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Organising Your Shed | Shed Resources Page

Organising Your Shed | Shed Resources Page


Organising Your Shed | Shed Resources Page

Organising Your Shed | Shed Resources Page

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A well-organised garden shed can save you energy, time, and even money. When you need to get a project done outdoors, the last thing you want to do is waste ten minutes searching for your trowel or trying to untangle your garden hose. By taking some time to organise your garden shed space properly, you’ll get the most out of your garden shed investment.
Here are some shed organisation hacks to help you:

Take Some Time to Plan

Before you go into your shed or garden garage and start putting items away, take some time to think about your strategy. Take an inventory of the items that you’ll need to store in your space, and consider the items you think are the most important. Tools that you use frequently shouldn’t be pushed to the back of your shed where they will be difficult to reach, so you’ll want to place these items in a spot that is easy to access. This is an essential step to complete before implementing your shed storage ideas.

Get Rid of Things that You Don’t Need

If your garden shed is short on available space, it may be time to take an inventory of your items and decide what you do—and don’t—need. If you have duplicates of the same item, consider donating the extras. If you have tools that you haven’t used in years, consider selling them on Craigslist, at a pawnshop, or at a garage sale. By getting rid of some of the clutter, your shed storage spaces will look tidier, and you’ll have more room to work with when organising the remaining items.

Use Adjustable Shelving Units

Shelves are an essential shed and summerhouse organising tool. They are a great way to keep your garden supplies organised and up off of the floor. Adjustable and well-ventilated shelving units are the best option, as the grates will allow dirt and dust to fall to the floor rather than accumulating on your tools. The adjustable nature of these shelves will make them useful if your storage needs change in the future, as you’ll be able to change shelf placement and height easily and as necessary.

Group Similar Items Together

One of the most logical organisational methods for a garden shed is to group similar items together so that they are easier to find. If you have several cans of paint, they should be placed on the same shelf next to each other. Gardening supplies should be stored in the same proximity, whilst supplies for car repairs, lawn care, and other outdoor activities should also be placed in the same vicinity. Garden furniture should be stacked away together and covered to prevent damp.

Label Small Items

Are you tired of rummaging through a toolbox full of nails, bolts, and screws to find the item that you need? This problem can be solved with a little organisation and some labels. By labelling each drawer or shelf, you’ll have an easier time finding what you need, when you need it. Whilst it might be tedious to label everything, you’ll find that the task was worth it the next time you go into your garden shed to get supplies. This could be anything from files that you store in summer house to leftover chemicals that you use to treat your shed.

Store Chemicals Safely

From weed killers and pesticides to petrol and diesel, there are likely some strong chemicals in your garden that need to be stored properly. Some of these items could be flammable, whilst others may give off noxious fumes. When organising your garden shed, ensure that these chemicals are stored out of reach of children or pets, and always keep them in their original containers. Powdered chemicals should always be stored above or away from liquids, and chemicals that expired should be disposed of properly.

Take Advantage of Vertical and Ceiling Space

Don’t make the mistake of simply storing items on shelves and on the floor. Evaluate all of your storage shed options, including the space overhead. Consider placing items that you don’t use on a regular basis up high, and hang tools like rakes, sledgehammers, and shovels on a wall. You can invest in a heavy-duty track system with hooks, or you can simply hammer drill hooks or nails into the wall studs. Just make sure that you leave enough space in between each tool so that they can easily be pulled off the wall when you need to use them.

Pegboard is another great way to take advantage of available wall space. By hanging pegboard, you’ll be able to easily attach hooks to hold up frequently-used tools. You could also hang boxes from a pegboard in order to corral smaller items like nails or screws.

Store Sharp Tools in a Rigid Container

Proper organisation not only keeps your garden shed looking tidy, but it can also keep you safe. Many of the tools that you use for your outdoor projects can be sharp, so to prevent injury, it is important that they are kept in a sturdy container. Items like box cutters should be placed in a strong box rather than jumbled together where you could be injured. This is especially true if you have children that might be tempted to go into your shed.

Use Your Shed Doors

The doors of your garden shed aren’t just useful in keeping your space secure—they can also serve as a good storage space. Hang hooks or baskets on the inside of the door to keep some of your smaller items organised. You’ll be able to easily reach your gloves, garden shears, and cleaning supplies at a moment’s notice.

Keep Your Space Clean

One of the best ways to keep your shed looking well-organised is by keeping it clean. Try packing things away into storage boxes. It’s easy for a shed to look cluttered with the various items that it contains, so make an effort to spend a little time each month straightening up. By dedicating even 30 minutes each week to tidying your space, you’ll enjoy a functional and well-maintained garden shed all year.

Proper shed organisation can make your life much easier. An organising shed will not only you save time when you need to find a tool, but you’ll also get the maximum usage out of your garden shed space and can prevent the repurchase of materials that you already own. By taking the time to organise your shed, you’ll have more time to dedicate to keeping your yard looking beautiful.

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