Top Six Garden Pets for Brits Aside from Cats & Dogs

Dogs and cats are the most common pets we keep at home and allow access to our gardens. However, they might require specific security systems in the yard and more extensive nursing work. This is especially true if your garden contains a building such as a garden shed. If so, then keeping these safe and secure is essential.

So if you think that the time and effort you can dedicate on a pet are less than what pooches and felines require, it might be time to consider other animals that are great for keeping outdoors.

6 Garden Pets Perfect for Every British Home

Not every homeowner in the UK has the capacity to house traditional pets like dogs and cats. It might be because the family has young children, are too busy, or have a crowded space or small garden at home.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of other options that animal-lovers can turn to for companionship, animals that are suitable for keeping in gardens across Britain.

Here are the top six animals that are perfect as pets for your garden!

1. Rabbits


Next to cats and dogs, rabbits are one of the most popular pets in the UK that homeowners can keep outdoors. They are fluffy and playful but still have specific requirements in being domesticated.

For one, rabbits need a hutch that’s as large as possible, at least 10 by 6 ft, with a designated living area. It should also be cleaned out daily while letting the rabbits out in a secured garden to acquire sufficient exercise.

Aside from that, rabbits need time to build relationships with humans too, and they hate being alone. So, homeowners who want to care for rabbits should take on a pair of them or more.

2. Hens


Female chickens can not only provide the family with a fresh source of food, but they can also become your amusing low-maintenance pets. They will lay eggs even without the presence of a rooster, so you can expect some for breakfast all year round.

However, hens will need constant access to fresh water in their accommodation and insoluble grit to aid digestion. They also need a secure and sheltered environment that’s safe from foxes.

Keeping more than 50 hens also requires registration with the Great Britain Poultry Register.

3. Fish


In terms of having a low-maintenance garden pet, fish can also be kept outdoors in all conditions. A homeowner simply needs to dig and create a pond in the yard.

To cater to their needs, you need to avoid over-filling the pond as fishes need just enough water to live and breathe in. It’s also essential to provide their habitat with a right mix of plants that can oxygenate the water, plus adequate food to feed them properly.

Some of the best options for fish would be the common Koi and goldfish. But, beware of combining varieties that might fight or eat each other.

4. Guinea Pigs


Just like rabbits, guinea pigs need a large space for a hutch. It should also be weather-proof and contain a grassy area to help them stay active.

Guinea pigs love to live in groups too, and they would appreciate having tunnels and places to hide around their hutch so they can move around confidentially. You can use wood shavings or sawdust as their cage lining and straw or shredded paper as bedding and feeding hay to eat.

It would be of their great delight to have toys and activities that can keep them entertained too.

5. Tortoise


Before getting a tortoise as a garden pet, you need to know that they can only be sourced from a recommended breeder. A potential owner also needs to secure the garden completely since this reptile is known to make a run for it.

When caring for a tortoise, you have to provide a clean and accessible source of freshwater. It needs a suitable location for the hibernation process throughout winter too.

In terms of their food, this fascinating creature loves to feed on salad leaves and vegetables – but avocados and aubergines are toxic to them.

6. Goats


Though commonly regarded as livestock, UK homeowners can also acquire goats in their yards as pets, with thousands of them domesticated in British households.

You can love them like a dog but minus the need to house them indoors and choose their food meticulously. However, you need to consider how much space you can provide the goats since this pet is probably one for larger suburban gardens than tight city spaces.

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