How to Organise a Potting Shed Interior – 10 Tricks and Ideas

Welcome to our guide on transforming your potting shed into a well-organised haven! Here, our experts unveil ten ideas to elevate your gardening retreat’s functionality. From optimising space to enhancing storage solutions, we’ll delve into the key tricks, so read on!

1. Ergonomic potting table

Folding potting table

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An essential for every gardening shed is a well-designed potting table. Opt for a table at a comfortable working height, minimising strain. Look for one with raised sides to contain soil and prevent spills, keeping your shed tidy. Consider adding a shelf or drawers for convenient tool storage. This functional table will help enhance your gardening experience and streamline your workspace.

2. Smart storage bins

Sterilite Storage Bins, Walmart,

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Swap plastic bags for sturdy lidded bins to organise compost and sand efficiently. Place them under your work surface, ensuring easy access during potting sessions. Opt for transparent or labelled bins for quick identification of contents. This not only keeps your wood shed clutter-free but also ensures that your planting materials are within arm’s reach.

Invest in durable bins that can withstand the elements. Smart storage is key to a well-organised planting shed, making every task a breeze!

3. Efficient tool storage

DIY garden tool rack

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Create an organised oasis by installing hooks or racks to hang your garden tools, such as:

  • forks
  • spades
  • loppers
  • rake
  • brooms
  • hoses

Optimise space by arranging these hooks vertically or horizontally. This not only ensures a tidy workspace but also extends the life of your tools by keeping them off the ground. Consider a designated tool wall or corner to streamline your gardening routine. With easy access and proper storage, your tools will always be at hand.

4. Abundant pot collection

Clay pot in various sizes

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Elevate your potting shed’s functionality by maintaining an ample supply of pots. A variety of sizes and materials ensures you’re ready for any planting endeavour. Terracotta, plastic, or fabric pots offer versatility for different plants.

Organise them by size or type for quick access. Consider a designated potting bench or shelf to keep them within arm’s reach. With a well-stocked pot inventory, you’ll be well-prepared for every planting project.

5. Functional wall shelves

Potting shed interior with large open windows and skylight

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Maximise storage in your wooden shed with a wall of shelves. Beyond pots, they provide an organised haven for smaller items and various tools. Categorise and arrange items systematically, ensuring easy access and a clutter-free environment. Opt for adjustable shelves to accommodate varying container sizes.

Transform your space into an efficient hub where everything has its place. Invest in quality shelves for a well-organised and visually appealing potting shed.

6. Practical potting sink

Upgrade your potting shed with a functional water source. An old sink that comfortably accommodates pots and watering cans will do the job. This feature ensures convenient access to water for your gardening tasks. Choose a sink with a sturdy faucet, facilitating easy filling and cleaning. Install it at a comfortable height for potting convenience.

The sink also aids in maintaining cleanliness within your shed. Consider connecting it to a water supply or installing a catchment system.

7. Strategic pot storage

Clay pots in a box tray

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Once you’ve amassed spare pots, efficient storage is key for optimal organisation. Repurpose old fruit cases or dedicated pot racks to keep your pots neatly arranged. Storing pots vertically prevents clutter and allows for easy visibility and access. Label or categorise them by size for quick identification. Doing so also ensures your pots remain in good condition. Utilise vertical space wisely to create a well-organised and visually pleasing storage solution!

8. Garden trug addition

Store containers like baskets, bags, and trugs in a space-efficient manner. Use overhead storage by hanging them from the roof beams or trusses. This prevents clutter on the floor, allowing for easy navigation and access. Opt for sturdy hooks or a designated storage system to keep these containers secure. By maximising vertical space, you can make the most out of your small potting shed.

9. Essential staging table

BillyOh Planthouse Tongue and Groove Apex Potting Shed
BillyOh Planthouse Tongue and Groove Apex Potting Shed

Ensure there’s a staging table, particularly if natural sunlight is limited. It provides a dedicated space for nurturing plants in an environment with no windows. Opt for a sturdy, weather-resistant table that accommodates various plant sizes. Position it strategically to receive the best available light. Consider adding adjustable shelves for multi-level staging.

This essential item not only aids in plant care but also serves as a practical workspace. A well-designed table can also offer a versatile surface for all your gardening needs.

10. Personal touches for comfort

Adding creature comforts can transform it into a welcoming retreat. For instance, incorporate a radio for a pleasant ambience. Or a cosy chair if space allows and an electric or traditional kettle for hot drinks on stormy days. These touches can help you create a personalised haven for your gardening pursuits. Make the space uniquely yours. A place where you can unwind and find solace in the midst of your green-fingered endeavours.


Organising your potting shed is the key to a seamless gardening experience. Each essential in this list contributes to a well-ordered and efficient space. Don’t forget the personal touches that make it uniquely yours. With these tricks, your potting shed can evolve into a haven of productivity and comfort.

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