Alternatives to Plant Pots
Alternatives to Plant Pots
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Alternatives to Plant Pots

Brits are encouraged to look for some usage of the old and unused objects in their home to be their alternative plant pots.

Rather than wasting a lot of money to buy new containers, why not retouch an old can or anything where you could put your plants on it. This does not only support sustainability but also add some unique touch in your garden with your DIY plant pots.

Your second-hand household objects could be your garden creative and smart upgrade. Garden experts suggest that you may use plastic bottles for a wall farm and swap out baskets for colanders. So, here is the list of the best alternatives to plant pots you could find at your home.

We know that we could think of some improvisation first before splurging on things you could even make. Planting containers are one of these things and recycling could extend further than putting an old object in the trash bin.

You might also enjoy doing the recycling activity of utilising an old kettle or cans. You could add some paint on it if you want it to have a new look and look uniform.

You are not only going to save the mother Earth, but you are also creating an exceptional garden appearance at the same time. Therefore, gather one of the things below and start making your art.

Plant Pots Alternatives:

1. Colanders

Alternatives to Plant Pots

Colanders can be your alternatives to traditional baskets. With the drainage holes and incredible durability, you are secured to have a long-lasting hanging plant plot. Because when a plant container has no proper drainage, the soil could be waterlogged and plants will get dry. Gravel should be put in the bottom of it to prevent compost from blocking up the drainage holes.

2. Tin cans

Alternatives to Plant Pots

After you have eaten your canned foods, you can gather your cans and use paint to renew them. Cans can be brilliant for those who have small flowers in their windowsill. By putting small rocks on the bottom before the soil, you can improve the drainage of the container. At the same time, cacti are also excellent for these containers as they are low maintenance.

3. Teapot

Alternatives to Plant Pots

A teapot can be either your watering can or a planter. You can also add the teacups and saucers to it, like a tea set to make your garden more appealing. Put in on your garden table to make the new centre of attraction. Sustainability with a beautiful purpose.

4. Muffin tins

Alternatives to Plant Pots

As muffin tins are small, they are perfect for the small area of soil of that needed for seedlings. Have a bonding with your children with it and plant cress. This plant is an ideal choice as it grows easily and fast which complements the kids’ short span of attention and patience.

5. Sink

Alternatives to Plant Pots

Reusing sink for seedlings plant is quite popular. With its enormous space and depth, you could put more planters and seeds onto it. A vintage sink would be brilliant space for your vegetables and fruits to grow.

6. Plastic Bottles

Alternatives to Plant Pots

Think twice before you throw your plastic bottles! Instead, use them as your plant containers by putting some holes on the bottom of it. Use them for your wall farm against your window if you have limited space in your garden.

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