Garden Features That Can Decrease Your Property Value

A beautifully landscaped garden is often considered a valuable asset to any property. For one, a garden shed can enhance the overall curb appeal. Yet, not all outdoor features are created equal when it comes to influencing value.

While some may seem enticing to homeowners, some additions can be a major turn-off for potential buyers.

In this blog, we’ll explore those that could potentially decline your property value. Read on to save yourself from future trouble, and say hello to a greater outcome!

1. Artificial grass

Small back garden covered in artificial grass

(Image Credit: Flickr)

Artificial grass garden ideas UK skyrocketed due to their low-maintenance properties. For families with kids looking for an easy-to-care small garden idea, it can be practical. No mowing or watering, it doesn’t attract any bugs, and it gives you a uniform look year-round.

However, the study reveals that it might not be as desirable as one would think. 55% of respondents indicated that ‘fake turf’ could be a negative factor. Furthermore, many buyers are not keen on it, especially those who aren’t willing to absorb the cost. We’re talking about the financial demands when removing it, which drops the home’s sale value even more.

When you mull over it, you could just hire a gardener to mow and tend to your lawn if you’re short on time or lack the skill. It’d be no more costly than having artificial grass laid.

Another thing is the longevity. With proper upkeep, artificial turf usually last 15-25 years. Nonetheless, some buyers might view it as a future expense.

An estimate suggests that having artificial grass in a garden could lead to a 5% reduction in the sale value. In the end, it comes down to personal preferences and the quality of the synthetic turf. But when aiming for broad appeal in a home sale, a lusher and greener patch of grass would be a safer bet.

2. Built-in trampoline

A kid jumping on a trampoline in the garden

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A built-in trampoline might seem like a fun addition for families, especially for the kids. It harmonises seamlessly with a kids playhouse, creating a mini recreational haven. Yet, intriguingly, its impact on property value is akin to that of artificial grass.

First, safety apprehensions loom large, as trampolines carry inherent risks. Second, the maintenance responsibilities might overshadow the entertainment gains. This means ensuring the trampoline remains in top condition and safe for use.

Lastly, concerns about obstructed views could deter those valuing an unobstructed outdoor panorama. So, for those who seek clear, expansive views, it might disrupt their desired aesthetic.

There isn’t a specific estimate available, but these concerns can contribute to potential buyers looking elsewhere.

3. Sloping garden

A rock garden next to a water feature

(Image Credit: Flickr)

A well-designed and -maintained landscape can increase the property value by as much as 10% to 12%. With a sloping garden, this percentage increase might be somewhat reduced.

While a sloped plot might seem picturesque, it can present practical challenges. The study suggests 49% of respondents consider one as a potential drawback. This might be especially off-putting to those with children and on a budget. Parents often prioritise a backyard where their little ones can run around safely.

Most want open space and level years. In the case of a sloping plot, adding retaining walls to achieve flatness can break the bank. On top of these expensive exterior improvements, erosion is another consideration. Drainage and stormwater management are also likely if the slope pitches the house.

Gardening, landscaping, and creating functional outdoor spaces on uneven terrain can be daunting. Unless you know how to build a shed on a slope, they might reconsider.

4. Dull decor

The exterior aesthetic of the property matters just as much as the interior. Dull décor in the garden, characterised by outdated design choices, can put off the appeal. As per the study, 43% of respondents believe that lacklustre outdoor decor can lend to this upshot. This often leaves potential buyers with a less favourable first impression.

Generally, this can result in a reduction of 5% to 10% or more in the overall property value. A drab outdoor space diminishes the property’s usability. This is a major turn-off for those who envision vibrant outdoor lifestyles. Specifics matter, too. Faded or peeling paint, overgrown or poorly maintained landscaping, and outdated fixtures. These can exacerbate the effect.

To turn the tables, consider adding a garden room and take a cue from these outbuilding ideas. With this approach, one can revitalise the garden’s character.

5. Swimming pool

Garden swimming pool

(Image Credit: Flickr)

In some cases, a swimming pool adds luxury, especially when paired with a log cabin pool house. But 39% of respondents expressed that it would prevent them from making an offer on a property. Common reasons that outweigh the perceived benefits include the following:

  • maintenance costs
  • safety concerns (especially for families with young children)
  • limited usage in certain climates

Such factors can potentially lead to a decrease in property value by a staggering £57,000.

6. Outdoor sauna

Mini outdoor sauna with a small deck

(Image Credit: Pxhere)

Outdoor saunas, while a unique addition, may not universally captivate potential buyers. The extent of the reduction varies depending on the following:

  • location
  • buyer preferences
  • sauna’s condition

Typically, one could lead to a 5% to 10% reduction in home sale value. The study highlights that 39% of respondents view them as a potential drag on property value, to add. The maintenance and lifestyle they cater to can curtail their widespread desirability.

But an inflatable hot tub, nestled in a summer house, might! You could turn a niche feature into a value-enhancing garden sanctuary.

7. Hot tubs

Garden deck with outdoor hot tub

(Image Credit: Flickr)

Hot tubs are linked to relaxation and opulence, offering a serene escape from daily life. However, their allure can be overshadowed by maintenance demands and privacy considerations. The study, echoing real-world concerns, found that 38% of respondents recognised these challenges.

The upkeep of water quality, filter maintenance, and managing temperature can be time-consuming. Moreover, privacy can be compromised, especially in densely populated areas.

On average, having an outdoor hot tub might lead to a 5% to 10% decrease. However, note that this is a rough estimate. The actual impact may differ significantly based on specific circumstances. 

Top tip: Couple your hot tub with these wooden gazebo ideas. These structures not only provide privacy but also shield the tub from the elements.

8. Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchen

(Image Credit: Flickr)

Garden kitchens may be a trendy feature, but they might not resonate with everyone. One consideration is the need for regular maintenance. Equipment, such as BBQs, needs ongoing care to ensure they remain in optimal condition.

Moreover, potential weather damage is a concern. Exposure to the elements, such as rain and sun, can lead to premature wear and tear. This necessitates costly repairs over time, which 38% of the respondents agree on.

Unlike indoor kitchens, outdoor cooking spaces might see less utilisation. But then again, they can still be worthwhile with strategic approaches.

In general, a nice outdoor kitchen can boost a property’s value and attract some buyers. This potentially can lead to a 5% to 15% increase. If poorly maintained, outdated, or not in line with local preferences, it could lead to a decrease. 


Trends and personal preferences drive our decisions. But it’s crucial to strike a balance between enjoyment and future resale potential. In this guide, we’ve unveiled the interplay between desirability and drawbacks of:

  • artificial grass
  • built-in trampolines
  • sloping gardens
  • dull decor
  • swimming pools
  • outdoor saunas
  • hot tubs
  • outdoor kitchens

So, how can you turn these potential pitfalls into opportunities for enhancement instead? Do so by carefully considering these concerns that potential buyers might hold. Most importantly, address them through thoughtful design and solutions.

Speaking of remedies, head over to Garden Buildings Direct for some great deals! There are high-quality outdoor structures awaiting you, including greenhouses and garden offices.

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