Do I Need a Greenhouse in Spring?

As the days lengthen and spring emerges, gardeners think about the best ways to care for their plants. In this blog, we explore whether a greenhouse is essential for spring gardening. Whether you’re an experienced one or just starting, find out how it could make a difference. Read on!

Climate and Temperature

In the UK, spring brings changing temperatures and weather patterns. Gardeners must deal with these fluctuations, which can affect plant growth. From chilly nights to milder days, these temperature shifts require careful consideration. This is where the garden greenhouse becomes a valuable asset. Offering a controlled environment, it shields plants from abrupt temperature changes. Most importantly, it provides a stable, nurturing atmosphere.

Gardeners can control the temperature inside a greenhouse, regardless of the material. This means plants can grow for a longer time, and many different kinds of plants can be grown. In the UK, where the spring weather can be a bit unpredictable, a greenhouse is like a safe place for baby plants. It helps them grow well, even if the weather outside is not always nice.

Plant Variety and Timing

Cheerful gardener planting a vibrant flower in a sun-drenched greenhouse.

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When deciding on the types of plants for your garden, consider their characteristics. Different plants have various preferences when it comes to temperature and sunlight. Some may thrive in warmer temperatures with plenty of sunlight. This includes tomatoes, peppers, and basil.  Meanwhile, others prefer a cooler environment and partial shade. Plants that prefer such conditions include ferns, hostas, and certain types of moss. Understanding these specific needs is key to successful gardening.

A greenhouse becomes an invaluable tool in this process. By starting seeds early inside a greenhouse, you gain a head start on the growing season. This controlled environment allows you to provide optimal conditions for germination. Be it flowers, vegetables, or herbs, the growing structure offers a protected space. You can tailor the temperature and sunlight to suit their requirements.

Starting plants early in the greenhouse makes them stronger and healthier. They’re ready to be moved to the outdoor garden at the perfect time.

Frost Risk

Late spring snowstorm.

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Late spring frosts pose a potential threat to budding plants. These unexpected cold snaps can jeopardise the efforts of gardeners. But if you put these tender shoots and blossoms in a greenhouse, you can shield them against this menace.

Acting like a protective bubble, even a polycarbonate lean to greenhouse can trap heat during the night. This, in turn, safeguards the greens from the damaging effects of frost. It’s like a special house that helps the little plants grow without any problems from the cold nights. So, with one, plants stay happy and healthy, even when it’s chilly outside.

Pest and Disease Control

The enclosed design of a wooden growhouse acts like a barrier. This prevents insects from reaching and harming your garden from within. Inside, gardeners can better protect plants from pests. Moreover, the greenhouse provides a controlled space that aids in disease prevention. The restricted and monitored conditions reduce the likelihood of diseases affecting your plants.

A greenhouse is a place where plants can grow well without the constant threat of pesky invaders. This ensures a healthier and more successful gardening experience.

Extended Growing Season

BillyOh Switch Apex Wooden Greenhouse
BillyOh Switch Apex Wooden Greenhouse

A greenhouse opens the door to an extended growing season. Gardeners have the opportunity to cultivate plants beyond the typical outdoor timeframe. Creating a controlled environment, it provides stable temperatures and protection from external factors. This extension allows for cultivation before and after the usual outdoor growing season. This means you can begin planting earlier in the spring and keep growing for a longer time into the fall.

The benefits of an extended growing season are twofold. First, it leads to increased yields as plants have more time to mature and produce fruits or flowers. Second, it enables the cultivation of a wider variety of crops throughout the year. Gardeners can experiment with different plant types, fostering a diverse and bountiful harvest.

The greenhouse, acting as a season extender, transforms gardening into a year-round venture. It maximises productivity and enhances the variety of crops available for harvest.


To sum up, a greenhouse is a definite yes for spring gardening. It provides the best environment, early planting benefits, and protection against problems. This makes it a valuable investment for both experienced and new gardeners. So, as you start your spring gardening, remember that a greenhouse can help your garden thrive.

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