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5 x 7 BillyOh.com Summer Houses

We have a number of 5 x 7 billyoh.com summer houses available, starting from £339 to £1059

  • TRADITIONAL Summerhouse design
  • High QUALITY Tongue and Groove
  • STRONGER Construction
  • Available in MULTIPLE SIZES
  • Base Coat Treated for Transit
From £339.00
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Available in 14 sizes

Size Price
8 x 10

£589.00 | view product

10 x 10

£649.00 | view product

12 x 10

£709.00 | view product

16 x 10

£885.00 | view product

Size Price
20 x 10

£1,059.00 | view product

Size Price
6 x 8

£425.00 | view product

8 x 8

£499.00 | view product

10 x 8

£569.00 | view product

12 x 8

£689.00 | view product

Size Price
5 x 7

£339.00 | view product

7 x 7

£415.00 | view product

10 x 7

£545.00 | view product

Size Price
5 x 5

£245.00 | view product

7 x 5

£319.00 | view product

Relax in a home away from home, or at least in your back garden, in a new summerhouse, which also doubles as a good storage shed in the winter when you do not want to sit outside so much and your BBQ needs a good place to hide from the snow and rain. Long summer days turning into balmy summer evenings and you’re stuck inside because you haven’t got a summer house.

You need not worry because our large range of UK summer houses will allow you to enjoy sunny days at home in your backyard in comfort and style. Our range features a selection of quality garden rooms fit for most tastes and budgets and cover corner, traditional, and more contemporary designs. Summer houses UK exude a unique look that transcends across different social classes and design philosophies.

Built using high-quality timber and held together using popular and secure cladding technologies and board systems, our log cabin summerhouses allow you to make the most of your backyard area particularly granting you the opportunity to spend more time with your loved ones during your precious days off work.

Garden Buildings Direct is just not another online store that's trying to sell products. We help you improve your home and garden, eventually letting you lead a better and more fun outdoor lifestyle. Our summerhouse buildings are your great way to turn this into a reality.

We offer a large range of size options you can choose from, so no matter the size of your outdoor space or however complex your needs are, there's surely an option for you. With different roof styles such as alpine, traditional, curved, or modern, you get to make your outdoor living space everyone's envy. Gift your kids with a games or entertainment room, set up a hosting room for unexpected guests, or simply have a peaceful retreat to doze off in. There are plenty of ways to maximise the use of our log cabin retreats.

The buildings that we offer are more than just an extension to your home. Because, in reality, the summer rooms that we manufacture and continue to improve mark a place that doesn't only use up a portion of your outdoor area but also reflects your personality or your family's core as a whole. Invest in one of our outdoor structures once and enjoy its benefits for many years.

Our garden summer houses when furnished with our equally-functional and stylish furniture sets make for fantastic sanctuaries that lie right in the heart of your garden. From affordable variants to the fancier ones, our summer buildings are the closest thing you can get to a fantastic island getaway or a long trip down the countryside. Except that the former’s a great investment and something you can be proud of. For a detailed explanation about our products, have a look at our buyer’s guide and take a tour at our expansive list of products you can choose from.

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