Are Aluminium Gates the Best Choice? (Pros and Cons Guide)

Gates are usually the first thing people see when looking at a house.

This is true for current and prospective homeowners as well as intruders. So what do your gates say about you?

Iron gates give off a sense of security and elegance. Whereas, wooden gates have a lovely rustic feel to them. But these materials come with some big problems. And two of the biggest are maintenance and deterioration.

So join us after the jump for a quick guide about why aluminium gates are top dog. 

For now, let’s start simple. 

What are Aluminium Gates?

Aluminium gates can be:

  • Driveway gates
  • Pedestrian gates
  • Side entrance gates
  • Garden gates

made from slats of reinforced aluminium. Aluminium itself is a lightweight, highly functional material. It’s used in everything from cars to planes and even mobile phones! 

And aluminium gates are in demand as an alternative to heavy metal and wooden gates. So what is it that’s so great about aluminium gates?

Why Choose Aluminium Gates?

At a glance, you should think about buying aluminium gates because:

  1. Aluminium is Strong
  2. Aluminium Gates are Lightweight
  3. Aluminium is Durable
  4. Aluminium Gates are Reasonably Priced
  5. Aluminium is Low Maintenance
  6. Aluminium is Weather-resistant
  7. Aluminium Gates are Modern and Elegant

Aluminium can offer an attractive alternative to traditional gates. And it’s not just the price tag that’s encouraging consumers. There are a ton of positive aspects to aluminium gates that mean they’re a great long-term investment.

Let’s have a look in more depth at the 7 pros of aluminium gates.

Grid of aluminium bars by Pascal Treichler

1. Aluminium Gates are Strong 

For a start, aluminium gates are deceptively strong. Despite being so lightweight, reinforced aluminium has a high strength to weight ratio.

This means that one of the main reasons for buying heavy wood or metal gates – i.e. strength, doesn’t really hold up. Granted, aluminium isn’t as strong as steel but paired with the other pros on this list, it’s a category killer!

2. Aluminium Gates are Lightweight

We said that it’s light, but just how light?

Well, aluminium is 2.5-3 times lighter than steel and iron! Ok, but what does that mean for your aluminium garden gate?

What is means is you’ll get all the security that an aluminium gate offers as well as it being:

  • Easier and cheaper to install due to handling
  • Easier and cheaper to run on an electric motor (and it won’t need an expensive system)
  • Easier to open 

And aside from the savings, these all make an aluminium gate safer to operate. This is especially good if you’ve got kids. If they’re jumping out to open driveway gates or retrieving wayward footballs, this is a real must.

Plus, you can pat yourself on the back as well as on the wallet. That’s because a light gate only requires a smaller motor to open it. And that makes for a more economical electronic opener and an eco-friendly solution.

3. Aluminium Gates are Durable

If you can maintain a garden gate without ever getting a scratch, more’s the power to you!

But for the rest of us, dings and scratches are part and parcel of owning a set of gates. The good news is that aluminium gates and fences are pre-treated with powder coating. This makes them exceptionally durable. And even small nicks and dents can be easily fixed.

Plus, their joints are more likely to perform better over time. Just think about it – with wooden gates you’ll have to treat the wood and the metal joints!

4. Aluminium Gates are Reasonably Priced

With us reeling off all these positives, aluminium gates are starting to sound pricey.

Luckily for you, though, they start at a similar price point to wooden gates. So there isn’t even much of an argument for wooden gates being cheaper.

For example, our BillyOh Nova powder-coated aluminium pedestrian gates start at just £249.

5. Aluminum Gates are Low Maintenance

In number 3, we said that aluminium was durable and easily fixed. But the real winner here is that you might not even have to fix your gates.

For example, you won’t need to re-stain or repaint aluminium gates like you’ll have to with iron and wood. That’s because powder-coating isn’t just for weather resistance. It’s also for style. Paint is fused into the aluminium so maintenance jobs like painting are off the cards!

All you need to do is wash and wipe it every so often. And if you want to learn more about maintaining and caring for your aluminium gates – check out this guide.

6. Aluminium Gates are Weather-resistant

Granted, aluminium isn’t quite as strong as steel. But the powder coating gives aluminium gates anti-corrosion properties. This means that they retain their finish.

