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Flogas 37MBAR 27mm Gaslow Regulator with Gauge

Only £13

  • Clip-On Propane
  • 37MBAR Outlet Pressure
  • 27MM Inlet Cylinder Valve

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27mm Gaslow Regulator with Gauge
Only £13
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    Only £13

    Flogas 37MBAR 27mm Gaslow Regulator with Gauge

    The Gaslow Gauge features a remote indicator which will accurately indicate when you need to be considering changing over to a full cylinder. The unique gauge also works as an important safety check for gas leaks on each appliance used with an LPG cylinder. Ideal for use with barbecues and patio heaters with a 27mm propane cylinder.

    Why buy this product?

    • Clip-on Propane
    • 27mm Inlet Cylinder Valve
    • 37MBAR Outlet Pressure
    • Warns of Low Gas Supply
    • Detects Dangerous Gas Leaks
    • Simple to Install

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