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BillyOh Cargo Pent Metal Shed

Pent-Roofed, Cargo Container-Style, Galvanised Steel Shed Including Foundation Kit available in - 1 size

9' Wide
4 x 9 £197
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    Only £197

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    BillyOh Cargo Pent Metal Garden Shed

    A Pent-Roofed, Galvanised Steel Container Shed

    Fixings and Screws
    Steel Foundation Kit Included
    Assembly Instruction Manual

    BillyOh Combo Pent Metal Shed Key Features

    Stell Pent Roof

    3 Size Options

    Hot-dipped Galvanised Steel

    Central Sliding Double Door

    Fast & Easy Assembly

    Valuable Garden Container

    Low-Maintenance Steel Construction

    Sloping Pent-Style Roof

    Vibrant Green Body and White Door Trims

    Airy Ventilated Interior

    Available in 3 Sizes

    And there's more

    Hot-Dipped Galvanised Steel
    Zinc Steel Floor Material
    Fixings & Screws Included

    What’s Included

    • BillyOh Cargo Pent Metal Shed
    • Steel Foundation Kit Included
    • Optional Shelving
    • Fixings and Screws
    • Assembly Instruction Manual

    Impressive Container Garden Shed

    Impressive Container Garden Shed

    Popular Galvanised Steel Form

    Popular Galvanised Steel Form

    Sloping Pent Roof for Protection

    Sloping Pent Roof for Protection

    Valuable Garden Container Shed

    Valuable Garden Container Shed

    When it comes to garden storage needs, the BillyOh Cargo Pent Metal Shed lives up to functionality and beyond. It comes in a sizeable storage space that could fit in small to medium-sized garden tools and equipment.

    Garden owners will also find its 3 size options a handy choice solution when they’re stuck with garden containers, storage boxes, and DIY kits to organise. And yes, even small bikes can have their sweet spot inside this cargo container-style shed.

    Cargo container-style being said, this metal shed reinvents the traditional use and aesthetic appeal of the shipping structure right in your own backyard. It’s a sure way to add character into a homely garden.

    Sloping Pent-Roof Styling

    The one-way sloping roof feature gives this metal garden shed more reasons to love about. If you’re using your shed simply for storage, the pent roof allows you considerable headroom to enter into and move around your storage shed. All you need is to get things as organised as they may along the back and sides of the shed’s interior.

    And that’s not all. If this pent roof-style shed is rightly positioned, rain, snow, and even falling debris will not only run off nicely into a gutter, but saves you from the inconvenience of regularly cleaning up, too. So fit it next to a boundary or fence and worry less about tidying up.

    Sloping Pent-Roof Styling
    Low-Maintenance Steel Shed

    Low-Maintenance Steel Shed

    Gardening have its own cause for some stresses, so it pays to have garden sheds that will not add up to your disappointment. Take this metal shed. The Cargo Pent shed comes in a quality thin gauge, hot dipped galvanised steel which does not easily bend to common metal structure problems like rust or corrosion. The added strength brought about by its roll-form with deep ribs eliminates the need to persistently check on the storage structure.

    Maintain the steel shed with regular dusting and light scrubbing of collected dust, and serious damages and dents will likely hold off from appearing soon.

    Airy Ventilated Interior

    When it comes to metal garden sheds, the hot temperature inside the structure tops as one of the common grievances of shed owners. BillyOh recognises this problem, that is why the Cargo Pent is constructed with a built-in ventilation system. Ventilation allows the breeze to circulate into the storage shed, giving owners a good amount of fresh air whilst working from the inside.

    But an airy interior doesn’t just benefit a person. Vents keep condensation from building up, and thus protects your metal tools and the shed itself from unfavourable rust and corrosion.

    Airy Ventilated Interior
    Foundation Kit Included & Optional Shelvings

    Foundation Kit Included & Optional Shelvings

    Organise your garden tools and containers like a pro with the optional shelvings that come with the container shed. You need not fret over lack of space as shelves give your tools and equipment more available spot to rest into. It also allows you to have quick access on tools when you need them, making the shed a very effective organiser.

    The shed also comes with a steel foundation kit as standard to give your shed a strong start. Support the walls that support the roof that protects the whole shed, all in one reliable foundation.

    Fast & Easy Assembly

    The Cargo Metal Shed is as easy to build as with any metal garden structure. Plus, with a handy assembly instruction manual, you need not be a master builder to figure out how to build this dream shed.

    Also, when you choose this great metal shed, you also get all the fixings needed to put everything in place.

    Fast & Easy Assembly
    Dimensions 4 x 9
    Width 261cm
    Depth 121cm
    Eaves Height (Inc Floor) 162cm
    Ridge Height (Inc Floor) 176cm
    Door Opening Size (w x h) 109cm x 157cm
    Height 184cm
    Width (Internal) 250cm
    Depth (Internal) 110cm
    Base Width 251cm
    Door Height 109cm
    Door Width 157cm
    Base Depth 111cm
    Materials 4 x 9
    Roof Material Galvanised Steel
    Floor Material None
    Features 4 x 9
    Colour Green
    Roof Style Pent
    Please Note: All products supplied self assembly flat packed unless otherwise stated.

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