Unusual Shed Transformation Ideas You’ve Never Heard Of

A simple garden shed can be so much more than a dumping ground for outdoor belongings. Have you ever considered shed transformation ideas?

If you will search on the Internet, you will be welcomed by tons of articles that contain ‘spruce up a shed’ concepts and inspirations. But along the way, you will realise that most of these contents pretty much have the same shed makeover notion or views.

Converting your garden shed into a home office—man cave, garden gym, hobby room, bar shed, home cinema, to name a few. These ideas are inevitably worthwhile nonetheless, but how about some out of the box shed transformation ideas?

Unusual Shed Transformation Ideas You Don’t Want to Miss Out!

Shed Transformation Ideas #1: Space Lovers, It’s Time for You to Have Your Own Space Shed

Working in NASA, or having a space task group to call your own, is an out of this world dream! So here is some good news for you! 

You do not have to board a rocket to make your way into space because converting your shed into a garden-sized space station will render a NASA vibe that you have been dreaming of. A backyard space station sounds like a brilliant idea, especially if you are into learning about what we see in the universe.

You can decorate your garden shed the way the International Space Station (ISS) looks like or a NASA-inspired work place, or customise your own space station that will suit your needs. Add computer screens on the walls that show the view of the earth, control booths, and a clear cabinet to keep your spacesuit.

A bookshelf will also look good to showcase your favourite science and math books, including some space-related books. Along with your typical office essentials, you can display a globe, an astronaut figurine, a picture of the solar system, or anything that will make you feel that you are in space—the possibilities are endless, so is the universe!

Whether it is a hobby or something that you believe will help you hone your wicked skills and expertise, this shed transformation idea is everything you need.

Shed Transformation Ideas # 2: Bring the Beauty of Marrakech to Your Backyard With a Little Marrakech Shed

Marrakech is a peculiar yet stunning city that renders beautiful architecture and bright colours. Its history and culture are enough to allure people in the former imperial city.

No wonder so many people are starting to get inspired to decorate their humble homes that echoes the beauty of Marrakech. If you are one of them, what is stopping you from creating a Moroccan vibe in your garden? 

Brace the smell of spices in your garden and make yourself feel like you have entered another world by converting your shed building into a little Marrakech! Furnish the shed building with cushions, throws and wall hangings, and add a spot for meditation or even yoga to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Don’t forget the bohemian decorations, lanterns, patterns, sophisticated accents, and any pieces that can flawlessly execute the Moroccan decor trend. If you have the means, invest in an Arabic and Berber carpets, display a Morocco style teapots and teacups, argan oil and products, spices, scarves, and many more!

Trust us; this kind of garden shed transformation will give you a room to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Shed Transformation Ideas #3: Go Out on an Adventure With Your Portable Shed

Do the ‘great outdoors’ keep calling for you and your family? Looking for low-cost ways to get away from the city and go on a little adventure with your friends?

Motor homes or Recreational Vehicles (RV) can be your adventure companion and go for a long weekend break on whim. You do not have to worry about where you and your family will stay because with an RV, you already know you have a roof, a dry bed, a place to eat and play while on the road.

But if an RV is out of your budget, did you know that it is possible to put your shed on wheels? Yes, you read that right. You can transform your shed into a motor home and take that dream vacation!

Build it with space in mind to provide enough room for the mini kitchen, dining area, bunk beds, and a room to store almost anything. You can store perishable foods like canned goods, bottled water and sodas in the exterior cabinet along with everyday items, such as spare clothes, blankets, pillows, toilet paper rolls, and some cleaning supplies. 

Do not forget the camping and other outdoor equipment, including games and toys. This task may cost you at first but it will be cost-effective in the long run. 

It won’t be easy building it from scratch too, that is for sure. So having professional help or expert assistance is recommended.

Shed Transformation Ideas #4: Keep the Heat With a Wood Boiler Shed Housing

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to heat your home, reduce fossil fuel consumption, or heat a large property or a few buildings at once? Installing an outdoor wood boiler may be a solution.

A garden shed or log cabin can be your best bet; both outdoor buildings make a clean, safe, and cost efficient way to heat your home without the mess or risk that comes with burning firewood in the house.

Since the unit is placed outdoors, you do not have to worry about fire and smoke hazards. Plus, outdoor wood boilers tend to have a thermostat control that helps in keeping the heat at a constant level. This is something that some indoor wood stove or fireplace can’t achieve.

You can invest in a small garden shed and wood boiler for peace of mind and a reduction in your fuel bill.

Shed Transformation Ideas #5: Farmer’s Market Shed Booth

If gardening and growing fresh produce is your hobby, starting your own booth at your local farmer’s market where you sell your own produce to your neighbourhoods is an excellent way to make the most of your fruits and vegetables.

No matter what kind of products you grow, you can work to collect the excess or reserved greens and prepare them in your yard, then set up your mini garden shed booth at your town’s farmer’s market to sell them.

The good thing about utilising a shed building as your booth is that the building structure is sturdier compared to normal tents. Moreover, a shed provides a robust cubby or stand for you and your veggies against the harsh weather conditions, including strong winds. And of course, an ideal amount of space for storage.

Tip: Choose a perfect location for your shed booth; it should be visible and accessible. Do not put all your eggs in one basket, and do not sell the same thing as the other vendors. 

Shed Transformation Ideas #6: Make Your Own Rental Space/Airbnb Out of Your Shed

Garden shed rentals are one of the best options for starting a new business, especially if you live in a popular area with magnificent views. Utilise your shed buildings for Airbnb business and earn extra income.

This is particularly recommended for sheds that are left unused. The act of renting it out is an effective way to offset the costs of owning it. Customise the interior with unique and homey design, and allow people to experience nature while staying in a beautiful shed Airbnb.

To maximise the feeling of space, you will want to stick to light, bright colours on the inside of the shed. The outside can be painted in any colour you fancy, or whatever complements around it.

Shed Transformation Ideas #7: How About an Architect’s Studio Shed?

Architects make money by designing buildings, permanent and temporary structures, including designing consultations on construction projects. Some are starting their own firm to make their business more profitable.

Turning your garden shed into an architectural studio for business and work from the comfort of your garden space is conceivable. Starting your business from your shed structure also helps you cut additional expenses of a studio or office rental.

Another great perk of having your own architect studio in your backyard is your freedom to plan, design, and review the construction of a new or pre-built building, for instance, from the comfort of your shed building and garden.

If you want to learn how to start your own Architecture Firm and whether it is the right fit for you, feel free to read this article, courtesy of How To Start An LLC.

Shed Transformation Ideas #8: Achieve Your Dream Business Expansion With Your Shed

A garden building is a cost-efficient way of starting a business, particularly for small ones, or growing your current enterprise. For instance, if your small business needs extra space or a dedicated area for storing inventory and overstock items, a shed makes a perfect business expansion solution.

With a garden shed in your backyard acting as your business expansion, this will help you cut all the expenses and risks involved with purchasing or renting an actual office space. To maximise the space of your business shed expansion, you can add commercial grade shelving or a storage system. 

Additional storage also can simplify your inventory management. You can customise your building expansion with the office space you’ve always wanted as well!

Overall, turning your current garden building into a business shed is a great way to make money and start your own company without a huge investment.


You may not have heard of these unusual shed transformation ideas until now, but you will be wanting to try at least one or a few of them soon! Are you ready to unleash the bizarre potential of your garden haven?