Debunking the Top 5 Myths About Metal Garden Buildings

Last modified: April 29, 2024

Debunking the Top 5 Myths About Metal Garden Buildings

Debunking the Top 5 Myths About Metal Garden Buildings


Debunking the Top 5 Myths About Metal Garden Buildings

Image via MS Designer

Debunking the Top 5 Myths About Metal Garden Buildings

Britain’s love affair with garden sheds is undeniable.  Statistics show two-thirds of Brits own a shed, and many more dream of having one!  While sheds come in various materials, metal garden sheds are a growing favourite.  But some potential metal shed buyers are held back by myths. Let’s debunk the top 5 concerns so you can join the ranks of happy shed owners and make an informed decision about a metal shed for your garden!

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Myth 1: Metal Garden Sheds: Rust Buckets or Reliable Storage?

To prevent rust, manufacturers coat metal sheds with zinc, a more reactive metal than iron. This sacrificial layer prioritises oxidation, forming a protective barrier that shields the steel underneath from rust (iron oxide). This is similar to the experiment with the zinc-coated nail that didn’t rust!

Galvanised Steel: Your Long-lasting Option

The most common protective coating is galvanised steel. The zinc layer in galvanised steel weathers slowly, lasting at least 100 years inland and 30 years in coastal areas (due to salt in the air). To extend its lifespan in coastal areas, simply give your shed a regular wash with soap and water to remove salt build-up.

Beyond Zinc: Paint as a Protective Layer

Paint also acts as a barrier against moisture and oxygen, preventing rust. However, unlike zinc coatings, paint offers less sacrificial protection. If the paint gets chipped or scratched, the exposed metal becomes vulnerable to rust. It’s important to regularly inspect and re-paint your shed if needed.

Preventing Rust: A Multi-pronged Approach

Here are some key ways to keep your metal garden shed rust-free:

Remember, with proper care, your metal garden shed can provide secure storage for decades to come!

Image via Gemini

Myth 2: Brrr… Freezing Cold Metal Sheds?

Unlike traditional buildings with built-in insulation, metal sheds offer the flexibility to choose your preferred insulation type. This not only regulates temperature but also offers additional benefits:

No matter your climate or storage needs, there’s an insulation solution to keep your garden shed comfortable.

Benefits Beyond Temperature Control

Insulation offers several advantages for your metal shed:

The Takeaway: Customisable Comfort

Metal garden sheds offer the advantage of customisable insulation, allowing you to create a comfortable and protective environment for your belongings!

Image via MS Designer

Myth 3: Does Rain Become a Symphony on Your Metal Roof?

Installing your metal roof over solid decking can significantly reduce noise compared to an open-frame design. Studies by the Acoustic Group at the University of Lulea, Sweden, show a metal roof on decking registers at 52 dBA during rain, compared to 61 dBA for an open-frame design. Asphalt shingle roofs clock in at 46 dBA. This highlights the benefit of solid decking in minimising rain noise on metal sheds.

How Modern Metal Sheds Quiet the Storm

Several factors contribute to a quieter experience in a metal garden shed:

The Takeaway: Peace of Mind in Any Weather

By choosing a metal shed with noise-dampening features like solid decking and adding some sound-absorbing accessories, you can create a surprisingly quiet and comfortable space, rain or shine.

5.4m x 3.6m

Telluria 18x12ft Luminato Premier Steel Garden Room via

Myth 4: Stuck with a Bland Metal Box? Think Again!

Metal sheds for sale have come a long way from their utilitarian past. Today, they offer a surprising range of customisation options to suit your style and needs. Here’s how you can create a shed that perfectly complements your garden:

A Spectrum of Style:

The Takeaway: A Personalised Touch

Metal sheds are no longer limited to basic designs. With a variety of colours, window options, and the possibility of painting, you can create a metal shed that reflects your unique style and functional needs.

This revised section merges the information about colour options and window selection seamlessly. It removes redundancy and keeps the content focused on the core message of customisation for metal storage sheds.

a centro hero a 10 x x8

BillyOh Centro Pent Metal Shed via

Myth 5: Metal Sheds UK = Lower Property Value? Not Quite!

While a poorly maintained or unsightly shed can detract from any property value, a high-quality metal shed can actually enhance your home’s value in many cases.

Benefits for Various Property Types:

Market Trends & Buyer Preferences:

The Takeaway: Invest Smartly, Reap the Rewards

By choosing a high-quality metal garden room that complements your garden design and maintaining it well, you can add valuable storage space and potentially boost your property value. Remember, ample storage is a feature many home buyers seek!

In Conclusion: Metal Garden Sheds – A Versatile Solution for Your UK Home

Metal garden sheds offer a compelling alternative to traditional sheds, dispelling common myths about noise, rust, and customisation. Their durability, weather resistance, and range of styles can enhance your garden’s functionality and aesthetics, potentially even increasing your property value.

Whether you need a metal bike shed to safely store your bicycles, a metal garage UK for your lawnmower and tools, or a metal allotment shed to organise your gardening equipment, there’s a metal shed perfect for your needs.

While planning permission might be required in some cases, it’s usually a straightforward process. For added peace of mind, consult your local authority for specific regulations.

Metal garden sheds offer a smart investment, providing valuable storage space and a touch of modern design to your home. With minimal maintenance, you can enjoy a clutter-free space and the benefits of a well-organised garden for years to come.

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