“The Yorkshireman” – Phil’s Garden Bar Log Cabin

Staying in can just as fun as going out, especially when you have your very own garden bar!

And that’s just what Phil’s done – he’s transformed his log cabin summerhouse into a social hub, nestled at the bottom of his garden. Phil’s only gone and created the ultimate weekend hang-out spot with his BillyOh summerhouse.

So what are you waiting for? Imagine having your local pub right on your doorstep.

BillyOh log cabin summerhouse interior with Nightjar bar and sofa and stools

Phil told us that he split his log cabin into two areas. This way, he says, he gets the best of both worlds – one area for entertainment, and one for relaxation.

Garden Pub: Entertainment

One side of his log cabin has been transformed into a quirky social area that’s kitted out with bar stools, an add-on bar and even an impressive built-in drinks cabinet! The drinks certainly aren’t in short supply over at Phil’s! 

log cabin summerhouse interior with sofas and a wood burner
Phil’s even got a little wood burner for those cosy evenings in.

Garden Pub: Relaxation

The other half consists of a comfy, casual seating area that’s complete with armchairs, blankets and even a wood burner for some true country pub vibes. Phil’s created the perfect place to unwind and relax where he put his feet up and enjoy a good book and a cup of tea (or something else!).

Garden Pub: Decoration

pub sign on wood saying 'Yorkshireman'

He’s painted the walls in a deep red hue that contrast beautifully with the natural exposed wood and bring an added warmth to Phil’s log cabin.

Finishing touches include retro signs, quirky artwork and a sign that reads “Yorkshireman” hanging proudly above the entrance – Phil’s garden bar is nothing if not homely and impressive. 

The GBD Experience

When speaking to Phil about why he chose to buy a log cabin from Garden Buildings Direct, he said that our size options allowed him to find the best fit for his garden.

And when we asked him about the inspiration for decorating his garden bar, he told us he wanted to create a rustic looking bar with a country pub vibe. Phil said he used a lot of scrap wood and old pallets to make the internal walls thicker with insulation between them.

But if you’re not quite as savvy as Phil, you can always opt for thicker cladding when purchasing your BillyOh log cabin!

log cabin summerhouse interior with armchairs and sofa

And to top it all off, Phil even previously bought a shed from us a number of years ago, rating the overall experience 8/10. We hope we’ve gone up further in his estimations with his new log cabin summerhouse!

More Garden Pub Conversions

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Fancy your own garden bar to relax or socialise in? Then take a look at our extensive range of log cabins and summer houses to see how you could start creating your own garden bar today.

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