What Is Best to Store in a Garden Storage Cabinet?

A garden storage cabinet is a convenient solution for keeping a tidy outdoor space. But what exactly should you store in it? In this blog, we’ll discuss tools, potting supplies, and seasonal items. Read on and learn how to maximise it with everything you need for an organised backyard.

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Let’s optimise your garden cabinet organisation by considering what to store:

Tools and equipment

Duramax Cedargrain Tall Plastic Vertical Storage Cabinet
Duramax Cedargrain Tall Plastic Vertical Storage Cabinet

Garden tools and equipment are essential for maintaining a well-kept garden. Properly storing them ensures easy access and prolongs their lifespan. Here’s what you can keep in your garden cabinet storage and how to store them efficiently:

1. Shovels, spades, and rakes

  • Hang them on hooks to prevent them from getting tangled.
  • Keep sharp edges protected to avoid accidents.

2. Pruners, shears, and trimmers

  • Store them in a designated compartment to keep the blades sharp.
  • Consider using blade guards to prevent injuries and damage.

3. Garden hoses and watering cans

  • Coil hoses neatly to prevent kinks and prolong their lifespan.
  • Hang watering cans upside down to drain and store them in a dry area to prevent rust.

Potting supplies

Potting supplies are crucial for healthy plants. Storing them well in your garden cabinet keeps them organised and ready to use. Let’s look at the essential supplies you can store in your tall garden storage cabinet:

1. Potting soil and compost

  • Store in sealed containers to maintain moisture levels.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight and moisture to prevent clumping.

2. Planters, pots, and trays

  • Stack pots and trays neatly to save space.
  • Use dividers for shelves to separate different sizes and shapes.

3. Fertilisers and pesticides

  • Keep in labelled containers to prevent confusion.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from children and pets.

Outdoor accessories

Enhance your outdoor space with the right accessories! These outdoor additions add charm and functionality to your garden. Properly storing them keeps them protected and ready for use whenever you need them:

1. Outdoor cushions and pillows

  • Clean and dry them thoroughly before storage to prevent mould and mildew.
  • Store in airtight bags or containers to protect from moisture and pests.

2. Garden decorations and ornaments

  • Wrap delicate ornaments in bubble wrap or tissue paper to prevent breakage.
  • Store in labelled bins or boxes to find them when needed easily.

3. Bird feeders and birdhouses

  • Clean feeders regularly to prevent mould and disease.
  • Store in a dry area to prevent rust. Ensure they’re easily accessible for refilling and maintenance.

Seasonal Items Rotation

Seasonal changes bring different needs for your garden. In this part, we’ll talk about adjusting your garden cabinet for seasonal items.

Summer essentials

Duramax Cedargrain Tall Plastic Vertical Storage Cabinet
Duramax Cedargrain Tall Plastic Vertical Storage Cabinet

With summer essentials in your garden cabinet, outdoor fun is easier. Let’s look at what you need and how to store it well for sunny days ahead:

1. Sunscreen and hats

  • Store sunscreen in a cool, dry place to maintain effectiveness.
  • Hang hats on hooks or shelves to prevent them from getting crushed.

2. Outdoor games and entertainment

  • Store games in labelled bins or containers for easy access.
  • Keep entertainment items like speakers or radios in a dry area. This technique ensures damage prevention from moisture.

3. BBQ utensils and grill accessories

  • Hang utensils on hooks or store them in a designated drawer for easy access.
  • Keep grill accessories clean and rust-free by storing them in a dry area.

Winter preparation

As winter nears, storing essential items in your garden cabinet makes prep easier. Having these items handy ensures a seamless transition into colder weather.

1. Snow shovels and ice melt

  • Store shovels upright to prevent bending. Keep ice melt in a sealed container to maintain effectiveness.

2. Winter plant protection covers

  • Fold covers neatly and store them in a dry area to prevent damage.

3. Seasonal decorations storage

  • Properly store seasonal decorations to preserve them for future use. This includes outdoor lights and ornaments.
  • Use labelled bins or containers to keep decorations organised. This method also ensures they’re protected from moisture and pests.


It’s important to keep your garden storage cabinet neat and organised. Store the right things, like tools and supplies, and make sure they’re easy to find when you need them. Keep everything clean and tidy, and label everything so you know where things are. This way, your gardening will be much easier, and your garden will look great!

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