House Plant Ideas For Year-Round Indoor Growing

The best thing about house plant ideas is they add life to indoor spaces and help clean the air. Windows with enough sunlight are enough for these green beauties to thrive indoors.

Even with a lack of space and time for plant care, house plants can pretty much manage on their own. If you’re looking for which one to grow, our list of house plant ideas will be your gardening buddy!

1. ZZ plant

The ZZ plant is known for its wide, attractive, dark green leaves that can grow up to 3 ft long. It does best in bright to moderate indirect light but will do fine in low light levels. Its air-purifying qualities are also a plus!

ZZ plant for indoor gardening

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2. Peperomia

Peperomia is a cheerful little plant that grows more than 12 inches in an indoor setting. It can thrive in medium to bright indirect light and in East- or West-facing windows.

It makes a great choice for a container garden too.

Peperomia for indoor gardening

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3. Paddle plant

The paddle plant has thick, rounded, paddle-shaped leaves with a reddish tint. It’s an unusual-looking succulent with medium water requirements and is fairly drought-tolerant.

Paddle plant for indoor gardening

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4. Spider plant

Spider plants are one of the most adaptable houseplants, featuring lovely arching leaves. Also known for their great air cleaning traits, they make a healthy addition to your home.

Spider plant for indoor gardening

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5. Lady palm

The lady palm resembles bamboo, with dark green, pointy leaves which are 15-30 cm wide. It performs well even in lower light intensity and humidity and even colder temperatures.

It’s also effective at removing indoor pollutants.

Lady palm for indoor gardening

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6. Succulents

Never underestimate the power of succulents, even if they’re small in size. Their strong, distinct leaves give them striking textures, making them into living sculptures.

Succulents for indoor gardening

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7. Pothos

Pothos is an attractive, tropical trailing vine with heart-shaped leaves. The vining plant can tolerate low light and minimal watering. It looks especially lively when draped across a bookshelf.

Photos for indoor gardening

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8. Aloe vera

Not only does this plant act as a natural air purifier, but also as a soothing gel for sunburns – all thanks to its rich leaves! It prefers bright light and a thorough watering every two weeks.

Aloe vera for indoor gardening

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9. Bird’s nest fern

The glossy, attractive leaves of a bird’s nest fern make for a wonderfully unique indoor plant. With only a little care, it can add a lush, tropical look to your space.

Bird's nest fern for indoor gardening

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10. English Ivy

English Ivy is perfect for a hanger or pot stand and prefers a low-light spot. It’s a vigorous grower when it gets the light and moisture it wants!

English Ivy for indoor gardening

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11. Dragon tree

A dragon tree features long and slender, sword-like green and red-edged leaves. Also known as dracaena marginata, it prefers medium light and drought tolerance. It’s the perfect combination of beauty and hardiness.

Dragon tree for indoor gardening

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12. Snake plant

A snake plant can be recognised by its green, sword-shaped leaves that grow upright. It’s often used as home decor, is easy to care for, and only requires little water to survive.

Snake plant for indoor gardening

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13. Chinese evergreen

The Chinese evergreen is revered for its exotic-looking foliage. Its leaf appearance features an array of colours and variegated patterns. This Asian native is also traditionally considered a ‘good luck’ plant.

Chinese evergreen for indoor gardening

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14. Coffee plant

The coffee plant’s fruits contain two seeds, which eventually become coffee beans. It may not replace your daily coffee run, but it smells heavenly and is super forgiving in low light.

It also makes a surprisingly good potted indoor plant!

Coffee plant for indoor gardening

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15. Air plant

Air plants are the most low-maintenance houseplants as they don’t need soil. They absorb nutrients and water from the air through scales on their leaves.

Air plant for indoor gardening

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16. Juniper bonsai

Juniper trees are a great choice for bonsai as they’re easy to care for and have attractive foliage. They make a refreshing accessory in both a minimalist garden and an indoor living space.

Juniper bonsai for indoor gardening

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17. String of turtles

The string of turtle plants is known for its leaves resembling turtle shells. Display it on a shelf with bright, indirect sunlight, and watch it trail down.

This semi-succulent plant is also ideal for hanging baskets and terrariums.

String of turtles for indoor gardening

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18. Peace lily

Peace lilies are fairly easy to grow and are beautiful, too! Behind the brilliant white flowers are their air-purifying abilities. With enough light, expect them to bloom spade-shaped flowers year-round.

Peace lily for indoor gardening

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19. Hoya Macrophylla

This plant gets its name from its thick, waxy leaves that hold water. Growing one means you won’t have to worry about not watering it enough.

Hoya macrophylla for indoor gardening

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20. Parlour palm

This one’s a favourite easy-care plant with tropical fronds and air purifying qualities. This pet-friendly plant does best in bright, indirect light but will tolerate a bit of shade.

Parlor palm for indoor gardening

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21. Money tree plant

The money tree has slender trunks braided together. It’s a great low-maintenance option for artificially lit areas.

Keeping one is believed to remove financial obstacles and bring prosperity.

Money tree plant for indoor gardening

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22. Asparagus fern

This elegant fern has long, wiry stems and lovely frond-like sprays. Care for asparagus fern involves misting the arching stems to provide humidity. Note that it can be toxic to dogs and cats.

