How We Review Our Plastic Garden Sheds

Long gone are the days when plastic sheds were weak, unattractive, and prone to damage. The modern iterations have undergone a major upgrade. They’ve become a completely different kind of beast, wherein:

  • They’re no longer delicate structures like the ones from the past. They are now stronger and can withstand different types of weather, and
  • available in various attractive designs, adding colour and style to your outdoor area.

Contemporary plastic sheds have many useful features and plenty of space for storage. One might be exactly what you need for your garden. Take a look at our review below to make informed choices.

Gardens Sheds, Before and Now

Isn’t interesting to know what garden sheds have become so popular today?

In ancient times, mankind had to build shelters with any material they could find. They would use bones, rocks, wood, plants and animal skin as covers. The more shelter one can build, the more storage they have and items to keep inside, cue sheds.

Sheds used to be simple storage houses made from different materials; today, they’ve evolved a lot. These structures are made of strong materials like wood and metal, especially plastic. One popular plastic choice is High-Density Polythylene (HDPE) or vinyl. Both make plastic garden sheds are durable, low-maintenance and weather- and UV-resistant.

With that said, we’re going to do a roundup of the best products worth investing in this year! Our experts will review each model, giving you a firsthand look to help you find what you’re looking for.

This Is How Our Review Process Goes Like

In this section, we’re going to show you how we thoughtfully check and choose the best plastic sheds. We’ll explain our process so you can understand how we make our recommendations.

  • Size and style: Our plastic sheds for sale offer you various sizes and style options. From small to large, lean-tos to vertical and horizontal, apex and pent roofing, we’ve got you covered. Tip: When selecting the right size, consider your garden’s total area. Make sure to leave ample space for easy access and cleaning.
  • Design: Our plastic garden storage features strong metal frames and modern plastic panels. Meanwhile, some are made from HDPE with heavy-duty, powder-coated steel reinforcements. Window and windowless options and slat vents for ventilation are also available. Our team debated on the best one, but all made it to our top picks. To help narrow down your options, we decided to add our best-sellers to the list. These are both practical and stylish, making them worthwhile.
  • Durability: The materials used are all weatherproof and UV-resistant. This means the stored items are kept dry no matter how extreme the weather conditions are. Not to mention that they’re all virtually maintenance-free. Plus, they’re fadeproof as the colour is already mixed into the material instead of using paint.
  • Warranty: As practical buyers ourselves, we prioritise products with guaranteed warranties. At Garden Buildings Direct, our offerings come with a 5 to 10-year warranty. Your hard-earned money is well-spent with us!

Now, let’s dive into our plastic sheds reviews, focusing on their design insights:

1. BillyOh Stafford Pent White Plastic Shed

BillyOh Stafford Pent White Plastic Shed
BillyOh Stafford Pent White Plastic Shed

Using a hybrid design, the Stafford combines new, versatile materials. The design maximises longevity while still emphasising strength. 10mm polypropylene panels create a robust exterior. These are supported by an internal frame made of lightweight aluminium. Working together, they create a long-lasting and cost-effective storage solution.

Design insights:

  • Multi-functional: Its longevity and spacious design can be used for various purposes. The raised skylights allow use as storage, with the view of the interior hidden from thieves. Plus, it is a functional workshop building, providing natural light. The larger sizes available also facilitate different types of use.
  • Resilient structure: A fortress of durability with 10mm polypropylene panels. This waterproof and UV-protected armour creates a shield for lasting security and style.
  • Custom metal frame: This shed blends a sleek interior and a custom-built metal frame. Thickness options include robust 1.0-1.2mm aluminium columns and 0.4-0.8mm metal frames.
  • Double door dynamo: The wide-opening doors are secure by a reliable latch & bolt system. This access point maximises accessibility and guarantees ultimate security.
  • Shed ventilation: Enjoy a well-ventilated interior with horizontal slats vents. This feature enables continuous airflow, keeping moisture buildup and condensation at bay. Enhance ventilation further with the openable polycarbonate side window.

2. Lifetime 6ftx3.5ft Heavy Duty Horizontal Storage Plastic Shed

Lifetime 6ftx3.5ft Heavy Duty Horizontal Storage Plastic Shed
Lifetime 6ftx3.5ft Heavy Duty Horizontal Storage Plastic Shed

This horizontal plastic shed features a curved roof with lockable doors and a lid. As a storage box, it can hold all sorts of items, from children’s outdoor toys to garden tools and even wheelie bins. You can access your items either by simply lifting the lid or opening the doors.

