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BillyOh 4000 Lincoln Apex - T&G, double door, windowless

Popular - Double Door - 11mm T&G Cladding - 1 size

Windowed Option Available

Note: The building must have a floor to comply with warranty and ensure structural integrity.

notif-ico Please note the colours are not pre-painted on the product before delivery, and are supplied in a tub of paint. See below.

Trim Colour
Wall Colour

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Order Summary:

    From £349

    10 Year Anti-Rot Warranty

    Why you’ll love the

    BillyOh 4000 Lincoln Apex

    T&G, double doors windowless

    Roof Material
    Building Panels
    Users Manual Included
    Fixtures and Fittings Included

    BillyOh 4000 Lincoln Apex

    Braced Double Doors


    Available in Different Sizes


    Tongue and Groove

    Most Popular


    Reliable and long lasting

    Stronger Doors

    Braced Doors

    Smoother Finish

    Planed Framing

    The choice is yours

    Better protection and headroom

    And there’s more

    Base Coat Treated For Transit
    Fixtures and Fittings
    Pressure Treated Bearers
    Timber Roof Supports
    Window and Windowless

    What’s Included

    • Pre-treated T&G Panels for Transit
    • Fully Braced Double Doors
    • 28 x 28mm Planed Framing
    • Timber roof supports
    • Green mineral roofing felt
    • Glazing (windowed buildings only)
    • Fixtures and fittings
    • Floor options with pressure treated bearers
    • Comprehensive instructions

    Solid in Design

    Solid in Design

    EXTRA STRENGTH with interlocking tongue and groove boards.

    Safe and Secure

    Safe and Secure

    Our FINEST QUALITY garden building with room to store.

    Unique in Build

    Unique in Build

    DOUBLE FRAMING gives you a more ROBUST shed.

    High Quality Materials

    High Quality Materials

    Tongue and groove is BillyOh’s premium shed material. Instead of overlapping, the boards interlock together to give the shed a more solid construction, increased strength and better protection from the elements. The 4000 Windowless features planed tongue and groove cladding, this means the wood is smooth to touch, giving you greater ease when painting the shed and finishes the shed with a modern appearance.

    Versatile and Secure

    Whether you’re looking for extra storage for garden tools and accessories, or a space to use as hobby room, home gym or workspace, the BillyOh 4000 is brilliantly suited to your needs. The 4000 is available in five width sizes (5, 6, 7, 8, 10 feet) and comes in the widest range of sizes that we offer. The windowless panels add extra security and privacy to the shed, ensuring that the items stored inside are hidden away and kept out of sight; ideal if you’re storing expensive things.

    If you're looking to store heavy duty items, the optional tongue and groove floor is ideal for your storage needs, providing a solid, longer lasting floor than our more economical soild sheet flooring.

    Versatile and Secure
    Easier Access with Strong Double Doors

    Easier Access with Strong Double Doors

    The doors of the 4000 feature additional framing to reinforce them to ensure that they maintain their shape and quality, even if they take some knocks and bangs when you’re moving stuff in and out of the shed. The shed comes with double doors as standard, giving a wider entrance space and making it quicker for you to transport larger and bulkier items in and out of the shed with greater ease.

    Modular Design and UK Manufactured

    The 4000 Windowless Range is designed and manufactured using BillyOh’s unique modular process. This method allows for the shed panels to be smaller but just as strong, making it easier for you to lift and move the shed; ideal for easier assembly and moving the shed to where it needs to be in your garden. All the panels fit through a standard sized door, so even if you have limited access to your garden, the BillyOh 4000 Windowless can still go through your house and into your garden.

    Modular Design and UK Manufactured
    What’s in the Pack?

    What’s in the Pack?

    BillyOh 4000 ShedSolid Sheet RoofRoof FeltAll Fixtures and Assembly Instructions

    Dimensions 7 x 7
    Eaves Height (Excl Floor) 151cm
    Width 223.9cm
    Depth 209.5cm
    Ridge Height (Excl Floor) 201.1cm
    Eaves Height (Inc Floor) 154.9cm
    Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 203.5cm
    Eaves Height (Internal) 151.1cm
    Door Opening Size (w x h) 166.5cm x 111.8cm
    Ridge Height (Internal) 198.7cm
    Height 203.5cm
    Door Height 168cm
    Door Width 55.2cm
    Depth (Internal) 205.1cm
    Width (Internal) 210.7cm
    Materials 7 x 7
    Roof Material Solid Sheet Material
    Floor Material Optional
    Roof Covering Material Green Mineral Felt
    Features 7 x 7
    Cladding Style Tongue and Groove
    Windows N/A - Windowless
    Shed Type Windowless Security Shed
    BillyOh Range: 4000
    Roof Style Apex
    Please Note: This product has been designed as an affordable solution to most popular light domestic uses. All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.
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