9 Easy Recycled Crafts You Can Do At Home!
9 Easy Recycled Crafts You Can Do At Home!

9 Easy Recycled Crafts You Can Do At Home!

Recycling is a great way to reduce scraps at home and create additional items for your home. However, not all DIY ideas are necessary since some crafts merely add to our pile of useless things at home.

So, we have summed up some of the best recycled craft ideas into one practical list! Feel free to copy any of these useful yet easy DIY crafts for your home.

1. Mason Jar Candle Holder


For this craft, you will need mason jars, artificial autumn leaves, decoupage glue, and candles. First, you need to make sure that the outside of your jar is clean. You can wipe it gently using rubbing alcohol to remove grease and grime.

You can then add your fall leaves into the mason jar. Do so by painting a thin layer of glue on one section of the jar. Once it becomes sticky, place a leaf and paint more glue on top of it. Your autumn leaves should take a few hours to dry completely.

Finally, you can decorate the neck or other parts of your jar with jute twine to create a rustic look before putting the candles in.

2. Recycled Glass Bottle Vase


To use a recycled glass bottle as a flower vase, remove its labels and wash it thoroughly using warm soapy water. Then, rinse it with clean, cold water and leave it to air dry, avoiding tea towel streaks.

If you want to improve the look of your vase, you can decorate it using a wooden stand and jute strings to come up with a stylish centrepiece.

3. Tin Can Plant Pot


For this recycled craft, you will need a tin can, drill or a hammer and a nail, sponge brush, potting soil, and a small plant.
First, drill 4-5 holes at the bottom of your can using a drill or nail to give your planter a good drainage system. If the aluminium is a little pokey after creating the holes, you can hammer down the sharp points.

Choose to leave the tin how it is for a industrial yet stylish look or decorate it using paint, colourful paper, or jute string for a fresh yet recycled plant pot!

4. Vertical Plastic Bottle Plant Holders


Vertical gardening is a popular practice among households with limited ground space for planting. To recycle some used plastic bottles in creating a vertical garden, you will need to determine the type of plants you want to grow first.

After that, make sure to create a drainage system in each of your plastic bottles by poking holes throughout the bottom or sides. You will also need to choose which plastic bottles to use, considering durability and the amount of sunlight your plants require.

Once you’ve prepared all the bottles for planting, cut out four small holes in every plastic bottle, two on each side. Then, thread them through the holes using a rope, twine, or wire before hanging them to a fence or wooden base to create a beautiful vertical garden.

5. Drinks Can Cookie Cutters


If you are fond of baking as a hobby or business venture, you can use DIY cookie cutters to recycle soda cans and create your desired shapes. Gather some clean soda cans, a food-safe adhesive, sandpaper, pen and paper, cardboard, gloves, pliers, and a pair of scissors to begin.

First, wear a pair of gloves and carefully cut the bottom of your soda can off. Then, cut out strips from the can. Use your sandpaper to smooth out the edges of your strips.

After that, print or draw your desired cookie cutter shapes on a piece of paper before pasting them into your cardboard and cutting them out. You can then wrap the strips around the cardboard templates and secure the ends with food-safe adhesive.

6. Coffee Mug Plant Pot


Unused or slightly broken coffee mugs make great pots for small plants. First, create holes in the bottom of your mugs using a ceramic-friendly drill. Take note that this step is not necessary if you are planting succulents as you can easily tip the mug after watering to release excess water.

You can choose to decorate your mug or keep its original design for your DIY plant pot. Once you have drilled holes and embellished your mug, you can fill it halfway with potting soil and add the plant!

7. Mason Jar Plant Pots


Another great household items to recycle as DIY plant pots are mason jars. They create a look different from coffee mugs since they are clear, allowing you to see through the inside.

For this craft, you can also use some chalk paint for a pastel look or decorate your mason jars with jute string to make them look rustic.

8. Pallet Shelves


Pallet shelving is an easy yet useful craft which requires only a few modifications. For this idea, you can assemble your recycled pallet shelf horizontally or vertically, depending on the amount of space you plan to use.

It’s also best to keep their original wooden surface to create a more country vibe inside the home.

9. Mason Jar Hanging Lamps


Lastly, jazz up your space with this chic and cost-effective DIY mason jar chandelier! You will need a set of light bulbs, wood, mason jars, wires, electrical tape, a drill, pliers, marker, glue gun, wire strippers, and a cutter.

First, mark and drill the areas of the jar lids where you will insert the light socket before bending all sharp edges. Then, drill holes into your wood base depending on how many bulbs you plan to hang.

Afterwards, glue and organise the wires behind your wood to create a neat look before putting in the bulbs inside every mason jar. Then, plug in and check if all your wirings are working.

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