8 Wooden Garage Benefits: Why Buy a Wooden Garage?

When it comes to the perfect storage solutions, wooden outdoor buildings such as log cabins are often the most popular pick by most homeowners in the UK. Similarly, wooden garages are no exception are are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, there are a number of wooden garage benefits!

Wooden garages are known for their versatility, accessibility, and highly pleasing aesthetic design. It’s no wonder that they’ve grown in popularity over the past few years. 

In this article, we’re going to talk about why a wooden garage may be the best storage option for you.

A Dream for Car Owners/Lovers

If you own a car and want to minimise any harm which could occur to it, thus ensuring it can be used for years to come, then a wooden garage is ideal. 

Just like any other garage, a wooden garage is guaranteed to protect your vehicles from harsh weather conditions, whilst also presenting a safer option than parking on a road or driveway. This may even help in reducing your car maintenance costs as your vehicle is less likely to be stolen; meaning lower insurance.

Thanks to the protection that a wooden garage provides, it will likely increase the lifespan of your vehicle.

But what exactly makes it the best choice? If you want to make sure that you’re choosing the right garage for your vehicles and garden/DIY supplies, then there’s no harm in doing some research. But the good thing is, we already did the homework for you!

We present to you the brilliant benefits of a wooden garage.

wooden garage benefits

Wooden Garage Benefits: No. 1 – Natural Insulator

Wooden garages are the more traditional choice. Unlike their concrete and metal counterparts, timber is a natural insulator due to the air pockets within its cellular structure. 

According to Make It Wood, a wooden structure is 15 times better as an insulator than masonry, 400 times better than steel, and 1,770 times better than aluminium.

So, if you’re looking for a storage area which you and your vehicles will be able to spend a lot of time in, especially during the colder months, then a wooden garage can be your best bet! Compared to metal or concrete garages, it will be much warmer in a timber garage during the wintertime. 

Wooden Garage Benefits: No. 2 – Aesthetically Pleasing

Timber can be easily customised or painted to suit the style of your garden. In fact, most households consider wood garages more attractive than steel or concrete varieties.

With a timber garage, there are more styles, finishes and colours from which to choose! Plus, these type of outdoor buildings blend seamlessly into a garden setting, providing a natural look.

The only downside is that they can be vulnerable to rot, and mildew, but these concerns can be comfortably solved by simply applying a wood treatment or preservative. Easy peasy!

Luckily, our wooden garage – the Aston Wooden Garage – includes pressure treatment, meaning no such concerns surrounding rot, mould or weather damage are required.

  • Pressure-Treatment – This kind of treatment involves blasting wood with protective treatment before the timber is stacked and left to dry. This process offers not only maximum penetration, but also provides longer-lasting protection than a dip-treating alternative.
BillyOh Aston Pressure Treated Garage
BillyOh Aston Pressure Treated Garage

Wooden Garage Benefits: No. 3 – Easy to Assemble

Given the material, wooden garages are considered the easiest type of garage to construct in any garden setting. They certainly represent less of a challenge than the brick counterpart. 

Even better, if you purchase one from us, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive assembly manual to make sure that you’ll never go wrong during the installation process, even if you’re building it by yourself.

Wooden Garage Benefits: No. 4 – Low Maintenance/Easy to Repair

Another wooden garage advantage is that they’re easy to repair. It’s more convenient and less arduous to restore a section of timber which is broken, because all you have to do is replace the damaged part with another piece of wood.

Most builders are more familiar with wood construction methods. Erecting a wooden garage doesn’t require any specialised tools.

In addition, wooden garages can be easily spruced up when they loses their varnish, stain, or paint after a few years. You can refinish or repaint the wood in any colour you like. Trust us; your wooden garage will look as good as new with just a simple coat of paint on its exterior.

Tip: Practice proper wood maintenance to avoid the need for any replacement.

Wooden Garage Benefits: No. 5 – Multi-functional

As with any other garden buildings, such as sheds, log cabins and summerhouses, wooden garages can be more than just a mere storage area for your vehicles. The possibilities are endless when it comes to transforming your timber garage into a place where you can relax, store garden tools and bikes, or perform DIY projects.

If you love to to paint or build things, a wooden garage can be your hobby room! Perhaps a gym where you can do your workout routines without any disturbance? No problem. 

You could even have your own office where you can work and finish your admin tasks with fewer distractions. This option represents a quieter and comfortable environment than your house, and one with no travel costs.

wooden garages are multi-functional

Wooden Garage Benefits: No. 6 – Strength and Durability

Timber also features an unbelievable amount of strength that will endure a lifetime if quality materials are used and maintained consistently throughout the years. As we mentioned before, wood should be treated for water rot, termites, and sun damage.

Nevertheless, wooden garages, are exceptionally durable. They’re guaranteed to withstand Britain’s temperamental weather, including snow, frost and heatwaves.

Wooden Garage Benefits: No. 7 – Eco-friendly

Since wooden garages are natural insulator, they hold up heat better during the colder months. The cellular structure also limits its capacity to conduct heat, which keeps the interior cooler during the summer months.

Both of these features; limiting the need for artificial heating or cooling—they make a wooden garage a more eco-friendly option. Not only that but as a naturally-occurring material, timber also helps in removing and storing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

wooden garages are eco-friendly

Wooden Garage Benefits: No. 8 – Excellent Quality

In addition to timber garages being durable and solid, they’re also made out of high-quality wooden materials that are guaranteed to last for several years. Here at Garden Buildings Direct, we use the highest spec, European sourced timber available, to make sure that we’re providing our customers with a product which is built to last.

Wooden Garage Maintenance Tips

To ensure your wooden garage remains in great shape for as long as possible, thorough and immediate care is highly recommended. You may apply an exterior wood paint, stain, or treatment to protect your shed against the harsh elements.

Luckily, our wooden garage – the BillyOh Aston Garage – comes pressure-treated as standard, meaning no such urgency is required. When buying this product, you can be safe in the knowledge that your wooden garage will last for years to come.