9 Ways to Keep the Cats off the Garden

Many green-fingered Brits are faced with the concern of unwanted cat visits in their garden. Not to mention the independent felines, which are harder to control.

The UK is a nation of animal-lovers, but that affection doesn’t extend to allowing your garden space to be turned into a toilet by the neighbouring cats. Nobody wants to cause them any harm, but you’ve got to try to stay one step ahead if you wish to maintain a clean lawn, undisturbed flower beds and an undamaged garden shed – which is why securing your shed is also essential.

The good thing is, our garden experts have discovered friendly ways — from employing chicken wire to barking dogs — of discouraging four-legged trespassers. Listed down below are the nine friendly ways that are designed to keep cats off your garden, without hurting them.

1. Clean Up


Cats love hunting foods, especially the independent ones. To keep your garden free from them, sweep up any alluring food waste and keep the bins well secured.

Clean up your space and ensure there are no potential toys lying around. If there’s any existing cat poo, dispose of it right away as cats use it to mark their territory.

2. Create a Rough Ground


Cats don’t like areas covered in stones or pebbles — they hate walking on an uncomfortable surface.

To create a rough ground, lay some chicken wire under the mulch or embed it in the top layer of soil with some holes cut out for plants.

3. Invest in Ultrasound Device

This one may cost you, but it sure does do the job! Investing in an ultrasound device with a high-frequency is sure to shoo away the unwanted tabbies.

Hang a sensitive bell on your garden fence or fill a tin with stones that will rattle when disturbed by a cat.

4. Create a Cat Zone

Creating an area specifically for cats is a friendly way to invite them in without worrying about your garden getting destroyed.

What you can do is pick plants such as catnip and insert a sandbox. This will act as their toilet and eventually discourage them from exploring the other parts of your outdoor space.

5. Design Obstacles

Another friendly approach to keep kitties off your garden is to form a bristly obstacle. What you can do is simply place a collection of pine cones or branches in gaps around the bedding, without ruining the natural look of your garden of course.

6. Opt for Pungent Plants


Now it’s time to introduce these smelly plants that cats hate! Planting some pungent plants like coleus canina or lavender could persuade them to head elsewhere. 

7. Use Coffee Granules

Coffee granules can be used as a natural repellent that could make the cats retreat your garden. In fact, they find coffee grounds repulsive.

What you can do is sprinkle it on the grounds in and around your garden.

8. Strong Citrus Scents


Tabbies steer clear of strong citrus scents, such as orange, lemon, lime or grapefruit peels. Just throw peels directly on the garden to ward off unwelcome visitors.

9. The Scent of Human Hair

Did you know that the scent of human hair also works to deter cats? Now it’s time to reclaim your territory by scattering some hairs around your outdoor space.