15 Gardening Companion Apps You Need to Download Now

By now, you must already know that gardening has everything you need to instantly transform a crappy day into one that revolves around poppy blossoms, dainty chrysanthemums, and nicely-grown magnolias. All it takes to turn a hopelessly humdrum afternoon 180 degrees is a nice batch of seeds you can grow in your plant bed or well-maintained greenhouse and tend until harvest time.

Gardening provides a therapeutic activity that can also branch out into a bigger system of other benefits—it’s relaxing, it serves as a form of exercise, and hey, you get to have a handful of fruits, vegetables, or flowers during the harvest season!

The Catch

The thing about gardening is that not all are born with a green thumb. It sucks to be one of those who think that gardening’s fun but seem to have a hard time growing even a single seed.

Luckily, gone are the days when people would mull over their gardening skills—or the lack of gardening skills—as different technological advancements have surfaced to make maintaining vegetable gardens heaps easier.

It may come as a surprise to you but gardening and technology are two different fields but they can effortlessly go together and help you get a desirable yield. There are a bunch of mobile apps—free and paid—that can ease up your gardening activities.

We have compiled for you a list of the best and most helpful mobile apps for when you’d like to venture into the great earth art that is gardening.

1. Garden Squared

With a 2.8 rating on Google Play, this garden app helps you plan and track 1 x 1-foot gardens, container gardens, as well as raised beds. This is a great gardening tool as it lets you save the details of each plot and allows you to write journal entries for easy tracking.

Price: Free

2. The Plant Doctor

Gardening doesn’t end once you have planted the seeds. That’s only a small portion done. What is more taxing is when the seeds start to grow and develop a few health conditions.

You’re lucky because we’ve found the right app for you. The Plant Doctor is your go-to mobile application when it comes to identifying the marks on the leaves or the discolouration your plants seem to undergo.

This free app lists the 32 most common plant diseases and provides doctor-approved treatments. So the next time you think your plants seem to be a little less healthy than how they should be, you can head straight to your home screen and simply load the app up.

Price: £2.29

3. Garden Plan Pro

Successful gardening requires proper planning and preparation. Garden Plan Pro helps you prepare your garden layout and simulate the arrangement of your plants.

The app also allows you to add blocks and rows and see how many plants can fit. It also comes pre-loaded with information on over 190 plant types from various suppliers.

If you’d like to start having your own vegetable garden in place without having to go through the crazy stuff—and gardening doesn’t have to be crazy—then this gardening app is a perfect fit.

Price: £5.99

4. Bugs and Insects

A gardener’s greatest nightmare would have to be the creepy-crawlies that pester his plants. The presence of bugs and insects makes gardening challenging. But the thing is that not all insects are completely harmful, especially if we’re talking about bees, butterflies, and other insects that help in the pollination process.

To help you identify which ones to keep around and those that need clearing away, you might want to download the Bugs and Insects app. The app lists down over 5000 images of bugs and insects and comes with information about them.

The other good thing about this app is you can browse through the images even when you’re offline. With the information you have on hand, dealing with flightless creatures and insects alike comes pretty easy.

Price: £0.79

5. Landscaper’s Companion

To say that this app offers massive information on gardening is to understate it. The Landscaper’s Companion app provides you with details on over 26,000 plants all organised under 17 categories.

If you’d like to have access to an advanced gardening database, one that is information-heavy, then this app is a great fit. It covers plants commonly sown in North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The app also provides helpful information such as sun exposure, water usage, and growth rate.

Price: £9.99

6. Botany Buddy

Botany can be fun, depending on how you go about it. And you can easily make it many times better than when you do it instinctively by having a trusty guide on hand. And what better way to do just that than by installing the Botany Buddy app. Focusing mainly on trees and shrubs, this gardening app lists down information on over 1,300 plant species, making planting any trees and shrubs of your choosing relatively easier and more refined.

Price: Free

7. iScape

Successful gardening requires proper landscaping. This is the first step to achieving a healthy and dense yield. If you don’t have any landscaper yet or have one but want to have something to keep yourself in-the-know, then you’d definitely consider installing the iScape app.

Used primarily in coming up with an effective and strategic garden design, this app provides you with a great landscaping platform calibrated with user-friendly technology. The app lets you simulate your garden using virtual tools. Its drag and drop feature allows you to easily come up with your garden layout, making the succeeding steps more efficient as you have a clear plan right from the start.

