lawns, the right artificial grass type lets your vehicle drive smoothly in your garage. Opt for Nylon material as it returns to its original shape quicker after being walked on.

Plus, it keeps its original form better and for a longer time.

Driveway with artificial lawn

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8. Low-cost golf garden

Golf courses require a metric ton of water to keep green. For homeowners with golf gardens, many have opted for artificial lawns due to this reason.

In terms of texture, artificial grasses are designed to mimic the feel of real grass.

Garden golf course with artificial lawn

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9. A treat for your furry companion

Artificial grass doesn’t get affected by the elements, unlike authentic lawns. This gives your dog a lot more freedom to be outside, no matter the weather. They get the exercise they need to be healthy and happy!

Animal-friendly backyard with artificial lawn

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10. Additional touches for a more natural look

Bordering artificial grass with soft grasses such as evergreen will give your garden a more natural look. Ornamental plants are also low-maintenance and easy to pair with faux turf. Take inspiration from this small backyard.

Faux turf with mixed genuine greenery

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11. Maintenance-free mini oasis

Create a low-maintenance oasis and complement the yard with artificial turf. The addition of greenery, such as asparagus fern, can give your humble space a paradise feel.

Maintenance-free mini oasis with synthetic grass

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12. Paired with hardwood decking

Integrate the synthetic turf with hardwood decking to give your yard an organic look. They’re a perfect match for creating the ideal space for socialisation.

Regardless of the size of your patio, a simple landscape design like this is sure to make a statement!

Artificial lawn paired with hardwood decking

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13. Artificial mixed with genuine greenery

Artificial grass on a balcony allows you to enjoy outdoor green space, despite living in the city. With plant containers, faux turf can provide you with the garden oasis you’ve been dreaming of.

Balcony garden with artificial grass

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14. Play with shapes

This artificial grass edging adds interest with curved, sweeping lines. It adds texture and colour, surrounded by a pebble garden bed and small trees. The lawn looks as green and vibrant as the real shrubs and bushes.

Artificial lawn in playful shapes

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15. Lay the faux turf on balconies

Synthetic grass is a common choice among apartment owners who want to add green to their balconies. The location of your balcony won’t matter, as intense lighting won’t damage the decoration.

Clean it regularly using a vacuum cleaner for some TLC.

Faux turf on a balcony entertainment area

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16. With decorative elements

This design uses decorative elements like potted plants and garden screening ideas. The scheme helps create a variety of focal points without overwhelming the space.

The synthetic grass is laid in an arranged pattern, perfectly contrasting the surface.

Synthetic grass with decorative elements

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17. Mediterranean feels

The lush greenery in the background makes it possible for the artificial turf to blend in and look real. With the burst contrasts of green, all elements come together. In return, a simple Mediterranean-vibe garden idea is achieved!

Mediterranean garden feel with faux turf

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18. On the porch

Ideal for the contemporary landscape, the clean lines make this porch look modern. Maintenance costs can also be kept at a minimum with this setting. Just one of the many perks of artificial grass in open areas.

Porch artificial grass

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19. Non-linear design

Lawn, including artificial ones, doesn’t have to exist within a boundary. Take inspiration from this luxurious porch in Beverly Hills! The playful design and modern seating inject youth into a rather mid-century state.

Non-linear design artificial lawn

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20. Add a pop of colour

Make an area of faux turf more lively by adding colour contrasts through furniture or decors. Here, the owners used colourful cushions with unique patterns on the built-in bench. The vibrant pots are a big plus!

Faux grass with a pop of colour

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If you don’t have the time to look after natural grass, faux turf is the best alternative! They’ve evolved to a real-life look that it’s impossible to tell the grass is fake until you touch it.

Give a natural touch to your garden, patio, or balcony with our artificial grass ideas. The combinations of materials, colours and live plants compliment these inspirations.


Brush or rake your turf fibres against the grain to fluff them up. This technique helps redistribute the blades so they can last longer. Keeping the fibres upright will also make your yard look more like natural grass.

Yes! Rainwater must be syphoned away from the grass. Otherwise, you'd end up with puddles every time it rains or when you water your plants.

Turf may be installed over solid surfaces. Concrete, a wood deck, and even a flat roof also make for an appropriate base.

Yes! Power washing the turf will clean the artificial grass quickly. But ensure not to power wash solids, such as pet faces. Pick up any solids before power washing.

Of course! Artificial grass gardens can be home to a wide variety of plant pots.