What Can You Keep in Wooden Storage?

Wood storage sheds have an enduring appeal that transcends trends and time. But beyond their aesthetic allure, they offer a world of functionality and versatility. From practical organisation to creative displays, the possibilities are endless.

In this guide, find out what’s ideal to store and what to avoid. Read on, and prepare to improve your organisation!

Essential Items for Wooden Storage

Discover the perfect companions for your garden storage shed. In this section, we’ll highlight essential items tailor-made for wooden storage. Find out below what thrives in a well-organised and visually pleasing space:

1. Gardening tools and equipment

BillyOh Master Tongue and Groove Pent Shed
BillyOh Master Tongue and Groove Pent Shed

A wooden storage is the perfect match for keeping your items organised and ready for action. Hang larger tools like shovels and rakes on sturdy hooks to save space. Use labelled containers for small items, such as gloves and trowels. Regularly check for any moisture buildup to prevent rust. Keep the storage well-ventilated, and consider treating the wood for durability.

With one, you maintain a tidy space and ensure your garden tools are easily within reach. The natural charm of the wood also adds a touch of style, making your outdoor space pleasing to the eye.

2. Garden furniture

Rattan Effect 5-Seater Corner Sofa & Table Set
Rattan Effect 5-Seater Corner Sofa & Table Set

Prolong the lifespan of your outdoor furniture by storing it during off-seasons. Shielded from harsh weather conditions, a wooden unit provides a protective haven. It ensures your furniture remains in top condition.

To maximise space, disassemble larger pieces if possible. Consider adding moisture-absorbing packets to prevent mould or mildew. For added protection, treat the wooden storage with a weather-resistant sealant. When retrieving your furniture, inspect for any signs of damage and address promptly.

3. BBQ and grilling accessories

BillyOh Matrix 4 Burner Gas BBQ
BillyOh Matrix 4 Burner Gas BBQ

Safeguard your BBQ for garden and grilling gear from rust and wear. A well-ventilated timber shed offers a perfect blend of protection and aeration. For extra care, clean and dry accessories before storage. Consider using hooks or designated compartments to organise utensils. Regularly inspect for any signs of corrosion and address them right away.

Apply a weather-resistant sealant to the wooden storage for added durability. This approach helps preserve the integrity of your accessories. Moreover, it ensures they’re ready for outdoor cookouts whenever the craving strikes.

4. Sports equipment

BillyOh Mini Master Tongue and Groove Pent Store Shed
BillyOh Mini Master Tongue and Groove Pent Store Shed

Bid farewell to sports gear clutter! Keep balls, rackets, and gear organised in a dedicated wooden storage. Opt for open shelving or labelled bins for easy access. Regularly assess equipment condition, addressing wear and tear promptly. Ensure proper ventilation to prevent odours and mould. For added convenience, designate zones for different sports, streamlining access. Consider installing pegboards for hanging items like helmets. 

With wooden storage, transform your space into an organised haven. You can also ensure your sports essentials are ready for action whenever you are.

5. Potting soil and fertilisers

BillyOh Planthouse Tongue and Groove Pent Potting Shed
BillyOh Planthouse Tongue and Groove Pent Potting Shed

Preserve the vitality of your gardening essentials with wood storage – such as a potting shed. Store potting soil and fertilisers to shield them from moisture and maintain freshness. Consider labelling containers for easy identification. Ensure proper ventilation to prevent condensation. Regularly inspect for any signs of pests or contamination and address them promptly. To save space and maintain an organised setup, ppt for stackable containers.

6. Outdoor toys

Restore order to outdoor play with a designated wooden storage space for toys. Opt for durable, weather-resistant toy bins or boxes to protect against the elements. Consider labelling compartments for easy cleanup. Regularly assess and rotate toys to keep the play area fresh. Install child-friendly hooks for items like jump ropes or hats. Prioritise safety by choosing rounded-edge storage units.

Top tip: Ensure your bins or boxes fit into the wooden storage; consider their size. A perfect fit maximises space efficiency and facilitates easy access. This streamlines your organisational efforts.

7. Seasonal decorations

BillyOh Solar Powered Lantern String Lights
BillyOh Solar Powered Lantern String Lights

Keep the enchantment alive during festive seasons by storing your decorations. Inside the store, opt for containers with lids to shield delicate ornaments from dust. Label each container to streamline holiday decorating and retrieval. Ensure the wooden storage area is dry to prevent moisture-related issues. 

Consider adding moisture-absorbing packets to safeguard against humidity. For larger decorations, disassemble and store them in sections to save space. Overall, you can ensure a hassle-free and magical decorating experience year after year.

8. Outdoor cleaning supplies

Keep your outdoor space spick and span; store cleaning supplies in your wooden shed. Create a well-organised cleaning station for quick access to essentials. Doing so can ensure you’re always prepared to tackle outdoor messes. Opt for labelled bins or compartments to categorise supplies, streamlining your cleaning routine. 

Consider weather-resistant coatings for the wooden organisers to enhance durability. Hang brushes and brooms on hooks for easy reach and storage. Regularly check inventory and restock as needed to avoid interruptions during cleaning sessions.

Items to Avoid in Wooden Storage

Next, we shed light on a few items that are best kept away:

9. Electronics and valuables

Various electronic devices, from smartphones to tablets and iPads.

(Image Credit: Picryl)

While wooden storage excels for various items, avoid storing sensitive electronics or valuables. Wood may lack the climate control needed to safeguard these items. Opt instead for secure, climate-controlled storage, such as in your bedroom. This helps protect electronics from temperature fluctuations and valuables from potential damage. Also, consider investing in protective cases for electronic devices. For valuables, ensure to place them in sealed containers within the climate-controlled storage.

10. Perishable items

Inside the refrigerator filled with perishables, including eggs, milk, butter, fruits and vegetables.

(Image Credit: Flickr)

Steer clear of storing perishable items to prevent moisture absorption. Wood’s porous nature makes it unsuitable for maintaining the integrity of food. Instead, opt for airtight, moisture-resistant containers or refrigeration for perishable items. For added protection, consider placing a moisture-absorbing agent in the storage area. This strategic approach ensures that your perishables remain fresh and safe.


In wrapping up this guide, wooden storage sheds have proven their value. Remember to tailor your choices based on the nature of your belongings. Most importantly, avoid wooden storage for perishables and valuables. By implementing these insights and tips, transform your spaces into organised havens.

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