5 Surprising Bike Storage Solutions

Tired of struggling to find the right bike storage shed? We’ve got you covered with smart ideas that go beyond the usual options. Read on, make the most of your space, and say goodbye to clutter!

1. Vertical wall mounts

A bike stored vertically in a piece of furniture for your bicycle and accessories.

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Maximise both floor space and aesthetics through vertical wall mounts for your bikes. These mounts serve a dual purpose: 1.) providing secure storage and 2.) transforming your bicycle into a functional piece of wall art.

To optimise this solution, position the mounts at eye level to accentuate the bike’s design. Ensure that the wall is sturdy enough to support the weight. Plus, invest in high-quality mounts with adjustable arms to accommodate different bike sizes. Additionally, align the mounts with the overall decor of the room for a harmonious blend.

This approach declutters your living space while adding a touch of contemporary flair. It simply makes your bike a stylish focal point in any room.

2. Under-stair storage

Unlock the potential of an underutilised space with under-stair bike storage! Customise the space with a purpose-built rack or sturdy hooks. To maximise efficiency, measure your bicycle’s dimensions and plan the storage layout. In essence, you need to ensure a secure fit.

Consider incorporating additional hooks or shelves for biking accessories like helmets and locks. Opt for lighting solutions to enhance visibility in this confined space. A fresh coat of paint can transform the storage area into an attractive focal point.

This idea adds a touch of design ingenuity to an otherwise overlooked area in your home.

3. Bookshelf-style storage

A brown bike leaning on a brown bookshelf case

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This ingenious dual-purpose solution marries practicality with style. It conceals your bike within the shelves while adding a touch of finesse to your living space.

To start, select a bookshelf with adjustable shelves to accommodate various bike sizes. Create a designated section, ensuring easy access without compromising the overall aesthetic. Consider installing discreet mounts or brackets for added stability. Enhance the visual appeal by coordinating the bike colour with the bookshelf.

With this smart storage solution, you can free up valuable space. At the same time, you transform your bike into a curated element of your home.

4. Ceiling hoists

Bikes stored in DIY sliding racks

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Rethink your outdoor bike storage strategy with the use of ceiling hoists. Ideal for rooms with high ceilings, these hoists enable you to suspend your bike overhead. They liberate precious floor space, taking functionality to new heights — literally.

To carry this out, ensure the hoist is compatible with your bike’s weight and dimensions. Install the hoist directly above a designated storage area to facilitate easy access. Consider using labels or coloured tags to distinguish multiple bikes if needed. Prioritise safety by checking the hoist’s weight capacity and secure installation.

5. Furniture with built-in storage

Revolutionise your living space by choosing furniture that goes beyond aesthetics. In short, it is a piece that doubles as a smart bike storage solution. Select multi-functional pieces like an outdoor storage bench or a storage box. These versatile options provide a secure and weather-resistant storeroom for your two wheels.

To make the most of this method, your furniture dimensions must fit your bike size and weight. Ensure easy access by opting for designs with accessible compartments or racks. Integrate these pieces into your existing decor, complementing your home. For added convenience, choose furniture with additional storage for biking accessories.

Smart Tips

With these tips, you can ensure the effectiveness of your chosen outdoor bike storage. Even better, enhance the longevity and functionality of your cherished bicycles.

Installation precision

When setting up whatever mounting option you choose, ensure precise installation. Use a level to guarantee straight mounting and secure anchors for stability. Follow manufacturer guidelines closely for optimal performance.

Customisations for fit

Tailor your storage solutions to your specific bike. Adjust racks, hooks, or shelves to accommodate the dimensions of your bicycle. This customisation ensures a snug fit while enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Regular maintenance routine

Implement a regular maintenance routine for your chosen storage method. Check for any signs of wear, tighten screws or bolts as needed, and inspect for potential issues. This proactive approach ensures longevity and reliability.

Accessory organisation

Designate spaces for biking accessories within your storage solution. Helmets, locks, and other gear can be put on the shelves, hooks, or compartments for easy access.


Transforming bike storage can be both practical and stylish. Regardless of your choice, these solutions offer space efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Enjoy the convenience of these ideas that not only declutter but also showcase your bike in a new light.

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