Everything You Need to Know About the Expert Range

Looking for a brand new wooden garden building to add utility and usability to your garden? Whether you need a pinch of extra bike or tool storage, a large workspace for your hobby or craft, or maybe something that can do a bit of both, then the BillyOh Expert Range is just what you’ve been searching for.

Featuring a selection of wooden sheds, storage units, and garden workshops that are all built to the high standards of our Expert Range, one of these robust buildings will effortlessly bring extra space and value to your garden. The Expert Range stands apart for its quality, practicality, and more – to learn why it stands out, all you need to do is keep reading!

Apex Workshop with double doors on a modern paving slab base

What Makes the Expert Range Stand Out?

Our Expert Range is a customer favourite, and that’s down to the great features and design elements of this range of wooden buildings. Let’s run through them one by one.

Tongue and Groove Construction

Every building in the Expert Range is constructed using our premium Tongue and Groove cladding. This timber panelling is constructed to interlock together using tongue and groove elements, which has a huge number of advantages.

Exterior of pent workshop on a white background

First, the interlocking panels create an extremely tight exterior seal which works effectively to stop water ingress and provide a base level of insulation for the building. Second, tongue and groove boards actually provide an extra layer of structural support to the building with their locked designs.

Oh and, last but definitely not least, their unique design gives their buildings a completely smooth, extremely attractive flat wooden exterior that you won’t find with other types of cladding. Tongue and Groove panels make our Expert Buildings stronger, more resilient, and more attractive – a combination that is hard to beat!

Oh, and it’s worth mentioning that we provide a 10-year protective guarantee on all our tongue and groove buildings!

Customisable Designs

Get the wooden building you’ve always dreamed of with the customisable options available on all of our Expert range products. As well as offering many of our expert buildings in a range of sizes, we offer the following options on our Expert buildings so you can construct a Shed or Workshop that has the features you need:

  • Pressure Treatment – get a building that lasts longer with our pressure treatment option which inserts chemical preservatives into the wood to keep it stronger for longer.
  • Window and Windowless – choose between airy windowed sheds or secure windowless buildings.
  • Shelving – get practical vertical storage in a pinch with our shelving additions that even let you choose how many shelves you want.
  • Adaptable door placement – choose where the doors of your Expert building are placed and create a configuration that works for you and your building.

Expert Corner Workshop with double doors open

Always Accessible

Enter, exit, and move items in and out of your building with ease thanks to the wide-opening double doors that are built in as standard on all of our Expert models other than the Mini Expert Pent Store.

The double doors provide great accessibility and open up a range of options for what you can store inside it and even how you use it from one day to the next – for example, if you’re using your Expert building as a workshop.

The combination of these great features makes our Expert Buildings truly one of a kind. To show you how these features make for a really practical building, let’s take a look at the different ways you can use them.

Windowless wooden workshop shed with all doors open and tools stored inside

Expert Range Uses

This range of customer-favourite buildings really excels when it comes to getting a building that you can use in the way you want. 


Clearing up your garden and keeping it tidy can be difficult without the means to keep it organised. That’s where our Expert buildings come in – with their spacious designs, they’re perfect for storing a huge variety of objects.

Store everything from an entire garden furniture set or your family’s bikes to a collection of garden and power tools – or even use an expert workshop to provide extra storage for items from your home. You can make the most of your space and get storage in the corner of your garden with the Expert Corner Shed model.


Interior of Expert Pent Workshop with tools and workbench

Let your love of DIY or your hobby go wild with the dedicated workshop or studio space provided by the Expert Workshop models. Spacious, versatile, and extremely robust, these large garden buildings give you everything you need to fix, mend, build and get creative.

Multipurpose Shed

Or, perhaps you’re looking for something that does a bit of everything? The Expert range can do that, too! A classic garden shed doesn’t just provide your garden with storage or hobby space, it gives you that and more. Whether that includes a spot to keep your plants safe in winter, a little spot to sit with some peace and quiet – or whatever else you want from your shed.

Expert Buildings

An Expert For You

Whatever you’re looking for in a functional garden building, you’ll find a model that can do the job right in the Expert Range. Get a shed, workshop, storage unit and more from one of our amazing models. To find the building you’ve been searching for, click the button below and explore the collection!

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