The app comes pre-installed with useful design tools such as a camera that allows you to take photos and set them as the background of the layout, a texture tool that lets you manipulate the ground cover design with options ranging from grass, mulch, pavers, stones, among others things.

Price: £19.99

8. Leafsnap UK

Originally created to cater to plants in the eastern section of the United States, this app now has a UK-specific version. The app serves as a virtual identification system for over 156 plant varieties found across the UK.

It makes use of a visual ID technology to identify the trees based on the pictures of their leaves. The database houses a collection of high-res images of leaves, flowers, fruits, needles, seeds, and bark and comes with helpful information on the plants, easily making it a reliable gardening resource. The best thing about it is that it’s for free!

Price: Free

9. Mother Earth News

This app introduces you to a great deal of DIY and How-To resources about gardening topics ranging from organic planting, renewable energy, green transportation and building practices as well as modern homesteading.

It serves as an expansive library of useful gardening information that can help you with your modern-day gardening woes. All these and more you can have access to for free!

Price: Free

10. Sprout It

There’s nothing like a dependable gardening resource. If you’d like to go for a do-it-all app that will help you with your gardening ventures from start to finish, then Sprout It might be what you need. The app acts as a library of the most common plant varieties that you can successfully sow depending on your location.

It also provides you with climate-focused sowing information, allowing you to schedule your plantings especially during the big frost season. The app also has easy-to-understand information on the best practices when it comes to taking care of your plants, plant-specific information, tips, and real-time updates on the status of your plants.

Another nice feature of this app is it also allows you to come up with illustrations of your garden, therefore helping you virtually track your garden. The app also helps you decide what to do with your harvest as it comes pre-loaded with delicious recipes and cooking ideas.

Price: Free

11. Perennial Match

Perennial plants are those that can live for more than two years; they are usually easier to maintain than other plant types.

They require less water and can grow continually. The Perennial Match app gives you access to over 240 perennial plants with zoomable images and insightful information that goes with each picture.

The app also allows you to select plants for your combos with different filter settings such as sun and water requirements, hardiness zone, height, bloom colours and season, drought tolerant among other things.

Price: Around £3.30

12. Garden Compass Plant-Pest Identification and Garden Care

This helpful app provides you with expert advice by connecting you to their in-house garden experts. With over 50 horticulturalists on their team, you get to have access to their expert services that work using credits.

You get free identifications on your first try and acquire one each month. Also, you have the option to buy credits or share the app with your friends to earn credits. Plus, can have your plant or pest concerns identified and addressed by sending photos.

You can also track the status of your plants and get notifications by adding them to your “My Garden” section. The service’s strong suit is it addresses the concerns raised in a localized manner. The means that you are getting information from an expert who is well aware of your area.

Price: Free to download; first three identifications are free and the rest are gained through credits.

13. Veronica’s Garden Tracker

One of the most important parts of gardening is tracking progress. From the time your plants are sown, up to the harvest season, coming up with an organised tracking system is key to having a denser yield.

With Veronica’s Garden Tracker app, you get to visually plan your garden and record all the necessary details of the whole process. It allows you to keep track of what you’ve done and where you’re headed.

This way, you are able to review the whole process and determine the necessary actions that need applying to improve your crops. The app helps you track milestone dates allowing you to compare the progress from a specific point to the next.

Price: £1.49

14. Essential Garden Guide

This app provides you with information on over 30 common vegetables and 8 easy-to-grow vegetables you can have right in your garden. It covers basic and in-depth information on planting and harvesting tips, proper plant care, and common plant diseases.

The Essential Garden Guide app is perfect for novices and professionals alike as it connects you to a great deal of garden knowledge and essentials.

Price: £1.49

15. Garden Answers

This app is similar to the Leafsnap application, only better. The Garden Answers app serves as a database for over 20,000 plants and comes pre-loaded with information-rich details about them.

Its simple point-and-click interface makes browsing through the app a breeze. The app also comes with information on common plant diseases and infestation that can be accessed by simply keying search terms into the app’s easy-to-use keyword search feature. Similar to the Leafsnap app, Garden Answers can be installed for free.

Price: Free