10 Creative Recycled Hanging Basket Ideas
10 Creative Recycled Hanging Basket Ideas

10 Creative Recycled Hanging Basket Ideas

Hanging baskets are a beautiful feature to have in any garden, bringing colour and life to your outdoor space, so why not have a go at making your own? You will also make your garden eco-friendly by doing so. Here’s a list of 10 creative recycled hanging basket ideas

1: Tin Cans

Baked beans, peas, fruit chunks – all sorts of foods come in tin cans, now you can use them to contain a beautiful flower arrangement too.


2: Bird Cage

Let your creativity take flight, using a bird cage. It is a great way to create your own flower planter.


3: Glass Jars

A common household item that many of us use on a daily basis, a glass jar is an ideal household item to ‘upcycle’ and put small flowers in.


4: Light Bulbs

This really is a bright idea, the next time a light bulb goes dark on you, think twice before throwing it away.


5: Plant Pot

You’d expect to find plants and flowers in a plant pot, but hanging a plant pot adds a whole new dimension to the humble potted plant.


6: Tyre

A slightly more unconventional addition to the list, but recycling and decorating tyres make great additions to your garden.


7: Watering Can

Usually used to water and maintain plants, use an old watering can to house and hang flowers and plants.

watering can

8: Boots and Wellies

You’d normally expect to see wellies or boots in the garden, but not like this. This is a bright and creative idea to reuse your boots and wellies and add more colour to your garden.


9: Mugs

Mugs aren’t normally an outdoor item, but this is a clever method of using mugs in an unconventional way.


10: Funnel

Allowing you to channel your creativity and drain any excess water, a funnel flower planter is unique and original way to hang your plants.

10 Creative Recycled Hanging Basket Ideas


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