What is the Largest Log Cabin without Planning Permission?

Garden log cabins, with their rustic charm, have long held a special place in many UK homeowners. But what happens when one is built without the needed permits and official approval? And how will you know if yours have defied planning regulations?

In this blog, we’ll break down all the factors you need to keep in mind, including the basics of planning permission. Read on to find out if your own cabin fits the criteria! Or if you’re looking for a large unit with unpermitted construction!

Log Cabin Planning Permission

BillyOh Devon Max Log Cabin
BillyOh Devon Max Log Cabin

In the UK, planning permission plays a vital role in the construction of log cabins. The regulations governing log cabin development are similar to those for other types. These include garden sheds, summer houses, and even kid’s playhouses. But keep in mind that specific considerations may not apply to other cabin sizes or “others”.

Generally, log cabins fall under the category of outbuildings. The permitted development rights come with certain limitations. For instance, log cabins must not exceed a specified height, typically 4 metres. What’s more, they should be located a specific distance from the property boundaries.

Planning permission is required if the cabin is used for residential purposes. Or if it exceeds the permitted development rights. Factors such as the size, location, and proximity to protected areas can impact this.

To ensure compliance, consult your local planning authority (LPA). Adhering to the planning regulations will help ensure a smooth construction process. Most importantly, avoid potential legal complications.

Factors to Consider

BillyOh Devon Max Log Cabin
BillyOh Devon Max Log Cabin

These guidelines are general. They may vary depending on your local authority’s specific planning policies. To confirm if yours qualifies for permitted development rights, consult with your LPA. They can provide specific information and guidance tailored to your area.

1. Size and design

Consider the size and design of the log cabin. In the UK, there are limitations on the maximum height and floor area allowed for cabins. Ensure that your garden building falls within the permitted size guidelines.

  • The maximum height permitted for a large cabin structure is typically 4 metres (13 feet). This measurement is taken from the roof’s highest point to ground level.
  • The eaves’ height is usually limited to 2.5 metres (8 feet 2 inches). This restriction is applicable if the log cabin is within 2 metres of a boundary.
  • The maximum floor area allowed is 30 square metres (323 square feet). This includes any additional extensions or outbuildings already present on the property.

2. Location

The location of the log cabin within your garden is crucial. It should be positioned in a way that minimises its impact on the following:

  • neighbouring properties
  • protected areas
  • the visual amenity of the area

3. Use and function

Determine the intended use of the log cabin. If it will be used for residential purposes, obtaining planning permission is required. But if it serves as a non-residential one, it may qualify for permitted development rights. A great example is a garden office.

4. Infrastructure and services

Consider the necessary infrastructure and services, such as access, utilities, and sewage. Ensure the construction will not cause any disruption to existing services, causing concerns.

5. Environmental impact

Assess the potential environmental impact of the log cabin. Consider the impact on protected habitats and trees. And, overall, the visual impact on the surroundings.

Unpermitted Log Cabin Units

Discover the perfect escape with our range of large log cabins. Unpermitted yet exceptional in design and quality, they earn a spot in your outdoor space.

Explore the diverse selection at Garden Buildings Direct. We promise you that you’ll find an array of log cabins that cater to your needs and desires. To give you an idea, check out these best-selling models below:

BillyOh Fraya Max Pent Log Cabin

BillyOh Fraya Max Pent Log Cabin

The Fraya Max features a long and spacious design. With a pent roof and raised eaves, there’s plenty of headroom. The overall design is also combined with a sleek modern, and minimalist design.

Available in various sizes, the 7.0 x 4.0 m size option makes it planning permission-free!

BillyOh Cove Multiroom Log Cabin

BillyOh Cove Multiroom Log Cabin

The Cove is a garden room with the ultimate versatility. It allows you to create two totally separate and unique spaces. The integrated canopy makes it an all-weather garden hub and a centrepiece.

It comes in 5.5m x 5.0m size, with a total floor area of 27.5 square metres (approximately 296 square feet).

BillyOh Pro Pent Log Cabin Shed

BillyOh Pro Pent Log Cabin Shed

The Pro Pent’s biggest feature is that it doubles as both a log cabin and a traditional shed! Its design insights include a pent roof, an adaptable door, and lots of customisation. It also boasts a range of options, including 8 different sizes to make the most of your space.

The largest one, which still falls within the permitted development rights, is the 4.5 x 2.5m size option.


The precise boundaries for large unpermitted log cabins remain an elusive pursuit. For one, the size and scope vary. Nevertheless, it is essential to emphasise the importance of adhering to planning regulations. And with this guide, it can help you obtain the necessary permission if needed.

Remember, building within the boundaries of the law ensures safety and harmony within the community.

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