7 Simple Garden Ideas for Beginners – Gardener’s Cheat Sheet

Gardening is a great activity to relieve stress. But if the pressure of maintaining your garden results in frustration, it’s time for you to discover some effortless, simple garden ideas!

Gardening is a household practice as old as time. And as years go by, gardeners were able to discover various techniques in cultivating their own yard.

If you are a novice gardener, you’ve probably heard that gardening requires a lot of time and patience. However, a few and simple garden ideas can help it flourish with minimal effort!

So for lazy gardeners out there or some who can’t seem to have enough time in their yards, our garden experts have prepared you a cheat sheet containing tips, tricks, and simple garden ideas. Follow these hacks and you will achieve a lush garden—minus the hard work! 

1. Fake It ‘Til You Make It!


Plastic grass is no longer ruled out in today’s gardens. So if you don’t have much time to take care of your lawn, consider artificial turf! Keep your neighbours wondering why you have a luscious lawn all-year round without doing a single watering or mowing.

2. Choose Companions 


There are some plants that live better alongside others. Some provide shelter for another, while a few depend on other shrubs for shade. If you don’t have much time to raise your garden, choose these ‘companion plants’ to help them grow better under minimal maintenance.

3. Soil Hack

cheat-sheet-garden-tips-3-soil hack

Some garden-lovers spend so much time in their yards but fail to preserve its health. It might be because they are missing one crucial factor—good quality soil.

So, make sure to test your soil’s pH level through a home-testing kit to determine and solve any deficiency.

4. Be Tech-Savvy


Modernisation has made a lot of things easy, and gardening is not an exception. So, consider investing in present-day gardening tools that decrease human efforts such as automated wheel-barrows, self-watering pots and robot lawnmowers.

5. Let Nature be Wild


Nature has a life of its own and can thrive with minimal human intervention. So if you proclaim to not prune daily, spare yourself from the guilt by leaving flowers to spill out of pots and hedges to grow asymmetrical.

At the end of the day, nature is still best left untouched. 

6. Choose Low Maintenance


Most plants require regular watering. But if your schedule prevents you from fulfilling such task, opt for the hardy, drought-tolerant plants, even though you live in a region that’s not particularly dry.

Consider species like cacti that do not need to be frequently hydrated, and can still thrive even when neglected for some time.

If cold weather presents an issue, then owning a greenhouse can help to tackle this issue, thanks to how they effectively regulate temperature.

7. Opt for Alternative Weed-Killer


For a cheap method that also requires minimal effort, cover the weeds in your garden with a black sheet (a garbage bag will do) to get rid of them. The leaves will eventually turn yellow and the plant will die due to lack of sunlight.

With these easy and simple garden ideas, you will see an improvement in your yard in no time!