Asparagus fern for indoor gardening

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23. Jade plant

Jade has fleshy, oval-shaped leaves and thick, woody stems that mimic tiny tree trunks. This succulent grows best in dry conditions with low humidity and cool temperatures.

Jade plant for indoor gardening

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24. Lucky bamboo

Another great option that can grow without soil is the lucky bamboo spiral plant. To attract more prosperity, place three or nine stalks of lucky bamboo in the ‘wealth corner’.

25. Monstera

Monsteras are easygoing houseplants with dramatic leaves that are adorned with hole formations. It favours a warm, humid environment and is a stunning climbing evergreen ideal for indoors and outdoors.

26. Rubber tree

Rubber plants produce lots of oxygen, more than any other plant. On top of that, they help remove mould spores and bacteria from the air by about 60%.

The small tree can grow with a maximum height of between 8 and 10 feet.

Rubber tree plant for indoor gardening

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27. Fiddle-leaf fig

A popular indoor tree with very large, heavily veined, and glossy violin-shaped leaves. It gives off a jungle-like vibe and can grow to 6 feet or taller, making it a stunning statement piece.

Fiddle-leaf fig tree for indoor gardening

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28. Ponytail palm

The Ponytail palm has a signature leaf appearance, almost resembling a water fountain. The dark green leaves are long narrow curly, with a swollen thick brown stem.

Ponytail palm for indoor gardening

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29. Yucca plant

Yucca is a stemless rosette of long, sword-shaped leaves with pointed tips. As it matures, it develops thick, woody trunks with arching leaf rosettes at the top.

Striking and low maintenance, a perfect combo for an ideal houseplant!

Yucca plant for indoor gardening

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30. Elephant ears

Elephant ears have very large heart-shaped leaves supported on 2 to 3-foot leaf stalks. A large space, a big container, and bright and indirect light are needed when growing this plant.

Elephant ears for indoor gardening

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31. Oxalis triangularis

The striking purple leaves that look like butterfly wings are the stand-out feature of Oxalis. The gorgeous leaves close at night and open again in the morning. What a statement piece!

Oxalis for indoor gardening

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32. Horsetail

Horsetail can also be grown in a pot indoors; it’s a bamboo-like houseplant that’s fond of shade. It’s low-maintenance but should be kept near a window.

Horsetail for indoor gardening

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33. Kokedama string balls

These strings of moss ball plants have their roots wrapped in wet compost. Covered with moss and string-tied, these Japanese creations make perfect hanging pieces.

Kokedama for indoor gardening

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34. Persian shield

The Royal Purple plant is known for its colourful, shimmery leaves tipped with a point. It requires warm temperatures and humid air.

Persian leaves for indoor gardening

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35. Fittonia

When grown indoors, Fittonias makes striking houseplants featuring patterned foliage. They’re a great addition to tabletops or in hanging baskets and terrariums.

Fittonia for indoor gardening

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36. Winterbourne

The Winterbourne plant is a smaller version of oversized tropical leaves. It features shiny green, leathery leaves, each with multiple lobes.

It only grows to be about 3 to 4 feet and is great for spaces with less light.

Winterbourne for indoor gardening

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37. Weeping fig

The weeping fig is a pretty, small tree known for its traditional trunk and canopy shape. It can grow up to 1m tall, making a fabulous standout plant all by itself or as part of an indoor jungle.

Weeping fig for indoor gardening

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38. Lavender

Lavender brightens your home with its purple flowers and fresh aroma. The lovely plant needs very warm, sunny weather to thrive outdoors, though. Place it on a windowsill where it can receive enough sun.

Lavender for indoor gardening

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39. Cactus

Many cacti can thrive as indoor plants, and they tend to need less light and are smaller in size. Add one or two to your windowsill or living space for some unique decor.

Cactus for indoor gardening

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40. Anthurium

Anthurium is popular for its persistent, constant blooms and eye-catching waxy red flowers. Its dazzling colour can last in your home for months. It grows best in bright indirect light and has low water needs.

Anthurium for indoor gardening

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41. Schefflera

A tropical plant with a combination of attractive leaves and detoxifying qualities. Schefflera forms an umbrella-like pattern, making it a lively and lush houseplant.

Schefflera for indoor gardening

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42. Areca palm tree

The areca palm tree has thin, bright green fronds and a lush shrub. It’s a non-toxic, toxin-filtering plant. Prefers bright, warm conditions with moist to wet soil.

Areca palm for indoor gardening

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43. Bird of paradise

This ornamental plant is popular for its huge banana tree leaves and spectacular flowers. It can adapt to direct and low sunlight conditions, adding a rich, tropical flair to your space.

Birds of paradise for indoor gardening

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44. Burro’s tail

Burro’s tail plant deserves to be showcased in your indoor space. Best grown in hanging containers, it has fleshy, bluish-green leaves with a silvery bloom.

Burro's tail for indoor gardening

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45. African violets

African violets produce bright, beautiful blooms with wonderfully shaped fuzzy leaves. The lovely compact plant grows and flowers best in bright, indirect light.

African violets for indoor gardening

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Indoor plants are guaranteed to delight any home, adding life and colour to the interior. They also make way for beginners to utilise their green thumbs at home. And you could be one of them!

It doesn’t matter if you can only spare space on your shelf or the corner of your living room. No matter your gardening skill level, there’s a house plant for you here.

Make sure to give growing one (or a few) a go!