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5 x 7 BillyOh.com Summer Houses

We have a number of 5 x 7 billyoh.com summer houses available, starting from £339 to £1059

  • TRADITIONAL Summerhouse design
  • High QUALITY Tongue and Groove
  • STRONGER Construction
  • Available in MULTIPLE SIZES
From £339.00
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Available in 14 sizes

Size Price
8 x 10

£589.00 | view product

10 x 10

£649.00 | view product

12 x 10

£709.00 | view product

16 x 10

£885.00 | view product

Size Price
20 x 10

£1,059.00 | view product

Size Price
6 x 8

£425.00 | view product

8 x 8

£499.00 | view product

10 x 8

£569.00 | view product

12 x 8

£689.00 | view product

Size Price
5 x 7

£339.00 | view product

7 x 7

£415.00 | view product

10 x 7

£545.00 | view product

Size Price
5 x 5

£245.00 | view product

7 x 5

£319.00 | view product

Relax in a home away from home, or at least in your back garden, in a new summerhouse, which also doubles up as a good storage shed in the winter when you might not want to sit outside so much and your barbeque needs a good place to hide from the snow and rain. Long summer days turning in to balmy summer evenings and you’re stuck inside because you haven’t got a summerhouse.
Our large range of summer houses will allow you to enjoy the summer and sunny days at home in your garden in comfort and style. The range itself has a summerhouse for most tastes and budgets and covers traditional summerhouses and more contemporary summer house designs, such as the BillyOh Sun Room Summerhouse and even a summerhouse that fits a specific requirement in your garden like a corner summer house. Summer houses UK exude a unique look that transcends across different social classes and design philosophies. Our garden summer houses when furnished with our equally-functional and stylish furniture sets make for fantastic sanctuaries that lie right in the heart of your garden. From cheap summer houses to the fancier ones, our summer buildings are the closest thing you can get to a fantastic island getaway or a long trip down the countryside. Except that the former’s a great investment you can enjoy for many years. For a detailed explanation about summer houses have a look at our summerhouse buyer’s guide. If you want to take an even more luxurious step think about the BillyOh Pathfinder Sportsman Log Cabin or another within our log cabin range as they make excellent summer houses too.
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