5 Reasons Why Water Features Deserve a Spot in Your Garden

There are many ways of enhancing your garden space. From adding outdoor furniture to installing fire pits in your backyard, you can even transform your outdoor living into a tranquil haven.

If you are looking for ways to extend your living space outdoors, why not consider adding a water feature in your garden or patio? It might be the finishing touch to your outdoor masterpiece!

Here are the five reasons why a water feature deserves a spot in your oasis.

5 Reasons Why Water Features Deserve a Spot in Your Garden

Water features can vary from a garden fountain, waterfall, rock pond, or birdbath. From the flowing to standing types, a classy wellspring will surely bring peace of mind and inner calm to your garden area!

1. Water Introduces Serenity Into Your Garden

woman sat in a yoga pose in front of a fountain

Most people think that adding a water feature in their garden, e.g. fountain, is just a decorative piece. Little did they know that there is more to it than a mere accessory.

Not only can a fountain act as a natural humidifier, but it can also reduce noise while creating a calming sound. Indeed, water can introduce serenity into your garden.

A fountain is perfect for your home if you live in a noisy neighbourhood or if you’re in the city. If you want to recreate yourself and be close to nature, there’s no need to go to the mountainside, oceans or rivers.

With a pond or fountain in your garden space, you can have your tranquil oasis and natural fortress at the comfort of your home!

2. It Makes Your Yard Look Bigger

water fountain in a lush green garden

To make the most out of a small outdoor space, adding a fountain or any other water feature like a pond will help make it look bigger. In addition to garden mirror ideas, this trick will be perfect if you want your garden area to appear larger than it really is.

However, if your the space in your garden is big enough, you have the chance to install a larger fountain or even create a pond in your yard! No matter how big the area is, a water feature will surely add an aesthetic vibe to your outdoor setting. However, if you want to make your space look bigger but water features are out of the budget, you can check out this budget-friendly alternative.

3. Easy to Maintain

square water fountain with rippled water

Cleaning your water feature does not require too much strength, but it needs your attention regularly. Consistently keeping your fountain or a pond neat will minimise the build-up of algae.

Maintaining the cleanliness of a water feature is also necessary for preventing any blockages. You need to frequently clean and polish the stones or rocks, and gravel in your water piece as well.

You should apply the same level of maintenance with your fish and pond plants, especially before drying out a pond or fountain. Don’t be overwhelmed, because the cleaning can be refreshing for your daily routine and does not cost you too much.

4. It Attracts Birds and Wildlife to Your Yard

separate bird and cat at a fountain

When there’s a source of water available in your garden, you can expect birds, frogs and insects to visit your outdoor area. A water feature such as a birdbath is an excellent way to attract these feathered creatures.

If you wish to welcome more wildlife in your garden, you can grow indigenous trees and plant life. If you want to attract even more birds, you can feed them with the scraps you usually see in your kitchen.

Just imagine yourself enjoying the sound of nature and embracing the serene haven in your yard. What a vibe!

5. Pond Plants Are Affordable

separate rock pond and flower growing on a Lili pad

Pond plants are perfect natural decorations for larger water features and fountains. If you’re looking for some affordable pond plants that you can add to enhance them, you can opt for water lettuce or water lilies.

If there’s an ocean near your house, you can also pick up some small water plants like seaweeds and sea corals that are worth adding to your fountain or pond. Remember to add salt and vitamins in the water specifically for those types of plants as they are considered marine organisms as well.

Remember, they’ll be needing much sunlight so make sure they get plenty of it!

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