10 Simple Yet Stylish Projects You Can Do Out of Scrap Wood

Don’t let those unused planks clutter your workshop shed or outdoor space. Transform them into stunning creations with these DIY ideas. Not only are they easy to craft, but they are also budget-friendly. From chic decor to functional everyday items, our guide has got you covered. Keep reading!

1. Wall art

DIY wooden wall art

(Image Credit: Pxhere)

Don’t fret about having smaller wood pieces. Instead, leverage high-quality wood glue to craft unique and textured wall masterpieces. Consider recreating random patterns or your favourite place on the map using the wood pieces.

This personalised touch adds a meaningful and aesthetic element to your space. Whether you prefer the rustic charm or want to infuse a splash of colour, the choice is yours. Drill and hang your creation to transform your wall into a captivating focal point.

2. Cutting board

Wooden chopping board

(Image Credit: Rawpixel)

Say goodbye to plastic and embrace the natural beauty of your scrap wood. Crafting your cutting board is not only easy but also environmentally friendly. Combine strips of wood for a modern aesthetic or utilise a piece of tree trunk for a charming rustic appeal. The options are endless, allowing you to personalise your kitchen tools. After assembly, ensure a smooth surface by sanding and applying oil.

3. Coaster

Ceramic mug on a wooden coaster

(Image Credit: Pexels)

Crafting coasters from scrap wood is simple! Experiment with softwoods like cedar for a rustic look or hardwoods like oak for durability. Simply cut a well-seasoned log, approximately 3.5–4” in diameter. Cut into slices, then sand the edges for a smooth finish. Apply a protective finish or sealant to prevent damage. Get creative with shapes and sizes, and consider personalising with paint or varnish.

4. Serving tray

A person holding a wooden serving tray with a cup and herbs

(Image Credit: Pexels)

Enhance your coffee table, dining area, or nightstand by crafting a personalised tray. Start with an 8″x12″ select wood board, two cabinet pull handles, and your choice of stain or mineral/chalk paint.

Prioritise creating a smooth board before applying the finish. Then, attach the handles securely with screws. For an added touch, use the stencil method to incorporate unique designs.

5. Candleholder

Candles on wooden candleholders

(Image Credit: PickPik)

Craft a stylish table focal decor by creating a rectangular wooden candle holder. Construct two square panels with four wood strips each. Next, secure them with longer cross-support strips. Complete the piece by adding a square base to one end. Enhance the rustic appeal by staining before placing a white candle within. Make extra holders with varying heights for a layered centrepiece.

6. Small planter box

Mini herb garden with a wooden planter box painted in white

(Image Credit: Rawpixel)

Crafting your planter from old pallet wood is both eco-friendly and versatile. Ideal for wedding centrepieces or home herb gardens!

Assemble wooden pieces into a square or rectangular container of your desired size. For instance, a wall-mounted or placed on a shelf. This project extends beyond aesthetics, offering practical garden storage solutions.

7. Bathtub tray

A foot scrubber and a towel on a bathtub tray

(Image Credit: Pexels)

Elevate your bath experience by crafting a wooden tray from scrap wood to hold your wine and book. Similar to a serving tray, tailor its length to match your bathtub’s width for convenience. Utilise a poplar or pine board and attach cabinet handles for easy portability.

Customise the tray by staining or painting it to match your bathroom’s interior. Consider using water-repellent paint to preserve the wood’s quality against moisture.

8. Pencil holder

Color pencils in a wooden pencil holder

(Image Credit: Pexels)

Save money by crafting your own holder from scrap wood. Easily create a square or rectangular box using wood or hardboard. Next, add vertical or diagonal wooden divisions inside for organised sections. Don’t forget to stain or paint it to match your workspace aesthetic.

Say goodbye to generic office supplies and welcome a customised, stylish pencil holder!  This DIY project not only declutters your desk but also allows you to tailor the design to your needs.

9. Soma woodblock puzzle

Wooden soma cube puzzle

(Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Delight kids and adults alike with this challenging soma cube puzzle. Craft at least 15 identical cubelets, which can be assembled into 4-7 pieces of the puzzle. Explore various patterns, including the:

  • L Tetracube
  • Tricube
  • Left Screw
  • Right Screw Tetracubes
  • T Tetracube
  • S Tetracube
  • Branch Tetracube

Online instructional materials guide you through creating the perfect Soma puzzle. Take your leisure time to the next level with a handmade wooden puzzle! This DIY truly provides endless fun and mental stimulation for the whole family.

10. Coffee mug rack

Ceramic mugs hung on wooden mug rack

(Image Credit: Pexels)

Recycling at its finest, this simple yet handy DIY begins by cutting a quarter of the pallet to form a cup holder. Precision is key — measure your cups and mark the wood for strategically placing hooks. Drill holes for hooks and screws, then enhance the aesthetics with a finishing touch of stain or paint. Enjoy a sustainable and customised storage solution with this easy-to-create pallet project.

Shed Workshop, Your DIY Companion

BillyOh Traditional Log Cabin Workshop
BillyOh Traditional Log Cabin Workshop

Consider elevating your DIY wood projects by setting up a garden workshop. A workshop provides an ideal space for crafting these projects. With ample natural light and ventilation, your creative endeavours become more enjoyable. The dedicated space allows you to organise tools efficiently, too. This, in turn, makes the crafting process smoother.
Additionally, a wooden workshop minimises indoor mess, making cleanup hassle-free. Embrace the outdoors while working on wooden creations, connecting with nature’s inspiration. Overall, the right workshop transforms your DIY journey into a fulfilling outdoor adventure!


As you embark on these 10 DIY wood projects, remember that creativity knows no bounds. Consider setting up a timber workshop to enhance your woodworking experience. Embrace the joy of repurposing scrap wood and transforming it into personalised treasures!

Explore our diverse selection of garden workshops. Our options crafted from materials like plastic and metal workshops are worth considering. Discover the range at Garden Buildings Direct for more as you plan your investment.

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