How to Build a Shed Base: A Guide

A shed base is an essential part of building a shed. It needs to be properly made in order to give your shed a solid foundation. On the face of things, building a shed base might seem like a daunting task, but follow these simple steps and you’ll have a level and sturdy base for…

How to Fix the Roof on Your Metal Shed

Although known for their durability, metal shed roofs are not impervious to damage. Both natural and human factors can damage the metal structures, especially if no effort is made to maintain them. Since the structural integrity and appearance of a shed roof can be compromised over time, it is important for you to be aware…


Sensory Plants for Children – A Helpful Guide

Create a sensory garden for your kids that is not only beautiful to look at but teases all their other senses too! These sensory plants can offer a great way to enhance your children’s imagination and get them interested in the garden world. Most gardens offer a visual appeal, but a sensory garden is designed…


11 of the Most Sacred and Iconic Trees from Around the World

Besides the fact that trees provide us the very air we breathe, they can also be a man’s greatest teacher on the subject of life itself. They are partly the reason why our world is perhaps the only planet capable of sustaining life throughout the cosmos. The food, air and shelter that they provide keep us alive and their enormous and divine elegance helps us realise that this chaotic world we live in is still wonderful.