Why Metal Sheds Are a Smart Choice: Top 10 Advantages

Garden sheds have become increasingly popular not only in the UK but also worldwide. While wooden sheds have the upper hand, metal shed models have emerged as top contenders. Here, we’ll highlight the top advantages of investing in a steel version for your storage needs.

1. More affordable for the budget-conscious

BillyOh Portland Apex Metal Shed Including Foundation Kit
BillyOh Portland Apex Metal Shed Including Foundation Kit

Metal sheds tend to have lower price tags compared to their timber counterparts. You can actually get a larger shed storage for the same price as a smaller timber unit. That doesn’t mean, though, that the quality is compromised.

Metal garden buildings are also known for their durability and low maintenance requirements. Unlike timber, they won’t rot or warp, and they’re more robust than plastic ones. They’re easy to clean and maintain, too, which adds to their overall convenience.

2. Lighter to carry and move around

The lightweight construction of metal sheds allows for easy transport; most come flat-packed. Their trivial packaging can easily be carried and fit through a door opening.

You can move the garden building around, even in a cramped garden, without the help of a pro. If you decide to change the layout of your yard or want to move the unit to a new location, that shouldn’t be a problem either.

3. No-sweat assembly

Globel Apex Metal Shed
Globel Apex Metal Shed

Because they’re lightweight, metal sheds are much easier to put together. You don’t need an experienced builder or handyman to assemble one. Most come with the necessary equipment and fixtures needed for assembly. All you need is some basic tools and the instructional leaflet that comes with the package. You can have it up and running in no time, with minimal hassle and stress.

4. Unmatched durability

Telluria Eleganto Heavy Duty Steel Shed
Telluria Eleganto Heavy Duty Steel Shed

Despite being lightweight, these robust steel storage solutions are incredibly solid. Thanks to their resistance, they can provide long-lasting protection. Take this Telluria Luminato Steel Garden Room, for instance.

Are you worried about rust and corrosion? Painting with weather-resistant paints or finishes solves the issue! With regular upkeep, you can enjoy your home for years without the need for major repairs.

5. Comes with a longer warranty

Telluria 18x12ft Eleganto Premier Steel Shed Office
Telluria 18x12ft Eleganto Premier Steel Shed Office

The robustness allows manufacturers to offer consumers peace of mind in their purchases. In the UK, it’s common to find metal sheds with warranties ranging from ten to twenty years. This extended warranty is a testament to the quality and durability of the structure. It’s also an added benefit that saves you money in the long run!

6. Maintenance-free

Metal sheds require minimal upkeep. The galvanised layer of zinc provides a barrier against rust. The only required maintenance is occasional hosing down to get rid of built-up dirt or debris. Repainting the shed every five years or so is recommended to keep it looking pristine.

7. No foundation is needed (mostly)

BillyOh Partner Apex Metal Shed
BillyOh Partner Apex Metal Shed

It turns out that a metal shed base isn’t always necessary in most cases. For one, most models come with a foundation kit, such as this BillyOh Range Apex. This means you can place the unit on any flat surface, making installation much easier. Find a level spot in your yard and assemble the shed on top — it’s that simple!

foundation to provide additional support.

This not only saves you money but also time and effort, as building one can be tedious and expensive. Note: Some larger sheds may require a foundation to provide additional support.

8. If you need foundation, a metal base saves the day

As mentioned, larger models may require a more stable base for support. In such cases, opting for a shed unit with a metal base is a smart choice. The metal base typically includes fixings for attaching the structure to the foundation. This provides additional support and stability.

This is especially handy in areas prone to strong winds. By using a concrete base for your metal shed, you won’t have to worry about it getting swept away in a storm.

9. Fire-hazard free

Metal garden storage is a safe option for homeowners concerned about fire hazards. It has excellent fire-retardant properties and does not easily melt or catch fire. Metals have a much higher melting point, making them resistant to heat and flames. Plus, it doesn’t have the same flammable properties as wood. This makes it a much safer alternative in areas prone to wildfires or other types of fires.

10. In-built ventilation

BillyOh Cargo Pent Metal Shed Including Foundation Kit
BillyOh Cargo Pent Metal Shed Including Foundation Kit

One of the biggest concerns for anyone owning a garden building is security. Fortunately, steel sheds offer better protection against potential break-ins than other materials.

Most come with quality reinforced hinges and shed padlock. Moreover, the doors and walls of metal sheds are thicker and more robust than those made of wood or plastic. Remember, the thicker the steel, the more difficult it is to break into the shed.


Metal sheds provide excellent value for your money and are packed with fantastic advantages. Whether you’re looking for a small unit for storage or a larger one for work, they’re a reliable and practical choice!

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