Plus, aluminium metal doesn’t become brittle in cold weather. Wooden gates, though, can warp and rot in these kinds of conditions.

So, whether you’re going for a metal driveway gate or a pedestrian gate, you won’t have to do too much maintenance.

Bare aluminium will form a natural oxide layer. This gives it some resistance against corrosion. But by powder-coating an aluminium gate, we can prevent this low level of oxidisation. At the same time, powder-coating creates a seal against water and air exposure.

Powder-coating is where a coating of fine powder is applied to the metal by charging it with an electric current. This then forms into a protective cover that’s resistant to weather and corrosion.

7. Aluminium Gates are Modern and Elegant

And if you’re worried about compromising on design, then we’re here to put your mind at rest.

If you’re set on wooden gates you can even buy imitation wood-stain aluminium gates. But here at GBD, we think that our black powder-coating provides a sleek and modern touch to our gates.

Plus, designs like our Click A garden gate feature a useful see-through slat design. This is great for maintaining security and privacy whilst being able to see who you’re opening your door to.

So there you have it. 7 reasons off the top of our heads why aluminium gates are a great choice!

Aluminium gates come will the pros of iron and wood, like strength and durability. But they feature little to none of the downsides of those types of gates. If you want a modern look with a future proof garden or driveway gate then aluminium’s your best bet!

So before we leave you, let’s just look at why aluminium gates excel in all 7areas no matter where you put them.

BillyOh Click B double aluminium driveway gate in powder-coated back hung from two patterned gate posts

Aluminium Driveway Gates

If you’re thinking about adding heavy driveway gates to your property, think again.

The two main reasons people want driveway gates are privacy and security. But you don’t have to have a two-tonne iron gate to keep people out!

Aluminium gates can provide privacy without putting pressure on hinges and electronic openers. Plus, their sleek powder-coated finish can add serious kerbside appeal to your property!

Aluminium Garden Gates

We all want our garden and pedestrian gates to keep our family in and the world out. That’s why you might think about opting for a metal garden gate with a heavy-duty hinge.

But a simple, black powder-coated side gate can still be imposing to intruders. And just think, what if your side entrance is out in the elements? Well, with an aluminium gate you can be sure that it won’t wear and rust in harsh weather.

So whether you want to update to aluminium gates for the price point or the elegant look, you’ll be happy.

Aluminium is a weather-resistant material that’s lightweight and durable. Pair that with powder-coating and you have a new garden gate that’s built for year-round use.

Find the fit for you with an aluminium double driveway gate or a single aluminium side gate. Whatever you pick, you can buy in the confidence that you’re getting a sturdy product. And a product that’s easy to install and maintain!

As for the cons of aluminium gates, we really can’t think of any. Their price point is competitive to that of wooden gates. They offer the strength and security of wrought iron gates. And yet, they’re much longer-lasting and easier to take care of.

So what’re you waiting for? We hope we’ve illuminated aluminium for you.

And if you’re buying aluminium gates to keep pets in check out our top tips for dog-proofing your garden.

Shop Aluminium Gates


It depends if you’re looking at double aluminium driveway gates or a pedestrian gate. For example, our BillyOh Nova aluminium pedestrian gates start at just £249.

Aluminium gates are both durable and lightweight. They offer the best of strong iron and steel gates. All whilst being easy to manoeuvre and install. This is because slats of reinforced aluminium have a high strength to weight ratio.

The gates can be easily fixed to walls or metal posts using the included expansion screws and swivel. There are full assembly instructions included to make installation as easy as possible.

Gate can be hung either way round. This way, you can decide which way you would like the gate to swing. This will also let you decide which side you would want the handle to be on.

Our manufacturer's warranty will cover the gate for 1 year for technical problems. Any damage caused by the user will not be covered. Due to the strong aluminium construction of our gates, they have an estimated useful life of 10 years. This makes them much more resilient than traditional wooden gates.

Gates are packed into one package with honeycomb packing to protect the product. They are then delivered disassembled, The product comes with full installation instructions so it’s simple to install. Still, it’s recommended that 2 people work together on the installation.