Here's How You Can Keep Your Paint Looking New
Here’s How You Can Keep Your Paint Looking New
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Here’s How You Can Keep Your Paint Looking New

Giving your house or garden building an excellent paint job can transform its overall look and create an ambience that will make you love coming home after a long, tiring day. But the challenge lies on how you can keep your paint looking new.

Paint eventually deteriorates after a few years—no matter how good its quality is, and how meticulous you are in terms of application.

Therefore, proper paint maintenance is essential whether it’s on the inside or outside of the house. In this way, you can keep your home looking fresh and new.

Keep Your Paint Looking New


Repainting the internal and external sections of your home is a major job⁠—whether you’re doing it by yourself or employing some professional painters. To make it easier for you, here are some helpful tips to keep your paint looking new so that it will not only guarantee a rewarding make-over but also extend its longevity.

Basic Interior Paint Upkeep

1. Checking for Spots and Stains


As soon as you spot an area that needs to be cleaned and touched-up (e.g. spots, stains, grease, and watermarks), it’s best to treat them right away. It will ease the cleaning process, especially when removing the hard spots from your walls.

You can wash it with a sponge and water. But if you think deep cleaning is necessary, adding a small amount of dishwashing liquid to the sponge will do the trick.

Sometimes a proper clean-up is all you need to make your wall look new again!

2. Dealing with Moulds


Moulds typically thrive in warm and humid areas such as bathrooms and basements. Experts recommend checking out the parts of your wall that have developed mould and identifying how severe the infestation is.

You can also purchase a special paint which helps in preventing the growth of mould.

3. Combating Faded Paint


Investing in high-quality paint beforehand is one of the best ways to prevent the colours from fading. You can also put up shades, curtains, or even windows tinted with a UV protectant.

This trick will maintain the colour of your paint for much longer.

On the other hand, if you want to add creativity to your home’s interior colours, you can try using modern chalk paint. You can apply it in a variety of ways in your house, furniture, or in the garden.

Basic Exterior Paint Upkeep

1. Avoiding the Rot


According to experts, paint offers more than just colour to the exterior of your home. It helps in slowing down the process of rotting and weathering its surface.

Make sure to check if the undersides of corner boards are fully covered when painting your home. If you don’t want the board to absorb water which can cause rot, painting the bottom will prevent it from decaying.

2. Frequency of Maintenance


Experts claim that maintaining exterior paint depends on the material or the siding used on your home. Paint on concrete usually lasts longer than it does on wood trim.

Hence, homeowners with wood siding are advised to repaint their homes more often than their neighbours with stucco. You should know how to paint wood sided houses or garden sheds to properly protect the material.

Environmental factors also play a significant role in the life span of a house’s paint. Households located in milder climates tend to experience longer-lasting wall paint compared to those who are in harsher climates. Be that as it may, you must repaint your home every six to ten years.

3. Three-Coat System


Exterior paint is frequently exposed to harsh elements like wind, rain, sunlight, and even snow. That is why it’s not surprising to see exterior paint peeling and fading over time.

You can apply two finish coats on affected areas like peeling window seals. Begin with a high-quality primer paint then follow it up with two coats of finish paint.

This three-coat system will give extra protection so you can keep your paint looking new and help it withstand outdoor elements. You can also apply this technique to your garden buildings such as sheds to treat the wood properly.

4. Pressure Washing


A slight buildup of dirt on your paint can easily be solved through pressure washing. Experts recommend doing it in about five or six years after the first paint job, especially if the mould is visible.

We hope that you can keep your paint looking new for years to come by just following these tips. Always remember that good quality paint can give your home’s interior and exterior a new life, and it can last for years when it’s properly cared for.

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