The Beekeeping Resource Guide

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Beekeeping, scientifically known as apiculture. It is the art of raising honeybees. Honeybees are maintained in colonies usually in hives. Beekeepers keep bees an apiary to reproduce bees, pollinate crops, honey and beeswax harvesting. These resources provide comprehensive information on beekeeping.

History of Beekeeping

  • The United States: A comprehensive resource on the history of beekeeping in the United States.
  • West Virginia: Beekeeping in West Virginia.
  • Beekeeping: A concise look at beekeeping throughout history.
  • Beekeeping History: A six-page illustration on beekeeping history.
  • History of Beekeeping: An in-depth history of beekeeping.
  • Egypt: History of beekeeping in Ancient Egypt.
  • Equipment History: A brief look of how beekeeping equipment has changed over time.


  • Benefits: A brief explanation of the benefits of beekeeping.
  • Beekeeping in Africa: A student explores the benefits of beekeeping in Africa.
  • Beekeeping Benefits: Explores four ways that beekeeping can benefit.
  • Honey: A brief description of the production of honey.
  • Bee Products: A description of the two most common bee products.


  • Safety: Brief introduction to safety with a PDF on safety guidelines.
  • Safety in Bee Yard: Straight and to the point on the essential of safety.
  • Safety First: Beekeeping safety basics.
  • Safety Around Honeybees: Safety guidelines for dealing with honeybees.
  • Safe Beekeeping: A guide to beekeeping safety and issues that beekeepers are faced with.


  • Alternative Methods: Describes in great detail a top bar hive collecting method.
  • Beekeeping Methods: A comprehensive pamphlet on advanced techniques.
  • Beekeeping Manual: Provides insight on how to keep bees.
  • The Bee Space: A list of the type of beehive methods.
  • The Langstroth: Defines the elements that make up the Langstroth hive.


  • Hive Equipment: A list of common beehive equipment.
  • Beekeeping Equipment: This paper describes various equipment and provides building plans.
  • Basic Equipment: Description of basic equipment.
  • Getting Started: A list of all the equipment to get started with beekeeping.
  • Startup Equipment: A list of startup equipment with average prices.

Information on bees

  • Biology: A factsheet on the biology of honeybees.
  • The Honey Bee: An extensive information sheet with illustrations, video, and images of the honeybee.
  • Wild Bees: A detailed description of the wild bee.
  • Honey Bee: An explicit resource of the honeybee.
  • The Bee Colony: A brief explanation of mating queens.


  • Requirements: U.S. and European regulations for beekeeping.
  • Georgia State: Georgia state beekeeping regulations.
  • Beekeeping in California: Explanation of the regulations and ordinances in California
  • Federal Regulations: Federal guidelines for beekeeping, equipment, and byproducts.


  • Honey: 2009-honey production report.
  • USA: Statistics of beekeeping in the United States.
  • Beekeeping Industry: A National Agricultural Statistics Service report on the beekeeping industry.
  • Honey Statistics: Statistics of the production of honey dating back to the 1970’s.