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5000 Range Wooden Sheds

We have a number of 5000 range wooden sheds available, starting from £699 to £919

  • 8x6

  • 10x8

  • 12x8

  • 12x10

  • 16x10

  • 20x10

  • Unique Curved Roof Summerhouse
  • Sizes from 8x8 to 10x10
  • Double Doors and Long Windows, Curved Roof Design
  • T&G Cladding
  • Base Coat Treated for Transit
From £699.00
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Flexible Delivery

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Available in 3 sizes

Size Price
8x8 Sunroom - 1 Window Each Side

£699.00 | view product

10x8 Sunroom - 1 Window Each Side

£739.00 | view product

Size Price
10x10 Sunroom - 2 Windows Each Side

£919.00 | view product

The BillyOh 5000 is the premium shed in our garden sheds range. The BillyOh 5000 range of sheds is available online and so purchasing this premium workshop is easy and hassle-free. This high quality garden shed has been called the premium shed, or premium workshop, as the BillyOh 5000 is made from well made, thick tongue and groove cladding on the walls and ceiling offering increased strength and overall quality.
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