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Guide to vermicomposting with compost pile

A Guide to Vermicomposting

With the whole world becoming more conscious about waste and everything from allotment to greenhouse gardening seeing a huge revival – compost is king. But you don’t have to work alone. With the help of some wriggly little friends, you can have a finished material that’s waste and money-saving as well as environmentally friendly and…

fun facts about sheds banner with garden buildings direct logo and cartoon shed stood on a green hill

Fun Facts About Sheds (Infographic)

If you or the children want to know some fun facts about sheds, then you’re in the right place. We’ve scoured the internet and scratched our brains to bring you a ‘fun facts about sheds’ infographic and quiz! Check it all out, below! Fun Shed Facts (Infographic) More fun facts about sheds And if you liked…

BillyOh Tianna log cabin

Log Cabin Planning Permission: What You Need to Know

Before deciding to buy a log cabin you need to check whether any planning regulations apply. What you don’t want is to buy (and even build) your log cabin, only to find that that you need to apply retrospectively. Or even worse, that you need to demolish it! That’s why we’ve updated our log cabin planning permission guide….