How to Add Value to Your Property with a Summerhouse (FAQ)

It’s no secret that summerhouses have a huge number of uses. These structures can be a place for relaxation and entertainment, double as a home office, and so on. The best part is that they can add value to a property, provided they’re well taken care of.

Interested? Here, we answer some of the frequently asked questions on this matter.

How Does a Summerhouse Add Property Value?

BillyOh Switch Apex Tongue and Groove Summerhouse
BillyOh Switch Apex Tongue and Groove Summerhouse

A summer house adds value to a property by providing additional space. This extra room can sway potential buyers, especially when it meets their needs. The garden building’s desirable features add to its selling point. So, it’s only fair to expect that a poorly built, rundown unit is likely to deter any interested parties.

How Much Value Can It Add?

A good-quality garden summer house can add between 5% and 15% to its value. Factors such as quality and condition can affect this percentage. Overall, this estimation is pretty sound.

Say you purchased your summer house for £2,000, and your property worth is £300,000. This results in a return of £13,000 at the low end of the 5% value boost. For a 15% value increase, that would be a return of £43,000.

Of course, a well-preserved unit has a higher chance of heightening this rate. This may decrease if things go differently — and you can’t expect too much if it’s in need of major repairs.

Is Longevity a Huge Factor?

Absolutely! The highest quality summer house can guarantee maximum returns on your investment. This means a long lifespan with minimal maintenance, which is a BIG PLUS for most home seekers.

Pressure treated summer houses with proper maintenance can last for over 15 to 20 years. This makes them a great potential long-term investment. There may be an initial cost, but you have a viable long-term solution to boost your property’s worth.

Note: Pressure-treated summerhouses in the UK market usually start at £1,000.

How Much Does it Cost to Build One Instead?

The cost of building a summer house will depend on the size, style, and materials used. It will also vary depending on your region. A basic design is going to cost around £500. Expect to reach the £10,000 range for a bigger and bespoke unit.

This pricing information is provided by My Job Quote.

Are There Ways I Can Maximise Its Value?

BillyOh Petra Tongue and Groove Reverse Apex Summerhouse
BillyOh Petra Tongue and Groove Reverse Apex Summerhouse

Luckily for you, there are! Consider summer house insulation to offer year-round use. Running an electricity supply is also worth noting to light up the garden room and make it cosier. Finally, adhere to any planning permission that may be needed to avoid issues. These are just some ways you can do to your summerhouse besides giving it the TLC it deserves.

So, what do you think about getting a garden summerhouse? That 5-15% property value increase is quite big, isn’t it? Maintain and maximise its potential, and it can be a significant investment opportunity.

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