Design insights:

  • Rigid construction: Manufactured from HDPE with heavy-duty, powder-coated steel reinforcements. This ensures that the product is tough and can withstand heavy use.
  • Wide-double-hinged doors: Make storage easy. It opens from the top or from the front. It has an easy-opening lid and a sloped threshold that makes rolling large items in or out simple.
  • Secure lock system: The lid is lockable for security and added peace of mind. Add a shed padlock to secure the box and keep your items safely stored inside.
  • Lifting lid: Designed with a controlled spring hinge installed to keep the lid open. It falls flat when closed, keeping the contents dry.
  • Multi-purpose: Neatly store away items such as toys, sports equipment, cushions and tools. This allows you to free up some space in your garden and is suitable as a double bin store.
  • UV-protected: Resistant to fading, cracking, and peeling – extending its lifespan.

3. BillyOh Newport 6ftx4ft Lean To Plastic Shed Light Grey With Floor

BillyOh Newport 6ftx4ft Lean To Plastic Shed Light Grey With Floor
BillyOh Newport 6ftx4ft Lean To Plastic Shed Light Grey With Floor

What’s interesting about this shed is the lean-to design with a sloping roof. This means it can fit snugly against your house or other garden buildings. Its 6×4 size covers every area you need to while offering plenty of space for storage. With its subtle grey, it would look fantastic in traditional and contemporary gardens.

Design insights:

  • Compact design, packed with features: The petite structure is perfect for certain layouts. For instance, along a side wall or against a fence. The side window offers natural light to the interior. Plus, the robust steel frame offers added structural integrity.
  • Built-in air ducts: Keeps the air circulating inside, maintaining moisture levels low. This ensures your belongings remain safe and dry while in storage.
  • Lockable door: A padlock eye is included on the door for added security of your stored items. This provides an additional layer of protection, enhancing the overall security.
  • Windowed design: A small side window is included to allow natural light within. This enhances the shed’s aesthetic and allows sunlight to brighten up the space.
  • Moulded plastic floor: A solid plastic floor is included to cut the need for a foundation. This durable and stable flooring provides a solid base.
  • Metal framing: Constructed using a metal structure offering a strong framework. This contributes to the shed’s overall durability and stability.

4. Duramax Cedargrain Tall Plastic Vertical Storage Cabinet

Duramax Cedargrain Tall Plastic Vertical Storage Cabinet
Duramax Cedargrain Tall Plastic Vertical Storage Cabinet

Adaptable, versatile vertical storage has never been simpler than with this vertical storage. Suitable for both outdoors and indoors, this plastic storage is versatile. Moreover, it’s robust, weatherproof, and has a sleek woodgrain finish. Stack and arrange it in many ways to a personalised storage solution that works for you!

Design insights:

  • Shelving standard inclusion: Comes equipped with adjustable, ventilated shelving included as standard. Customise your space efficiently, ensuring proper ventilation for your belongings.
  • Strength in every shelf: Achieve organisation with the adjustable shelves. Each with a max load of 20 kilograms, while the cabinet boasts an impressive 100kg capacity.
  • Playful exterior combination: Showcases a unique woodgrain exterior and sleek grey finish. This vertical storage cabinet enhances space with style and modern aesthetics.
  • Easy-access double doors: Provide a convenient entry point for your stored items. Designed for efficiency, these doors make storage and retrieval a breeze.
  • High-quality, durable plastic: Crafted from high-quality, durable, modern plastic. It ensures longevity and resilience. Enjoy the confidence of a storage solution designed to withstand the elements.
  • Weatherproof assurance: Trust in the weatherproof design, resistant to rust, rot, and mildew. This robust construction ensures year-round protection. Meaning it maintains the integrity of your stored items through various weather conditions.

5. Lifetime 12.5ftx8ft Heavy Duty Plastic Shed

Lifetime 12.5ftx8ft Heavy Duty Plastic Shed
Lifetime 12.5ftx8ft Heavy Duty Plastic Shed

This heavy-duty plastic shed is the solution for medium and large-sized garden spaces. It brings you a robust, airy, and spacious garden building at an affordable price. While it might be one of the cheapest options, it doesn’t lack quality. Even better, it offers enough room for all your garden equipment or even heavier items like bikes.

Design insights:

  • Classic and stylish design: The exterior complements any garden with timeless colours. This adds aesthetic appeal and ensures a seamless integration into the space.
  • Durable materials: Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and heavy-duty, powder-coated steel reinforcements. This ensures the garden is built to last.
  • Strong, lockable doors: The doors to the building are sturdy and secure. They come equipped with a heavy-duty lock for ultimate safety and security.
  • Twin-screened vents: For increased air circulation through the shed. These additions help stop the space from overheating, ensuring airflow is constantly fresh.
  • Ready to organise: This shed purchase includes two shelves, six wall hooks, and a tool pouch. These accessories let you efficiently arrange and store items tidy and organised.
  • Spacious interior: The apex roof means that the structure has additional headroom. This also means you can comfortably stand upright inside. Plus, the floor space is generous so that you can store large items inside with ease.


We carefully checked and reviewed different garden sheds UK to help you find the best one. Our top plastic sheds for sale guarantee good quality. Choose one for a smart investment in your garden storage solution!

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