7 Effective Organisation Ideas for a Clutter-Free Potting Shed

Potting sheds can get messy over time. With all those spare pots scattered on the floor and packs of fertiliser piled in corners, to name a few. And don’t even mention the gardening strewn about without a proper storage spot!

Luckily for you, your potting shed doesn’t have to stay in that chaotic state. Take advantage of these organisation tips and ideas to keep things neat and tidy. Ready?

1. Put up a potting bench

Folding potting table

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A potting bench offers the best spot to pot plants, trim flowers, and keep gardening supplies on hand. It’s a charming addition to your potting shed, whether you have ample space or just a tiny corner.

If you’re thinking of a DIY approach, plan a layout with ample shelving and work surfaces. Or opt for a pre-made one with storage options, including underneath if available. This functional table will help enhance your gardening experience and streamline your workspace.

Tip: Position the potting shed near the entrance for easy access. Alternatively, near a window or skylight for natural sunlight, if possible.

2. Invest in smart storage bins

Sterilite Storage Bins, Walmart,

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Swap plastic bags for sturdy lidded bins to organise compost and sand efficiently. Choose a transparent design so you can see what’s inside them without having to open or search through them. Place these storage solutions under your work area, like a potting bench, for easy access.

3. A designated tool rack

DIY garden tool rack

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Don’t let your forks, spades, loppers, rake, brooms, and hoses clutter your potting shed. A tool rack lets you store all these neatly in a compact space. Or you can hang them vertically or horizontally using sturdy hooks.

Tips: A design with multiple hooks or slots is a smart choice for accommodating various tools. Organise them by size or type, or consider colour-coding for quick identification.

4. Install shelving unit

Potting shed interior with large open windows and skylight

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Maximise your wall space by adding shelving units. These shelves aren’t just for pots — they’re perfect for strong, smaller items like seed packets. Categorise them for quick access and achieve a clutter-free environment. Consider opting for adjustable shelves to accommodate varying container sizes. With this setup, you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips!

5. Include a potting sink

Upgrade your potting shed setup with a practical water source by adding a potting sink. An old sink large enough to hold pots and watering cans is perfect for the job. Also, look for one with a durable faucet that makes filling and cleaning effortless. Install it at a comfortable height for convenient potting. Connect the sink to a water supply or install a catchment system to collect rainwater.

6. Create a hanging basket station

Add a touch of cottage vibe to the interior with hanging baskets, and fill each with essential items. Install hooks or rods on the ceiling or walls to hang these baskets.

Place them at a height convenient for you to reach and arrange them in a way that makes sense for your workflow. For instance, if you start by potting plants, hang the baskets near your potting bench. When you put things where you need them most, it helps you work faster and better in your potting shed.

7. Hang pegboards

Pegboards are big boards with lots of holes where you can put hooks to hang things. They help keep equipment, like gloves, visible and free up valuable shelf and floor space. Use sturdy hooks or pegs that fit into the holes of the pegboard. Arrange the tools you use most often within arm’s reach for convenience.

These ideas can bring order to your potting shed and make your gardening job less stressful. You’ll spend less time searching and more time enjoying tending to nature.

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