Fun Facts About Sheds

If you or the children want to know some fun facts about sheds, then you’re in the right place. We’ve scoured the internet and scratched our brains to bring you ‘fun facts about sheds’. Check it all out below!

The Evolution of Garden Sheds

Before delving into those, let’s trace the evolution of sheds. Understanding their historical progression adds depth to the upcoming revelations. Explore how these humble structure have transformed over time.

The evolution of garden storage sheds has come a long way. From simple storage structures to versatile, functional spaces that cater to various needs. Historically, they were primarily used for tool storage and sheltering gardening equipment. Over time, their design and purpose have evolved considerably.

  1. Traditional: Earlier models were often basic wooden structures with a single door. They served as a convenient storage solution for garden tools and supplies.
  2. Multipurpose: Gardening enthusiasts sought more from their outdoor spaces. In return, sheds started to evolve into multipurpose structures. They became a hub for not just gardening but also DIY projects, potting plants, and a garden room retreat.
  3. Customisation: Today, garden sheds can now be customised to fit specific needs. All thanks to the advancements in manufacturing and design. This includes options for insulated walls, electricity, plumbing, and windows. These add-ons transform a simple outdoor shed into garden offices and art studios, to name a few.
  4. Materials and durability: Traditional wooden sheds have given way to more durable materials. We’re talking about metal, vinyl, and composite materials. Such options boast less maintenance requirement and provide enhanced longevity.
  5. Aesthetics: Today, garden sheds are available in a wide range of designs and colours. This allows homeowners to match them with their home’s architecture and landscape.

The progression of garden sheds mirrors evolving lifestyles and tastes. Contemporary models now offer heightened versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Whether for added storage or creative sanctuary, they can meet your needs effortlessly.

Fun Facts About Garden Sheds

Within this section, we’ll shed light (no pun intended!) on their unique role they play in our daily lives:

Where does the word ‘shed’ come from?

The word ‘shed’ comes from the Anglo-Saxon term for ‘shade’. It first came to mean a place for storage in the mid-15th century.

Lofty origins

There was an Egyptian god named shed — the god of illness, danger, and deadly animals. This historical connection adds a mystical layer to the concept of sheds.

Famous ‘sheddies’

Agatha Christie, Rudyard Kipling, Mark Twain, Virginia Woolf, and Roald Dahl all wrote in their sheds. George Bernard Shaw even wrote ‘Pygmalion’ in his!

No place like home

Surprisingly, 20% of individuals confess to using their sheds as an escape from family and partners. According to YouGov, 1 in 20 Brits has transformed their sheds into pubs. This showcases the diverse and personal uses people find for these structures. Head into our guide to shed bars for more information.

An explosive effect

In 1991, artist Cornelia Parker blew up a shed and rearranged the shrapnel for her piece ‘Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View’. Then in 1994, an American boy was arrested when attempting to build a nuclear reactor in the family shed – all to earn his Boy Scouts Merit Badge!

World’s largest shed

Amidst the challenges of World War II, the Post Office built an immense wooden structure at Regent’s Park, colloquially termed a “Home Depot.” Remarkably, this colossal shed played a pivotal role, handling a staggering 2 billion letters during the war. Its scale earned it the distinction of being referred to as the ‘largest shed ever.’

World’s fastest shed

Believe it or not, the realm of motorised sheds has its own claim to fame. The title of the world’s fastest motorised garden shed belongs to a remarkable vehicle that achieved a top speed of 106.123 mph. This quirky record adds a delightful and unexpected dimension to the world of sheds.

Just how many sheds?

A quick Google search for ‘shed’ returns a whopping 544,000,000 results (at the time of writing). This massive digital footprint illustrates the ubiquity and diversity of sheds.

More Fun FAQs

Can you build a shed straight onto your lawn?

No! You should remember from some of our other posts that building a foundation and base for your shed is key. Otherwise, your shed can warp and rot from dampness in the ground.

Who was the ‘Shed of the Year’ winner for 2020?

The Cuprinol ‘Shed of the Year’ winner was Daniel Holloway for his awesome Bedouin Tree Shed.

What do approximately 9% of UK sheds have hidden in them?

Junk food.

And what do a further 8% have hidden in them?


Where was the first-ever live commentary for a football match broadcast from?

From a wooden shack (we’ll call it a shed) at Arsenal football club’s previous Highbury ground. The Gunners drew with Sheffield United 1-1.

Can you name 3 massive businesses that were started in sheds?

We’ll take answers including:

  • Walt Disney
  • Apple
  • Ikea
  • Google
  • HP
  • Harley Davidson
  • Mattel
  • Dyson

If it was big enough, what percentage of people would happily convert their shed into a bar?

Around 6% (we don’t blame them!).

How many people have injured themselves in sheds?

Around 20% of Brits say they’ve had accidents in their sheds. And around 16% of Aussies say they’ve had serious accidents. Drongos!

How far would all the sheds in the world measure if laid end to end?

They would wrap around the planet six and a half times.

How much is the domestic garden buildings industry worth in the UK?

The industry was estimated to be worth around £5.4bn in 2019, with garden buildings alone making up around 20% of this figure.

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